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My Thoughts about nyoROBOtics Newest Member

Judge Mandolore Shepard

Spectre Agent
As a number of you might not know, I am a fan of the Japanese robot idol group nyoROBOtics. Well during this weekend, they revealed a new member during their 8th anniversary. The new member that was revealed was Unit 9 Plana (or Prana. [Translate on twitter could not decide between one or the other.]) After seeing it in my twitter feed, I was really impressed. She will be quite the performer. Here is a picture of her: https://twitter.com/nyorohassel/status/934694871767531520

Course, I have decided to also reveal my top three favorite members of the group. My top three favorite members are Unit 5 Brownie, Unit 2 Ayame, and Unit 1 Cotton.

Here is a few pictures of Brownie: https://twitter.com/kitanaininja753/status/934771426367651840
A picture of Ayame: https://twitter.com/GangaMyk/status/934788361897762817
A picture of Cotton: https://twitter.com/GangaMyk/status/934784400427966464