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[Graphics] [pokeemerald] Editing the Region Map With Over 256 Tiles?


Has a tendency to figure things out

This may be a silly question. I've been following the region map editing guide here: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=454340
However, it seems it may be a bit outdated? As the PokeNav and PokeDex region maps are no longer where the guide says it is, rather located in graphics/pokenav/region_map/ and graphics/pokedex/ respectively.

There's a part where it says to go here if I want to use more than 256 tiles. It looks like they managed to get it working as long as it wasn't an affine map. There's an interesting post that says that the 256 tile limit only applies to affine backgrounds. Based on the thread context, I assume this means like zooming in while in the PokeNav and stuff like that. So I take this to mean that I could either go the route of the OP and split the maps into two backgrounds with <256 tiles each or create one tileset with >256 tiles and add just that one. But if I want to go that way, how do I go about doing that? Besides mentioning that the tilemap format and .screenSize value is different for non-affine tilemaps, the thread doesn't mention how that method's done. And Tilemap Studio doesn't seem to like when I have over 256 tiles. 😕

EDIT: Ok, I may have something, but not really? I tried using Tilemap Studio to make a tilemap in the GBA + 8bpp palette format bc it seems that format allows more than 256 tiles. Though upon changing the tile count in the graphics_file_rules.mk file and putting it in the game, it does show up correctly in the PokeDex, albeit with many black squares among the bottom. Looking at it, it seems as if the game just doesn't load the tiles after 256 (my map currently has 337 tiles). Is there a way to make those extra tiles also show up?

EDIT2: Ok, I managed to actually get the map working by splitting it into 2 maps like in the thread. Looks like the Map viewer of mGBA helps in telling what dimensions the tilemaps need to be in order to display correctly when assigned as a specific background. In my case, I used BG1 for one of the map pieces, and now I understand that the aforementioned comment referred to BG1 being a non-affine background. Had to mess with priority layers to get the map to display correctly, but it's working! I still wonder about the issue in the first edit about the PokeDex though. Still unsure why tiles after 256 don't show up.
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