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[Other] Pokemon PGE Custom Move

  • Age 33
  • Seen Sep 27, 2016
So I recently added Fairy type into my Fire Red hack by replacing the ??? type (which is only used for the move curse, which I've now made ghost) after doing so I decided to change the move Barrage into Play Rough. After inserting the respectable attributes like PP and Base power I tested it out on an npc in-game who had a Salamance but the move did little to no damage even after using belly drum on Azumarill (which also had huge power) could someone tell me how to fix it so the move does the decent chunk of damage it's supposed to? - I'm using Pokemon Game Editor to edit the move.


Kanto Champion
  • Age 24
  • Seen Apr 27, 2020
Use Gen 3 Hacking Suite and use Mr.Dollsteaks Decap and attack rom base. It adds fairy with out replacing ??? as apparently that effects the move struggle. Also, it adds a load of moves so I wouldn't surprised if it added Play Rough. Which I have just checked, and it does add Play Rough.