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Pokemon Platinum: Episode 1

Desert Stream~

Holy Kipper!
  • Age 33
  • Seen Aug 20, 2023
Well I started playing Pokemon Platinum not too far back, but I wanted to do more then I usually do in a Pokemon game, so I made some rules:

1. Get as close to 100% completion as possible
2. Nickname all the pokemon
3. Actually have a well balanced team instead of just one pokemon (but ugh this grinding is a pain)

I started out with a Piplup, which I named "Memories". Ironically, I have more Nostalgia towards turtwig. Oh well. I then proceeded to catch a Bidoof, which... I forgot to name. Instead of waiting to get to the name raters tent, I simply restarted the game.

This time I again chose Piplup and named it memories. I got to Oreburgh city and then proceeded to grind in the mines for like, 5 hours until my team looked something like this:

Memories: Piplup, Level 14, Male
DELEWOOOOP: Kricketune, Level 14, Female
;): Bidoof, Level 14, Female
Pharah: Staravia, Level 14, Female
Farron: Shinx, Level 14, Female
Ross: Budew, Level 14, Female

We took down the first gym pretty easily due to our levels.

I proceeded through floaroma town to Eterna city, but realized it was friday, so I went back to the valley windworks and caught a few pokemon around the way.

PC boxes:
Box 1:
Nekisu ;3: Buizel, Level 10, Female
Iliekslugs: Shellos, Level 10, Female
Chibi: Pachirisu, Level 11, Male
DemLegstho: Buneary, Level 11, Male
Ringabel: Chingling, Level 14, Female
Balloon!!!: Drifloon, Level 15, Female
Scrap: Bronzor, Level 16

Farron: Luxio, Lv 20, Female
Pharah: Staravia, Lv 20, Female
Memories: Prinplup: Lv 20, Male
;): Bibarel, Lv 20, Female
DELEWOOOOP: Kricketune, Lv 20, Female
Ross: Budew, Lv 20, Female

Pharah swept the entire gym. I didn't need to go back to the pokemon center or use items or anything. She's lv 23 now, so that's cool.

Anyways, that's as far as I've played for now. Will update again shortly.