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ORAS Sit-rep #6: Looking to the ocean

  • Seen Mar 29, 2015
Alright, now that I've gotten through more, time for another report. The Fortree Gym was blasted through with ease, though it wasn't necessarily quick, though, considering that Winona has four 'mons. Still, since I was packing Ice moves in my Greninja, it was a slow but methodical picking apart of her team. & with that, Badge #6 is mine.

That manages to unblock the rest of 120 for me to clean up & gain access to route 121. With that, I've gotten in hot pursuit of Team Magma as they're heading off to Mt Pyre. So, I got that catacombs cleared, went to the summit, blasted through their grunts, only to find out that they've made off with the red orb that was on the top...

Frustrated, I got off the mountain, catching a Chimecho in the process, got my flier, went back to Slateport's shipyard, only to find out that they've pilfered the submarine there. The grunts stood in my way again for just long enough for Maxie to get away with the sub...

So again, I had to re-trace my steps back to 121, & into Lilycove. There, I made May into my... female dog, should I say... & assaulted Magma's hideout. By the time I got to the stolen sub, it was already in the middle of casting off. Courtney again stood in my path & got washed away by my Greninja, however, by the time it was over, the sub was long gone...

Now, how in the world am I going to be able to get underwater...? Unfortunately, with most of the Hoenn mainland in smoldering ruins that was left in my wake, it was time to take this fight into the ocean, towards Mossdeep. Once I made my rounds there, I went north to the Shoal Cave, got everything that I could get over there, including the hidden abilities of Snorunt & Spheal, & came back out.

Thus ends this report. Maybe next time, I'll finally get to those Team Magma numbskulls...!