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Emerald hack: Pokemon Just (Fire) Emerald

  • Age 27
  • Seen Nov 16, 2023
Pokémon Just Fire Emerald is a redone of multiple combat mechanics with very few modification to the base Emerald Story,
My project is to make every pokémon viable, and changing mechanics to make the combat experience feels different from the normal one.
Made using the decomp Pret pokeemerald with DizzyEgg/Rhh engine expansion.

List of some modifications i have done so far: (the full list on: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UQDMltE5v3qJRXeojp_MTRwN86Iskn5B_AgsK0rgTj8/edit?usp=share_link)

Revised critical hit mechanics,
New Options Menu with new features:
  • Font: choose from Emerald or Fire Red Font;
  • Level cap: Sto gain exp at the next gym leader pokemon level;
  • Wipeout Mode: when you lose a battle, delete the save file and restart;
  • Heal direct in party menu;
  • Auto Heal after Combat;
  • Auto Release defeated pokémon;
  • Exp multiplier (from x1 to x11);

Two held item, a passive one and a consumable one

Passive item gives actual stats to pokémons:

IV Archetypes: (More info on the Drive Document)

and a LOT more (just check the file on the drive at the start of the section)

I also Changed a lot of pokémon stats and some sprite to fit the new type combination:

I Really search for some beta tester e some sprite/programmer to do deeper changes, so if you want to contact me just DM me on discord TheAlest#9187

For all the changes/documentations this the Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1l2r-FYr9CAtyOQoCtvyFJZUzvNOHiYI_?usp=sharing

Credit: (probably missed some one, i will publish the game here only when i fully completed this sections)
Pret Pokeemerald
ROM Hacking Hideout
TheXaman, Asparagus, Diego Mertens, devolov, Xhyzi, ghoulslash, AsparagusEduardo, Iceman8911