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[Released] Pokémon Duelist [Demo v1.3 Available]

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    A Pokémon fan game inspired by the likes of various trading card game-based shonen anime like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, and Duel Masters.
    This game was made using RPG Maker XP and Pokémon Essentials v21.1.


    In a different world where Pokémon are not a normal everyday occurrence, you aim to become not only a pro-level duelist, but also the top #1 duelist in the Lif region! Your journey will have you start with humble beginnings in the lowest ranked dorm at the Duel Academy, Ocean Blue, learning the ways of being a duelist. There, you will first meet your rivals that you will see time and time again throughout your journey. And soon, you will have your first encounter with the Card Sharks, an organization whose sole purpose (at least on the surface) is to steal any and all rare cards they can get their hands on from others so that they can sell them on the black market, but what other ulterior motives and plans does this evil group have in store and how will it put the region of Lif in danger? That is for you to discover throughout the journey...
    > Explore the region of Lif in a Pokémon Colosseum-styled world map, and face all new opponents, both human and half-human/"furry" alike!
    > Booster Packs- Pokémon are not encounted in the grass, water, or elsewhere like in other Pokémon games or fan games, but rather when opening booster packs! Earn booster packs from defeating rivals, gym leaders, and duelists you have beaten in rematches or buy them from Duel Stops so that you can encounter and catch new monsters to add to your deck!
    > Trade in unwanted monsters to Card Maniac NPCs in exchange for EXP Candy that you can use to train up the deck of your dreams or that one monster you want to train who is falling behind the rest of your deck!

    Spoiler: Screenshots

    Spoiler: Changelog

    > The game is only complete as of what happens after obtaining your first gym badge, but future plans intend to have a full world map with 8 gyms.
    > Long term plans for the project include eventually moving away from the Pokemon IP itself and rebrand as a different game- this will include the need to replace all the existing Pokemon, types, move animations, item icons, and more.
    > Planned PokéDex size is somewhere around 300 or so Pokémon.

    The demo contains everything players can expect to see up until after obtaining their first gym badge. Contents may differ in the demo than in the final game might, as this game is still in heavy, active development.

    Download Demo v1.3 from Google Drive

    Spoiler: Credits

    You can join the Pokémon Duelist section of the Archdan's Studio Discord server to submit bug reports or if you wish to help in the development of the game!

    Discord Invite Link


    If you were linked to a download page for the game but the link didn't come from PokeCommunity, Eevee Expo, or the game's official website, please note that that is an unauthorized upload and it may be malicious.
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    Do you plan to finish the main game in the Pokemon style before moving away from the Pokemon IP, or are you going to do the shift sometime in the middle?