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Pokémon Unknown Light Recruitment

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Hi, we are making a Chinese-based Pokémon fangame and are currently looking for people who might want to support the project.
The game itself, for the most part, uses the formula of the main Pokémon titles. There are gyms and an evil team, but it will also have some changes to the classic Pokémon adventure.

Searching for:

More accurate description:


I'm searching spriter, who want to make sprites for the fakemons, forms and original trainers as well as some overworld sprites and tilesets.

There are some gimmicks I've been thinking about and want to implement. Like a slightly different HM system or a special battle mechanic, puzzle specific mechanics and much more.

I am also looking for a composer who would compose some cool pieces for the game. It is important that it is a Gen. 4 style fangame. Meaning it shouldn't sound like from before the Nintendo DS era.

For making artworks for the characters, battle backgrounds, fakemon and small things like the badges

Method of contacting:
You can DM "pachydon" on Discord or @ProjectJinyur on Twitter if you are interested in the project.
You can also contact the lead development team on the discord server: https://t.co/eS7Nb1gAMh

This game takes place in the Jinyur region, where a great adventure full of exciting challenges, new companions and odd mysteries awaits you and your friend and rival. In fact, in the near future, the region is supposed to be shaken by a calamity that hit the region hard many years ago, and only the sacrifice of your own Pokémon will prevent it. What is behind all this?

-New Moves
-New Abilities
-Unique Boss Battles
-Unique Battle Mechanic
-A lot of Side quests
-More Pokémon specific boosting items like Thick Club that will also change the appearance a bit
-Zelda Tears of the Kingdom like Dungeons
-New special type
-Planned various postgame stories
-Quality of life improvements
-new way to quickly level up your pokémon
-optional time limited dishes for various effects
-More things to come during development

I will try my best to make a great and fun fangame for many people and I am welcoming everyone who wants to work with me to achieve this.
Thanks for reading!

Trainer and Fakemon Designs:

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The thread got updated with screenshots that show the overworld sprite of the female protagonist made by our talented spriter Vermint and some more planned features