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Crystal hack: Pokemon Crib Crystal

  • Age 32
  • Seen Nov 16, 2023
Crib Crystal

Patches and documentation with encounters, etc available at this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17OA1X0zln18avq_plvoIiODQw95VhCYM

Crib crystal is a difficulty hack of Pokemon Crystal inspired by Emerald Trashlocke, Garbage Green, Baby Blue, and Useless Yellow developed by me, dwg6m9. Max Repels, Full Restores, Rare Candies are at each mart, and a Pocket PC and EXP share are available very early on. The game pushes evolution levels back and removes most final forms. You will not earn Stat EXP from battling, but vitamins will work.


Pokemon movesets are revised so that a wide variety of Pokemon can be used without being overpowered – for instance, Grimer is available in Union Cave, but does not have access to Sludge until after Bugsy; conversely, some movesets are buffed, like Supersonic going to Confuse Ray for Ledyba. Many baby Pokemon replace their adult forms, including Bonsly, Mime Jr, Wynaut, Mantyke, Happiny, and Munchlax (sorry Azurill), and the legendary beasts are replaced with Smoochum, Magby, and Elekid. Nearly every pokemon can counter at least one boss pokemon, and almost no pokemon can totally sweep a gym leader.


Many TMs have their availability reduced - no game corner TMs or purchasable punches. Many TMs require beating a back-to-back battle; for instance, Rest and Sleep Talk require back-to-backs on Route 45.


The level curve for enemy trainers is raised starting after Falkner so that you will usually be facing teams that are similar in level. Back-to-back battles are on many Johto routes. The level curve for gym leaders in Kanto is raised so that you can feasibly stay under the level cap as you take on each gym leader. Gym trainers are completely optional in Kanto. Some of the 'required' Kanto trainers' teams have had their levels raised and/or given reasonable movesets - looking at you, Route 25 Nidoking.

Level caps are set to one-plus the next Gym Leader's ace. For example, you can be almost at level 10 when you face Falkner. The order of Johto Gym Leaders is forced to be:

Falkner – Bugsy – Whitney – Morty – Chuck – Pryce – Jasmine – Clair

Karen is now the Johto Champion. She is a better thematic fit and her team is less centralizing for the elite four. To make this a little easier, there is now TM51 Karate Chop.


Kanto leaders should be beaten in this order. If you do them out of order, it will throw off the level caps, but does not break the game. Your run your rules :)

Surge – Sabrina – Erica – Janine – Misty – Brock – Blaine – Blue

Some features from the Pokecrystal Disassembly are implemented, notably:
· Kurt makes balls instantly
· Enemies don't have 25% miss chance for status moves
· Hold B to run
· Kurt's balls work as intended
· Glacier Badge works on SpDef

Other changes:
· Flash not required for any caves
· Coin case is in B1F Goldenrod Dept Store -- used to purchase tutor moves
· Berry trees give 24
· Jasmine has a female Steelix
· Weekday events happen every day
· Whirlpool not needed in Dragon's Den
· Pokeflute not needed to wake Munchlax
· Bill's house now gives you vitamins if you show the right pokemon
· The Super Rod is in Blackthorn
· All flee mons now only rarely flee instead of sometimes flee: magnemite, grimer, eevee, porygon, dratini, unown, snubbull, phanpy, teddiursa, delibird, cubone.
· Secret boss in the Viridian basement
· Easter egg – how did the moon ball work in the original game?

· Pokecrystal disassembly team
· Rangi42, Polished Map
· Rangi42, Icons for Elekid, Magby, Tyranitar
· PiaCRT, disassembly and spriting debug
· Luna, spriting debug
· SCMidna, Munchlax sprite
· Wynaut sprite [https://www.deviantart.com/ericgl1996/art/SpaceWorld-97-Wobbuffet-and-GSC-Wynaut-863832924]
· Sharkguy on spritersresource.com for Bonsly, Mime Jr, Happiny, Mantyke sprites (some back sprites are adapted Gen 4 assets)
· Ferropexola, events and sprites debug
· DerekAllenDean, events and sprites debug (playthrough at: https://youtu.be/kHgb2ZZNgtE)

v1.1 update
*Fixes bug catching contest levels
*Fixes some dialogue
*Fixes linearity issue with Rocket Hideout and Mahogany Gym
This hack was rough! Let me tell ya... when you're not rocking the most broken Pokemon, you start to realize how each team member matters and comes in handy when not a single one of them can carry.