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Oh, Disgaea 2 + other random junk at the end

Disgaea 2 is a game I sort of have a love/hate relationship with. You see, I love the characters and the battle system and all -- but for all of the postgame, and to get awesome equipment and such, it's such a grindfest. A very monotonous grindfest. Back in college, I used to fall asleep playing it, if I hadn't gotten enough sleep. Because it really does get into the same thing over and over and over again. D:

And yet, not only did I jump at the chance to get another copy of it after giving my first copy to my brother, I've sunk over 140 hours into the game. I seriously played for at least 4 hours today, pretty much all of it in Item World. WTF?

I guess I really like repetition. And being able to beat the crap out of everything I can, I guess.

Sadly, in a game with a 9999 level cap, I don't even have anyone at 200 right now. (I could if I hadn't reincarnated at least every character I have once.) Evidently I suck at this game. D:


In other news, for the first time in many many years, I started collecting manga again. Well, just Soul Eater. I've been meaning to watch the rest of the anime (I watched it up to, like, episode 20?), but I haven't gotten around to it yet. So when I randomly went browsing in manga in the bookstore in the mall and saw it, I was like "sure why not."

It's really good so far. The anime kept very close to the manga. But I wasn't expecting so many panty shots.

I'm debating whether I want to pick up another series, or if I want to find more video games. I like reading and I saw a few other titles that looked interesting, but at the same time, all the games I own I've played a million times.

And then I keep telling myself that I have some of the Dresden Files series to read, too. *sighs* I still want to read more books, I'm just so bad at doing it. Maybe tomorrow I'll finish my book.

Speaking of books, my brother supposedly collected all of my Redwall books, but looking at the crate, I'm sure he didn't. I have to take stock and figure out which ones he missed in that room of his...

Lucy Lu

Keep On Moving Foward...
  • Seen Mar 6, 2014
Oh cool. Soul Eater is pretty good. I watched the anime a little bit, and it is great. I only watched up to Episode 6 though. And the manga is pretty good too. I need to start collecting manga again. It has been so long.