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[Decomps] Pokemon ClearPrism GBA remake recruitment

Hello, I am looking for people who can help for my GBA Pokemon Prism remake hack called Pokemon ClearPrism based on the Pokeemerald decomp who can do the following things:

  • Overworld sprites
  • Music composers
  • Mappers
  • Pokemon and trainer sprites
  • A project leader
  • Programmers and coders
  • Tileset makers
  • A logo designer (the logo is in ORAS style with a light blue logo and font based on ORAS's for the 'ClearPrism' text but in rainbow)

    Pokemon ClearPrism is a GBA remake of the GBC hack Pokemon Prism, set in the Naljo and Rijon regions remade in the Gen 3 FRLG style with new features, QOL improvements and stuff not possible in the original game yet such as an extended Pokedex, more PC boxes, new characters and locations as well as Mega Evolution. (which would play a role in it) Also, the reason why I wanted to remake this game in the Emerald engine is because it was my favourite hack on the GBC and I wanted a new remake with Gen 3 graphics (inspired by another GBC hack being remade on the GBA called Pokemon Orange but was unfinished). The name ClearPrism was chosen because I wanted to follow the HeartGold/SoulSilver name pattern which the original game it was based on (Crystal, also based on Gold/Silver) was also remade too.

    It starts off with the player, who is Lance's child finding a way out on their uncle's minecart, but it crashes out of control into a mine in the Naljo region. Their adventure begins soon after the player finds a lost Larvitar in the mines and explores the Naljo region, stopping the region from corruption while collecting 20 badges.
Features of my hack include:
  • Pokemon up to Gen 4 (including Sylveon) and the fanmade legendaries from the original game
  • FRLG styled graphics including trainer sprites (NPCs based on the HGSS designs), Pokemon, tiles and remixed music from the original game in GBA style
  • GB Player which you can listen to tracks from the original game
  • A mix of ORAS/XY/HGSS tiles in FRLG style
  • Mega Evolution
  • Moveset up to Gen 8
  • Custom types from the original game, such as Gas, Sound and even the original Fairy type
  • ORAS styled UI for everything (Bag, Pokemon menu, in battle etc.)
  • Gen 6 EXP share and experience gain from catching
  • Compatible Pokemon learn HM moves without teaching them after you earn a certain badge
  • BW2 repel system
  • Redesigned rooms from the original Prism
  • PokeNav Plus instead of map (received from an NPC in the original) which has a phone call system to rematch trainers and gym leaders, town map and DexNav
  • Wonder Trade
  • Character names above dialogue textbox
  • More rooms for the other regions you cannot access in the original Prism
  • ORAS styled town map
  • Stuff from FRLG ported over to Emerald base like the door transitions/staircase transitions, signposts, Oak intro, bag (the sounds) etc.
  • All the other features from the original Prism remade into the GBA engine like Gold Tokens, mining, play as your Pokemon, customization, etc.
  • 20 badges to collect

Male player sprite
Female player sprite




(Note: the tiles and NPC overworld sprites are placeholders unless someone makes them for me, also I named the player those names in the first two pics Adam and Cyan is because they are the first name options in the original Prism game and I did not know how change the default name suggestion yet)


Credits to the following people:
DizzyEgg for Upgraded Battle Engine
kwen/trietnio for the protagonist sprites
Tustin2121 for the Prism April Fools maps (edited by me)
Koolboyman/RainbowDevs for the original game

If you want to contact me, here is my social media lists:
Discord - rockerthegengar
Twitter - https://twitter.com/RockerTheGengar
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Yo i'm interested in doing overworld sprites and trainer sprites