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Pokémon SuMo: Chinese language consideration & nickname?

Starry Windy

Everything will be Daijoubu.
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    Well, it's the launch day of Pokémon Sun and Moon, and I'm still waiting for the online shop somewhere to send my pre-order. However, lately I have personal concerns, mainly after I played Sun and Moon demo back in the day.

    Just so you know, I was playing Sun and Moon demo in Simplified Chinese, and even though I'm still yet to learn all of them, I think I know some gist of it at least! However, one day, I was entering the Capturing Pokémon challenge in the demo, and I started to be concerned if I could nickname my 'mon in Chinese, and later I checked the OT of Ash's Greninja, and it says Satoshi in Katakana (サトシ), which makes me wondering for weeks...

    And recently, I've been thinking to watch one of Sun and Moon playthroughs in Chinese since some have posted theirs in YouTube, and when I watched it, sadly my suspicion was correct. It seems that the player can't nickname their Pokémon in Chinese, even though it seems that they can name it in Japanese Hiragana and Katakana, at least. Even the guy who do the playthrough seems to point it out as well, which means my plans of naming my 'mon in Chinese might be unlikely at the moment.

    This makes me concerned if I wanted to play one in Chinese or reconsider to play in English again, even though y'know I was hyped when it's about to be released in Chinese language as well. Even though I may enjoy playing one in Chinese, I wanted to nickname my 'mon in long name in English too, which means tough stuffs for me.

    Hmm... which language should I pick, then? Looks like I need to think for a while as I'm still on the waiting games yet.