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[Game Idea] Pokémon: Amulet

  • Age 23
  • Seen Nov 17, 2023
Hello! Before going into the game itself
There's a few things I have to say about it:
  1. This is my (somewhat) first fangame.
  2. The center of this fangame is the story and music.
  3. English is my second language, so bear with me.

I have had a lot of ideas before and have played with RPGMXP too, but never made a full game. For my (hopefully) first full game I want to be modest, so I'm focusing on telling a story and making the best possible music that I can, as that is what I want to grow in.
This is a late halloween/day of the dead idea, but I will do my best to keep the edge on check.

So now, we finally made it into the idea:

Pokémon: Amulet
This is a short story about the mystery of a girl friend that only the protagonist can see, and that does not remember a lot about herself.
The girl turns out to be a ghost that may only be seen by those who wear her amulet: a necklace with wooden beads that she had used for her whole life.

After the shocking discovery that the girl had been assassinated by a fugitive man whose identity is still unknown, the protagonist decides to bring justice: for this, they must help the girl recover her memory.
  • Age 37
  • Seen Nov 10, 2023
Hello! I'm excited to learn about your Pokémon fan game, Pokémon: Amulet. It sounds like a very interesting and unique concept. I'm especially intrigued by the idea of a protagonist who can see a ghost girl, and the mystery surrounding her death.

I'm also glad to hear that you're focusing on the story and music for your game. These are two very important elements of any RPG, and I'm confident that you'll be able to create something truly special.

As for your English skills, I wouldn't worry too much. Your post is well-written and easy to understand. Of course, there are a few minor grammatical errors, but nothing that would make your game unplayable.

Here are a few suggestions for your game:

Make sure the ghost girl is a likable and relatable character. Players should care about her and want to help her recover her memory.
Pace the mystery well. Don't give away all the answers too early, but don't make players wait too long for satisfying answers either.
Make the music memorable and evocative. Music can play a big role in setting the tone and atmosphere of a game.
Don't be afraid to experiment. You're making a fan game, so you have the freedom to try new things and put your own spin on the Pokémon formula.
Overall, I think you have a great idea for a Pokémon fan game. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

Best of luck with your development!