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[Essentials] Pokemon Ageless - Recruitment!


LeGoldenWolf - The Goldenest Boi
  • Age 17
  • Seen Nov 14, 2023
# Pokemon Ageless

Welcome to the Muzon region!
You have just became 16. Similar to our world where kids get a car for their sweet 16, kids here get a Pokemon. Most kids usually get basic, cheap Pokemon such as Sentret or Rookidee; but wealthy families like yours get more expensive Pokemon from Professor Agarwood.
On your journey, you will team up with Team Seraph to defeat Team Umbra and prevent them from their goal. You will meet many trainers along your journey, some notable ones you'll encounter are:
- Micah, your Rival in the region.
- Raisen, the former Champion of the Kalos/Hoenn/Paldea/Sinnoh Region. (Why are there 4 Regions listed? 👀)

Features -
- All Pokemon from Gens 1-9 available in some way.
- No Fakemon, purely regionals and convergent pokemon. New Evolutions and Mega/Gigantamax forms aswell!
- Mystery Gifts every so often. Most of the time they will lineup with Official Events and My Own Server's Events.
- 2 New Teams; Team Umbra and Team Seraph. Team Umbra is the region's Evil Team. Team Seraph was created to combat and go against Team Umbra and their goal.
- A new variation of pokemon similar to Regional Forms; **Dark Forms**. They are in some way connected to Team Umbra. 👀
- No New Type, but many pokemon may get new types.

Positions Wanted -
- Pokemon Spriters
- Trainer Spriters
- OW Spriters (Pokemon &/or Trainers)
- Tileset Artists
- Mappers
- Beta Testers

Other Info -
System - Essentials v20.1
Discord - https://discord.gg/ah4fN3Xyjq


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LeGoldenWolf - The Goldenest Boi
  • Age 17
  • Seen Nov 14, 2023
We're on our way towards 1st Private Beta 1! After Private Beta 2 is tested, Public Beta 1 will release with 4 Gyms!
  • Seen Feb 29, 2024
You have taken my trainer sprites and modified them without permission. I have tried to join your discord to speak to someone and it says I am banned - furthermore proving the wrongdoing. This is really not OK.
This is also the second instance, first instance you straight up just took stuff that wasn't public use and now youre doing this which means you haven't learnt your lesson.