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Okay lol


The Savage Nymph
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    I totally forgot I had this blog, and that I made that last entry about my mom and the hospital XD I just now got to reading the comments, and I feel bad for not responding sooner.

    But yeah, thanks everyone, she's better now~ :3

    And Erica, calling 911 was weird XD The people on it were mean though :[ They connected me to EMS and they kept on trying to get me to find out our insurance information after I told them what happened to my mom and they sent an ambulance XD

    ANYWAY, nothing much has gone on with me lately. I've been playing games way more then I should lately :[ Putting off school work as well (kind of like now?). And the only reason I'm even making this lame entry is because I feel bad for ignoring my blog on PC XD;


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    Well I am glad to see is feeling better.

    911 people are always mean. >.>