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Mystery Skulls - Ghost


the princess without voice
I know I don't use this blog often, but I just want to share this.

A friend not too long recommend an electronica/indie pop music project called "Mystery Skulls" and I gave a song or two of theirs a listen and enjoyed the ones I did. Mystery Skulls is a project form Luis Dubac, the man behind the band The Secret Handshake. When I was really obsessed with owl City (and I still really really love Owl City just so you know) and was looking for music similar to his, I came across The Secret Handshake on Spotify and became a good fan of his. So it's nice knowing Luis is still making good music. Then a few days ago, my friend who introduced me to Mystery Skulls , Malik, , posted a video for one of their songs, Ghost on my Facebook. And this is the video I've been in love with for the last day or so. I've watched it at least 7 times since yesterday.

And it's been blowing up on my Tumblr dashboard too. Everytime I look at tumblr, there's at least 5 to 10 posts from the video.

I'm really in love with the video. It has quality animation , with a story that fills me have a ton of questions. What happens to the skull boy (named Lewis apparently) and the blue girl (who's name I forget). ? Why possesed the yellow guy? This could easily become a series of cartoons. And the song is really good too. It one of those that are catchy and easily becomes an earworm, but also has remember-able lyrics such as "Time for givin' up the ghost" and "this time I might just disappear".

I really think people should watch the video and enjoy the song and listen to Mystery Skulls cause it's all great stuff. Just thought I share this with you people cause the video, song, and band need more attention. :)

And once October is over, I'll probably using a gif from the Ghost video in my signature so look out I guess.