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ORAS Sit-rep #5: They're back, & I'm not amused...

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    • Seen Mar 29, 2015
    Hope you guys are having a nice Christmas (eve.) For this report, I went straight to the Petalburg gym. I only needed my Heracross to break this one, however the one time that I got to Norman's second Slaking, that one did manage to survive, barely, & managed to mount a counterattack. In the end, however, it was too little, too late, as I'd anticipated him trying to heal up & delivered the deathblow right afterward.

    So, with badge #5 in tow, I immediately went off to route 118, getting my Good Rod on the way there, where I was promptly greeted by Steven himself. & just as we're exchanging pleasantries, Latias showed up. Turns out that her big brother, Latios was in a pickle, & just as we arrived, Courtney from Team Magma showed up, with a grunt in tow. Of course, Greninja was perfectly able to stand defiant in front of them, & once they're gone & dusted, Latios pledged his loyalty to me. I did have to reset my game a few times to re-roll his nature to something more suitable. He does have his appropriate mega stone on him, & with that, I got my Mega Bracelet. Groovy!

    So with another crisis averted, I went to the beginning part of 119 & cleared that out. Once I did, I went on a fishing spree & tried to get all the fish 'mons & their HAs. It didn't take me too long at all to get them. I even was able to get Jigglypuff's HA while I was at it. Afterward, I did myself a favor & cleared out the southern sea routes, though once I got to Sea Mauville, I couldn't get far...

    So, once they're cleared, I went & cleared more of 119, got up to the Weather Institute, & ran into MOAR Team Magma people!! Wonderful... so, I'm guessing that they didn't get the message that I delivered to them back in Mt. Chimney. So, I whipped them back out of the Institute, cleared the rest of the route, & got to Fortree. Unfortunately, I'm not able to get to the gym, as the path's blocked by an invisible wall! Frustrated, I went east again & once more, I crossed paths with Steven, this time, he's got a nifty scope that reveals invisible 'mons, namely Kecleon, which I already got, HA & all. After that kerfuffle, Steven handed me the scope & a piece of Sceptilite for my Sceptile. Neato. Bad thing is, there's one part of Route 120 that's blocked off by a bird catcher.

    So, with that, I'm at the doorstep of Fortree's gym right now. The end result will be brought to you in my next report.