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My extremely confusing family~

  • Age 30
  • Ohio
  • Seen Jun 6, 2017
I have five sister, three brothers, two moms, and two dads.

Step Mom, Step Dad, one step brother, one half brother, four step sisters, one adopted sister.

Step Mom- Melanie
Her kids are:
Jessica - Lesbian
Casey - Out of control teenager who is currently grounded for over-dosing on Zanex. :|
Danny - Normal? But she is only 13. :[

Step Dad- James
His kids are:
Carla - Annoying little..
James - Disowned druggie with a kid. :(

Then I have:

One half brother, Jack, we have the same dad. He has a kid.

One adopted sister, Jenny, she has three kids. My dad adopted her.

One full brother, Troy, who used to be an out of control teenage burn-out until he burnt down our house, and now he is normal and good. In college, and making more money than my mom who is making $14.00 an hour.


Here is the list of every kid based on age from oldest to youngest--

Jenny, Jack, Troy, James, Jessica, Me, Casey, Danny, Carla.

My brother Jack was born 4 years before Troy, who was born 4 years before me. :]

My sister Jessica was born 4 years before Casey, who was born 4 years before Danny.