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The Swiftiest
I just had one of the weirdest dreams ever.


It started off with me at this store that sold candy, ice creams and stuff like that. I was with a whole group of guys my age and we were all in line getting ready to pay for our sweets.

When it was my turn I put the stuff down on the counter and the store owner said that he didn't sell any of the stuff I had, even though I had got it from his store.

Then I randomly looked out the window and saw a scene from an anime I had never seen before. But, for some reason, everyone loved the female character (including me) and, somehow, I ended up with a pair of gloves and a scarf that belonged to her.

After that I was on my way home and I walked past a car entrance to the mall near my house. Then, on a big television screen, it was advertising a new show that had to do with the car entrance.

I don't remember exactly what happened after that, but then I was in this television studio where they were filming all these new comedy shows. I could hear the voices of actors I knew, but I couldn't see them.

Then I heard a group of executives saying that they needed someone to catch Gyton Grantley. I guess I must have taken the job, because suddenly I was chasing Gyton across a bridge with traffic coming from both sides.

He headed towards the train station and then a girl joined the pursuit. She wasn't working with me, she was just trying to catch Gyton. So we were both trying to get to him first and all three of us ended up on a train. Except, the train looked like a low aircraft carrier on land and me and the girl seemed to be floating abovee it while Gyton just stood there.

The train ride went on for a whie and then we all jumped off, riding bikes. We speed along the tracks and then turned up a hill. The last thing I saw was Gyton riding down the street and the girl over taking me. That's when I woke up.


tl;dr - I had a dream where I was in a candy store, then I saw a scene from some anime, then I saw an ad for a shwo to do with a car entrance to a mall, then I was in a television studio, then I was chasing Gyton Grantley, then this random girl appeared, then I was on a train, then I was riding a bike, then I woke up.

And, yes, that's my tl;dr.

Anyone got anything to say about this crazy dream?