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Old ROM Hacks

Ace Trainer Slash

If you give me about two hours, I can make scripts
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    Hello all,

    today I wanted to discuss something really interesting concerning old ROM Hacks, especially on this site. They all seem really interesting to me. You can find most of them in the Progressing section at the last posts.

    First of all, anyone who was making ROM Hacks around 2004 I'm quite impressed with. They didn't have the amazing resources we have today, like AdvanceMap, the CFRU, disassemblies, any Pokemon Emerald support literally because the game hadn't come out yet, trainer editors and despite this they were able to create all these worlds, add all kinds of Pokemon and tell all kinds of stories with so few resources.

    One thing I like about all of these hacks is how simplistic they were. They had really cute, innocent stories based around little things like 'Ash's journey' and stuff. I find it interesting how these kinds of hacks were also really small, like adding towns and stuff, and it was considered revolutionary for the time. It really shows how far ROM Hacking has come. Another thing to note is the kind of people that made these hacks, where are they now, what was their motives, what are they doing now? More questions we can't answer because they haven't been active for almost 20 years.

    Unfortunately, most of these hacks either have no pictures attached due to being threads almost as old as I am, websites where the files were hosted being shut down, and .ips files being deactivated due to old age. It makes me a little sad to know that all of these ideas and efforts by so many people have been lost to time. I've always wanted to play a few of them to see what kind of stuff we've made. However, their sacrifices are not in vain. It was these kinds of people making these hacks that made the community like it is today.

    Anyway, I hope people enjoyed my insight into old ROM Hacks and the peoples that made them.