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Pixel Projects Rules [Update: 7/22/2013]

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Pixel Projects Rules
Credit to Tendo/Kris, Signomi and Amachi for the rules these were based on.

General Rules and Guidelines

The Pixel Projects section is designed to be a place for members to engage in a variety of pixel art activities besides straightforward showcasings of their work. Though not limited to the following, most activity in Pixel Projects will fall under the categories of Trainer Cards, Sprite Comics, Sprite Shops, Games, and Community Projects.

Each type of project has its own set of rules, but
keep in mind that the [url-inline="showthread.php?t=91723"]Forum-wide Rules[/url-inline] and [url-inline="showthread.php?t=221331"]Pixel Art Rules[/url-inline] still apply unless these rules specifically state otherwise. For an explanation of what constitutes acceptable constructive criticism, see the Pixel Art Rules.

Red = Newest or most recent rule added.

Trainer Cards

  • You can make a showcase thread to show off your templates and completed cards or you can make a request thread for the purpose of taking requests. In a showcase thread please be clear which of your cards are for public use, if any.

  • Be sure you have permission to use someone's Trainer Card template (whether you're making one for yourself or for another person) or completed Trainer Card. If you don't, please accept that and move on.

  • If you start a request thread please give examples of your work (and/or work you have permission to use) in the first post and specify the number of requests you expect you can handle at a time and please try to be active in your thread. Request forms are helpful, but not required.

  • Constructive criticism is also important when commenting, but isn't strictly necessary for a request thread. However, it's never a bad thing.

Sprite Comics

  • Make one thread for each comic "series" and not a new thread for each new installment.

  • Do not use sprites without permission and do credit the people whose sprites you do have permission to use. This will keep the spriter happy and you from being accused of sprite theft.

  • Use constructive criticism when commenting on someone's comic.

  • Keep your comics at or below a PG-15 rating. This means no swearing/including words normally censored in forum posts. If your comic is above a PG rating then please indicate so in the thread title.

Sprite Shops

  • For starting a sprite shop give examples of your work and specify how much work you expect to be able to do at once and how long you expect it will take you to complete a request. Request forms are helpful, but not required.

  • When requesting work be aware of the limits the shop owner has stated and note anyone who has a pending request. If there are several pending requests you will simply have to wait.

  • Constructive criticism is again important, but not strictly necessary for a request thread. However, it's never a bad thing.

  • Whenever you would like to close down your shop, you can contact Logiedan by personal messaging. When you want to work and open your shop again, request the thread to be opened.

  • A shop will be closed without warning if the owner is inactive for several weeks (2-5, it can vary).

  • 15 posts is recommended when creating a shop to allow shop owners to post images from image-hosting websites.

  • Sprite shops are not allowed to provide any graphics-related content including userbars, logos and digital artwork (other than pixel art)


  • To start a game thread please set out clear rules for the game in the first post. Obviously, one thing your game needs to include is some relation to pixel work.

  • If a certain game (eg. Pass The Sprite) already exists then there is no need to create another version of it unless the rules for it are significantly different to warrant a new thread.

  • Don't revive old games that are past 4 months. Start a new thread instead.

Community Projects

  • You must have permission from the moderator before starting a community project. Please be prepared to go into some level of detail when asking to start a project.

  • You must contribute to your project. A project cannot be one in which one person simply requests work from others.

  • While the creator of a community project will be responsible for the initial goals and outlook of the project, it should still have community appeal and be flexible enough within its goals to accommodate all the members contributing to it. Community projects are meant to be open for everyone.

    For instance, in a project to create a community pokedex of fakemon sprites the creator may state the hoped-for size of the 'dex and other goals of the project such as putting an emphasis on new evolutions of official pokemon
    , but may not manage the project beyond these general goals. The creator is not a quality control checker.


If you would like clarification of any of the rules, or have any other questions, concerns, or suggestions about the Pixel Projects section, feel free to [url-inline="private.php?do=newpm&u=137356"]contact Logiedan[/url-inline], the current moderator, about them.
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