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Pokémon X hack: Pokemon dX: A Pokémon X Doubles Hack

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  • Seen Jan 16, 2024

Hack of: Pokémon X
Beta Release: June 5th, 2022
Current Version: v1.4.1​


Pokémon dX is a doubles/difficulty hack of Pokémon X inspired primarily by Drayano's many works and Kumatora's Emerald DX. It was made to bring new life to Kalos with a challenging but not Kaizo-level difficulty curve, Pokémon revamps to allow more underappreciated mons to flourish, and make the entire experience smoother and more fun!


Built for Fun, Ready for a Challenge
- Custom-made trainers designed to provide a fair but challenging doubles experience for both casual playthroughs and challenge runs
- Make no mistake though; many trainers will push your team to its limit!
- The new, steeper level curve built around use of the EXP Share will keep your team engaged through the Champion
- Universally removed EVs keep grinding to the minimum, while also putting the player on-par with their opponents

Catch 'Em All, See 'Em All
- Encounters have been reworked to allow the player to catch all 457 Pokémon in Kalos without trading
- If you're not interested in catching 'em all, trainers have been designed such that battling all of them will leave the player full seen Pokédex!

A Fresh Take
- Many Pokémon have been given new stats, moves, abilities, and types, to make them fun to use and play against
- Mega Pokemon no longer have any increase in BST, but frequently shuffle the Mega Pokémon's stats to give them new ways to play
- Similarly, many moves have been given new properties to make them more distinct or useful
- Certain TMs have also been replaced with more useful moves

Quality of Life
- Rare Candies, Honey, and Heart scales are now purchasable at all Pokémarts
- Shiny Odds have been improved from 1-in-4096 to 1-in-512

- Optional Hard Mode removes TM17 Protect and replaces it with TM17 Splash :)


- All downloads and reference sheets can be found in the Pokémon dX Discord!

- Kumatora & Thalia for inspiring me to begin this project and helping with balance suggestions from start to finish
- Kaphotics & SciresM for making pk3ds, the tool that made all of this possible
- Malik and Axyn for their frequent technical support
- jGlazer, Jax, Frozen, Midbus, and GiantCaliber for being awesome playtesters
- Roboid, Jax, CommunistPanda, Violet, jGlazer, Kero, Marshall, JohnFortniteKennedy, Angus, Iago, Serb, Kumatora, KatTheHobbit, and Malik for their Victory Road team submissions
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Looks super cool! Glad to see the Pokémon x hack scene develop. You should post a page of r/pokemonromhacks as I think that'll draw some attention for it