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[Released] Pokemon Dusk Reborn RPG - Online (all of gen 8) with clan battle

The Pokemon Dusk Reborn RPG is a text-based MMORPG where you can battle alongside your friends. It features a unique region with new NPCs and beautiful maps. You start by making your trainer character and choosing your starter Pokemon. You can possibly do everything you can imagine in the world of Pokemon. You can be a Hardcore trainer, a Pokemon master, or join Team Rocket and rule over. Check it out if you like nostalgic retro Gameboy Pokemon or text-based old-school RPGs! There are currently 56,000 + trainers from all around the globe.

Unique features,

Game URL, https://pkmnreborn.com/

Screenshots of the game,

Our Social media,


Let's embark on our Pokemon journey, battle, train, and catch all the Pokemon. Don't forget to have fun and participate in all our events and activities.


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Hello Trainers, The updates has arrived in the game! This update focuses on improving the overall gameplay experience and making some significant changes to the game.
We are introducing 3 phases to deal with Pokemon in inactive accounts. Colored and shiny Pokemon in inactive accounts for more than 3 years, regardless of being legendary or not, will be added to the Bot account.* (assuming they ran out of the box as their trainers were inactive)*
1) Auction House - The Bot will weekly hold an auction for these Pokemon in the Auction House.
2) Treasure box - We have completely revamped the Treasure Box feature. Instead of spawning unbase Pokemon, every box will reward players with level 5 colored Pokemon from the Bot account.
3) Maps - In future, randomly colored Pokemons will be added to the map for the Bot account to encounter and catch again.
We have also made some significant changes to the game's battle system. The damage calculation formula has been updated, and even a Pokemon 2x your level won't one-shot you. The algorithm takes the EVs of Pokemon into account with the type multiplier, making it much more sophisticated. (edited)

We have added the Auction House Pokemon count on the menu and added a trainer gradient effect to Auction Pokemon listings.
Pokemon Nature has been added to the game, Players can now view their Pokemon nature if they click their name. You can also see the Pokemon nature at the Auction page bid.
We have added a currency tooltip to help players understand the difference between the game's various currencies.
We have added new achievements and trainer titles with rewards for catching Pokemon.
In the Region Throne feature, if the challenger wins the throne, they can mug the old throne king/queen for coins, and they will get event notified.
We have added the Dodge move as TM, and we have fixed some bugs related to Mega Evolution.
We have updated the post structure on the Forums, and the bug with the Forum's post-Sticky and Unsticky thread is now fixed.
We have balanced the Snorlax and Mew towers with an HP and level modifier.

Overall this update brings a lot of exciting new features to the game, including the battle balancing, and the revamped treasure box