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My thoughts when Sun and Moon come with Chinese language

Starry Windy

Everything will be Daijoubu.
Usually when Pokémon make the announcement of the new game like Sun and Moon, usually people are psyched because they have new features, some because of the new Pokémon as well (like in my case with Popplio just recently). However, the reason I'm psyched at Sun and Moon was one of the most celebrated features among any Chinese Pokémon community: Being able to see the game officially released in Chinese language for the first time.

You see, I'm studying Mandarin language because as a Chinese, it's a custom to know Chinese language a whole lot. This is the reason why I'm not present at any forums when it's near 7 PM every Monday (in the place where I live), so that I could attend the lesson. And starting in about a year ago, I was wondering if I could enjoy something while still learning Chinese language, and Pokémon comes into mind.

So then, I saw the news that some Chinese community have made a petition so that Pokémon games could be released in Chinese language, with the campaign of 7+1 (considering X and Y have started with 7 languages), and I was thinking if Nintendo would make a patch for X, Y and ORAS to accommodate with it, but there was none, that I was quite disappointed. However, things started to change soon.

On February 27th, 2016, I find out that they were announcing Pokémon Sun and Moon, which makes me happy enough, but when I saw the text "Available Worldwide in 9 Languages" and "简体中文 (Simplified Chinese)" in it, I have a reaction summed up below. *ahem* Pardon me, but it's quite related to MLP at some point, so I hope you don't mind.

Spoiler: My reaction when Sun and Moon have Chinese language

Since that day, I have renewed my interest of Chinese language even further to the point that I wanted to improve my fluency in the language, and also because I want to play Pokémon in Chinese language as well. I hope I can learn the language properly as time goes on, no matter what.