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Pokemon Decay - Recruitment

  • Age 26
  • Seen Feb 21, 2024
Pokémon Decay is supposed to be a best of the first four generations. That was my peak of playing Pokémon. It's intended to give the player as much nostalgia as possible by referring to the storylines of the old games.

Because of natural disasters the four regions Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh collided and became one big Region, the Talem Region. The player wakes up and can't remember what happened. He has to find out what caused those natural disasters. The flow of the game is similar to the original Pokémon Games. The player has to defeat 8 Gym Leaders and the Elite Four while facing nearly all the well-known characters and evil teams of the first generations.

For self-preservation-reasons Pokémon had to adjust themself to the new environment. That's why many of them had to change their typing. Those Pokémon are called Delta Pokémon like back in Insurgence.

Deltas PC.png

Those Delta Pokémon adapted to the regions they had to escape to. The Delta Areas are like a forest for grass type Pokémon, a sewer for poison type Pokémon or a desert for ground type Pokémon.

DeltaAreas PC.png

Unique Features:

As I already mentioned I don't want to change the main features of the first generations but I still wanted to make some improvements:
-Delta Pokémon and Delta Areas
-Level Caps
-HM Items
-Challenging Opponents
-Costumizable Character

About the project:

I'm working in Essentials v21.1 (Started at v19). I've been developing this game for ca. 1000 hours, it has absolutely grown on me.

Up to this point it was nearly a standalone project but I need a good crew to focus myself on mapping and writing.

And that's why I'm looking for:

- I would love to introduce some Evolutions of weaker Pokémon like Mightyena, Raticate or Chatot to balance the game. I could create some Delta Pokémon but I couldn't create some Evolutions from scratch. Required are Front, Back and Icon Sprites.
Right now Pokémon Decay includes 102 Delta Pokémon (Created by myself, Borosepheles & the Fakemon Festival Pack) . There are around 50 more to go. That's where I could also need some help.

Method of Contact:

If you want to be a part of the Pokémon Decay Project just join the Discord Server. Leave a message in the Recruitment Channel and I will send you a message asap. It would be amazing for me to welcome some Spriters to the team :)


Screenshots PC.png

Credits (until now):
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  • Age 26
  • Seen Feb 21, 2024
Sorry, I thougt I made a link which couldn't expire. You are welcome to join now :) Beta Testers are always welcome.