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[ROM Hack] Pokémon Gaia: a Nuzlocke. Oh Dear God.

  • Age 29
  • Seen Nov 18, 2023
I have attempted nuzlockes in the past but I either never fully commit or I chicken out due to how easy it is for me to get attached to my mons, but I've decided that Gaia is the game I'm going to push myself to Nuzlocke.
And this is how it's gone so far…

Chapter 1: Here We Go….

After being told I need to return a book to some old gal at the ruins outside of town, I make the journey out and deliver the dusty old tome to the dusty old lady.
After she thanks me, rather ominously, I then run back into my mother…..who berates me for not having a Pokémon.
Seriously? Did you expect me to just magically send the book via Amazon or Evri?
Either way, she then tells me the professor has a special sale on starters at the library and I make my way there.
The starters in question are GEN 4 STARTERS YES!
I love the Gen 4 Starters, each one has a great design, great second typing and is always a welcome addition to any team!
I of course choose Turtwig and christen him, Chomp.
Afterwards, I name my Rival Ash because I couldn't tell if the sprite was a boy or girl.
The professor then tells us both to make our way to his home in the next town and I make my way easily enough with a few battles against wild Pokémon just to get Chomp a little further ahead.

Once meeting the professor again, I get given the Pokédex, map and Pokéballs and now my nuzlocke begins.
I feel a sudden sense of dread…..

My first goal is to get my second Pokémon as soon as possible, so diving into the grass directly outside of the town, I catch myself a Tailow I call Vert. (If you've watched a certain CGI cartoon based on Hotwheels from back in the early 2000's and get the name, congrats. You're nearly 30 too.)
These two Pokémon are definitely in my top 10 evolution lines, their designs sleek and powerful, so I couldn't wait to get them to evolve.
After grinding the team up a little to around level 7 all together, I then ventured into the Archen Tunnel where we run into a snot nosed kid crying about his weedle running away and our next team mate.
Rose the Zubat.
I wasn't too upset to be honest, Crobat is a great Pokémon and I love using flying types. But dear god did I forget how terrible Zubats move pool is! Leech Life is a terrible move, even against grass types, and it doesn't learn anything useful till level 11 with bite!
Still, we persevere!
After nearly loosing Rose to a few fights because SHES SO WEAK! I manage to find what I think is the exit. It was not.
Turns out you can find static Pokémon in these little hidden spots and this one had a Clefairy. The battle was not Fun. Vert was left with 4 HP after taking a double slap from switching in from Rose and I panicked. Knowing Chomp was my most bulky option, I switched him in and a slugfest ensued with tackles and pounds galore and Chomp proved why he's the bestest turtle who ever turtled.
After leaving the cave, healing up, going back inside and exploring, we finally made it out properly.
Here, I find out that this town, Seros, is home to a Fairy Gym Leader and I felt a little worry. I hate Fairy types, they're surprisingly resistant to a few good types and their weaknesses I don't have access to yet. And their special attacks hit like dump trucks if you aren't ready.
But I intended to be ready….

First, I went straight to the 2 opposite paths available, catching a Shinx I call Blitz and a Mareep called Static. After levelling them up, the teams levels were this;
Chomp and Vert were at level 12, Blitz level 11, Static level 10 and Rose at level 8. I was quickly loosing faith in my Zubat….
Once entering the gym, I fought each gym trainer and returned to the poke centre to heal up, not wanting to waste the small stockpile of potions I had ready for the leader.
Once finally finding Fernando the gym leader, I trounced his entire team with just Chomp and Vert easily! Proud of my two power houses, I eagerly awaited my gym badge…..only for the little brat to run away and not even give me my badge!
I of course give chase, aiming to give this kid a taste of corporal punishment, running straight into the Wisp Forrest. Here we caught the Pumpkiboo, Bibbity, nearly lost Vert to a Weedles poison status and finally caught up with Fernando who finally gives me my dang badge.
Once meeting back up at his grandparents place, the daycare, I get given the cut HM.
Once teaching it to Chomp, I start looking east for some training for Bibbity. And that's when tragedy struck….
I was also grinding out for Blitz to get some levels when I didn't really take notice. A Zigzagoon survived his tackle and took him out with its own.
We had our first death. And it hurt.

I'll update this with the next chapter where we visit a museum, beat up some artists and question my life choices.
Thanks for reading!