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Pokémon Blazing Sun

  • Age 22
  • Seen Oct 26, 2023
Pokémon Blazing Sun could use your help!

istockphoto-909963312-612x612-1.png (2).pngR (5)-1.png (1).pngAquavish.png
Here are the three starters for Pokémon Blazing Sun! Sproutling, Kangaburn and Aquavish! (Sprites are subject to change.)

Pokémon Blazing Sun is currently being worked on mainly by me with two others serving as moveset/learnset people or as ideas people for what new Fakemon to add. It is being made using most of the rom hacking tools, namely: Advancedseries, nameless sprite editor, YAPE and Poketronic. Mainly everything that comes in the Hackromtools zip file!

The game will be using Firered as the base and will have most gen 3 mechanics (subject to change again.) The goal is still similar to how most of the base games work. Fight 8 gyms, challenge the E4 and become champion!

More screenshots/Sprites to come!​

What about the story?
Your story takes place in the Tralis region (Based off Australia.) The new evil team (No name yet) is attempting to harness the power of Uluru-Kata a legendary Pokémon of the region and the one said to be the centerpiece of the region. They say using the Mountainous Pokémon's size and power they can bring about the collapse of the region and build it back the way they want it, along with every Pokémon being forcefully under their control. Not much else of the story has been made yet which is also why we need your help!

  • A whole new story (once we piece it together)
  • 151 new Pokémon to meet and battle with!
  • A whole new region for you to explore based off Australia!
  • A new Elite 4 and Champion
  • A more competitive game with a more challenging story.
  • New Legendary Pokémon to meet

  • Spriter: To help make new Pokemon sprites (both front and back)
  • Map Maker/Editor To help with map tilesets and to make new towns and routes based off Australian places
  • Programmer To help with making the A.I smarter, implement features such as the physical/special split and much more that Gen 3 missed out on before future gens!
  • Composer To help make new pretty music for the game to entrance the players!
  • Artist To help make concept art or pieces for much bigger things (such as intro sprites or even trainers!)
  • Idea People Don't want to take on a bigger task but still want to be involved? Why not join even to just pitch your own ideas! It will never hurt and no idea is a bad idea! (But not all ideas will make it into the game)

While I wish I could, I cannot afford to pay everyone who helps out on this. Thus if you join you will simply be doing it out of passion for this game/Pokémon and not for monetary value.

How to Talk to Us?

We have a discord server! But I cannot post links yet(?) so, feel free to contact me and I'll be able to send you the link or add you on discord!

I hope this helped inspire you to help out on this very early in the works project, but if it hasn't, I still thank you for reading and hope you have a good day! :)​

maxresdefault (3)-1.png (1).png
Amogus :> (Yes he is in the game.)
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