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[Released] Pokemon Innocence - Demo out!


Darkness goddess

(made with Essentials v20.1) (Updating to 21.1)

Note: This is my first game, so things are going to be weird.

-The light story - The Player and their mom moved into the town of Pebbletwig in the Region of Siel after the death of their dad. Mom just happens to be friends with the professor. So the next day, they go over to the lab to get their first pokemon. Will becoming a trainer help the player to get over their dad's death, or will they find who did it and why?

-The Dark Story - The player's father was sent to Sinnoh to find Cresselia But something when wrong. The team he worked for was only looking for the pokemon to do unknown things to it and he wasn't happy with it. So he took Cresselia to the Siel Region to protect it. He moved around the region to keep hidden only to be found and killed. Both Cresselia and Darkrai (who followed them) to disappear. (This is only played out in notes that the player to find all over Siel. The last note will lead you to where the two pkm hide at. Both will join you.)

1.2 Demo| MEGA
^Updated. Now has the first gym and a few changes.^

Change log


Story - (05%)
Maps - (35%)
Sprites - (05%)
Mega Evolution - (00%)
Events - (05%)
Overall - (20%)

Join our Discord if you wish to help out!
If you wish to help out, PM me or see here.
In need of Artists and Spriters!!!


Your Rival, Damian:

who is Faye's son.

The Professor
Coming soon.
Is using Proj Juniper for now.

Team Eclipse leader
Coming soon and it's Silver from HG/SS
-Note: He is only the Leader in name. There is someone under him calling all the shots.
Silver only made the team to find his father aka Giovanni who is MIA.-


Pokemon from Gen 1-8 to catch. (some are hidden)
Be able to catch ALL Legendaries
Pick a starter from gen 1 starters. (will be changed to Detla vers later)
1 original region with new Cities and Towns.
Play as Male or Female.
New Mega forms.
Following pokemon
Berry farms
Maxed leveling is set at 150. may be higher later.
Hidden Grottoes.
More to come.

Features I wish to add:
Delta PKM/Custom PKM or Fakemon.
New mega forms
Custom Trainers to battle.
Custom cloths for the trainers to buy, like in X/Y
A bad Team to stop.
get your own base (like in PKM Insurgence)
Battle Tower with 50? floors.
Wonder Trade Offline

Features that are being worked on:
Bases. (Making the maps)
Adding more things to the demo.
Where the players can find the Legendary Pokémon.


will update over time.

Spoiler: the team(so far)

Known Bugs: I know of these bugs and I need help fixing them.

Credits: If I miss any, let me know.
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Darkness goddess
Updated the post. Also I'm working on the game still. Right now I'm working on 1.5 which allows players to play until the 3rd Gym. I will Update the Demo when I get Gym Leaders sprites and such.


Darkness goddess
Here are all of the things that I added/changed for 1.5 or 2.0 dk yet

Update to 1.5
-changed the player's home a bit. Boxes will now disappear when you visit again after beating the 5th gym.
-Added Routes 4-7, Wishwheel forest, Charrsorn Lake, Nahari City, Bellroot Port Town, Bellroot beach N/S and Timebrown.
-Fixed the trees in WildBlow City to match with the trees on Route 3.
-changed a few characters around and added a few new plugins to the game.
-Added a new lake called Star Lake.
-added the water gym and daycare maps.
-Removed the map from the poke-gear since I can't design the map and I have no one to help with that. (it's back but still...)
-updated the Battle UI to space theme with Cresselia appearing only on the player's boxes.
-First Gym leader has a new Sprite. And so does Flying gym leader, Ghost gym leader, and fire gym leader. Now I need OW sprites and trainer sprites for the following gym leaders; Water, Dragon, Steel and Dark, Plus the 4 Elites.
-Started on the Bases, got the forest base made. Next will be Volcano, Ice Cave, Water Cave, etc and yes you will have a berry farm in whichever base you pick.
-Got Mom Event to work!
-Updated PE from 20.1 to 21.1
-updated the trainer cards.
-Changed how a lot of PKM evolution.
-First and four Gyms are now in forests and not just gym buildings.
-Adding some Quests to add more lore to the game... yet there is only one right now...Need ideas...