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Concept: Pokémon: Active Time Battles

  • Age 29
  • Seen Nov 18, 2023
So I work nights at a warehouse which leaves a lot of mind numbing time to think….
This lead me to this idea.
Pokémon using an active time battle/real time action mechanic.
I know there's something similar already in alpha for a brand new IP, but I like to think this concept is a little different.

The idea is once battle starts, players take control of each Pokémon they choose for battle and have full range of motion within a battle area, the size would have to be fairly large to enable larger Pokémon to move freely.
Each face button would dictate a Pokémon's move set that each player than set as custom as any other Pokémon game but trainers would need to take note of how moves are different here.
For instance;
Moves that have a base power of 40 or less will be instantaneous and have next to no cool down, allowing for a more reliable source of damage at the cost of power, the flip side being that much more powerful attacks like Hyper Beam would consist of a charge up time that decreases a Pokémon's movement speed so they can prepare the attack and once using the move, an appropriately designated cool down period of let's say 15/20 seconds occurs before the move can be activated again.
Move Power Points would still exist to stop people from simply using low damaging moves from dominating fights and even being able to have 'hyper armour' (a term for an un-flinchable series of frames in order to still get an attack through) set for the use of some moves in order to break the opposing Pokémon from spamming these attacks.
Various other moves could have other effects that they wouldn't in the main series such as Rapid Spin. Usually, all this does is provide a way to clear the battle field of hazards but imagine if you timed the activation just right, you could fully deflect certain attacks like razor leaf, flame thrower, water pulse or even a rock tomb attack. Another could be the use of Agility to get a quick burst of movement speed to help close distance or avoid attacks out right (unless you're being attacked by swift which would still lock on to you're Pokémon.)

For Pokémon using ranged attacks this could be either done through a third person shooter perspective or through a lock on mechanic which would be also just used in general combat.

I have other ideas for this but tell me, what do you guys think of this or is it too similar to Kindred Fates?
  • Age 32
  • Seen Jan 12, 2024
Im working ona fan game in gamemaker, its going to have overworld combat with A stamina system. Im just now scratching the surface and getting into the combat so I don't have much to showas of right now but E I wanted a system like the old turn Based games your pokemon can't attack unless it has enough stamina for the move it wants to use, or the move you command rather. I have changed every things though to better build the system . some thoughts about What I come up with is starving gain . Currently its basedon stats but it could maybe Be abused like you said with smaller attack or stamina Requirement moves So I came up with move cool downs. this way even if the pokemon has the stamina it cant use the move again until cooldowns Done.