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[Scripting Question] Multiple Held Items??

    • Seen May 9, 2024
    Hello, I am trying to impliment multiple held items into my game and would like help on how to go about doing it. The Idea is that the Pokemon will be able to hold up to 4 items, with 1 slot being reserved for "Primary Items" (Any form changing items etc), and the other 3 slots will be reserved for "Secundary Items" (like potions, berries and lesser important items).

    Heres a bit of a description of what I intended to do:
    - Pokemon can hold up to 4 items.
    - UI_Party give and take options must display 4 slots, so it should say "Empty Slot" or something
    - Items need to be divided, AT LEAST, into "Primary Acessories" and "Secundary Acessories".
    - UI_Party slot N1 must be locked, or at least only display "Primary Accessories when selected, likewise
    slots 2-4 must only display "Secundary Acessories" when selected.
    - Within UI_Bag, items must sorted between Primary or Secundary, i Acessories, and, when equipping items from UI_Bag, the selected item will only be equipable in the correct
    - From UI_Summary, the item constantly displayed will always be the key acessory,
    a new "Acessories" or "Items" page needs to be created, where itll display the all 4 items as well as
    descriptions. (This is the easy part cause I actually know how to do it, or at least where to find it)

    Any help on how to do this would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.