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Pokémon University

  • Age 19
  • Seen Nov 30, 2023
Pokémon University is an English fangame using Pokémon Essentials V.20. You take the role of a new student of the newly opened Pokémon University located in the Yuni Region. The game will offer a unique alternative to the semi open world formula of traditional Pokémon games, taking place on a college like campus with artificial environments to simulate different habitats for the various different Pokémon.

The plot will revolve around the player navigating their way through life at a university with an emphasis on social interactions to provide a bit of variety to the standard battle heavy formula. My plan is to split the game into at least a year, with key events happening every so often to provide an engaging story while giving enough time for the player to immerse themselves into the world. Think something along the lines of the deadlines in the Persona series, allowing the player to interact with the environment and characters around them while still providing a sense of progression and urgency in the world.

Unique Features Include:
-A calendar system with interactive weather and time of day
-A character reputation system that includes, but is not limited to certain Pokémon, items and TM's
-The ability to "major" and "minor" in specific types, unlocking certain items and TM's depending on the progress made
-A world where your interactions and performance have tangible effects on the story and characters

Looking For:
Mappers - This will be arguably the easiest portion of the process. The game will feature multiple maps for the different environments, preferably 3 levels to each unique area
Programmers: This will probably be the hardest part. Programming events and such, as well as the creation of a reputation and major/minor system
Spriters: The game will be made using Gen 5 style graphics with custom tilesets
Story Artists: Writers needed for general story and relationship events involving the characters
I will be working with all roles, as I'm interested in learning as much as possible. I welcome both newcomers and experienced veterans

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/RnB3QFmbDM

A preview of the main campus:


  • better path courtyard.png
    better path courtyard.png
    122.5 KB · Views: 8
  • gen 5 dorm.png
    gen 5 dorm.png
    27.5 KB · Views: 8
  • July Cafe.png
    July Cafe.png
    33.8 KB · Views: 7
  • class lobby.png
    class lobby.png
    30 KB · Views: 8


Emotional Warrior of Justice
If you are still looking for help, I could probably do sprite designs and/or story art. While I suck at plotlines, I am much better at potential conversations in story settings, so I can help there.