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[Completed] Pokemon Sanguine (sequel to Distrust) (DR inspired)

WAIT A SECOND! Before you start playing this, you'll need to play it's prequel, Pokemon Distrust, first! Otherwise you will be terribly confused!




Optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation. "They are surprisingly sanguine about this dire situation."

HERALDRY literary blood-red.

A blood-red color.

This game is the direct sequel to Distrust, like I said before. Meaning that this takes place in Kanto with the survivors of Accourt Academy going through the near empty region searching for the "stat trainers." The plan is to take them down and have them cryogenically frozen until they're all gathered up so they can be brainwashed back into being regular high school students.

I started this right after I was finished with Distrust because I was honestly disappointed with the lack of remnants of despair in Another Episode. BUT THEN TWO NEW DANGANRONPA ANIME HAPPENED EXPLAINING ALL OF THAT AND MORE! But I'm still finishing this game.

I got about five and a half hours done. (There's not a whole lot of things to do in between the main mission that's forced upon you since the bad guys are the guys who you're focusing on in the main story. (This is with using the debug menu to teleport around and give my Pokemon the perfect evs, ivs, nature, etc.)

This game takes place around 20 years after RBGY, meaning that most of... Well, a lot of the maps are based around HGSS' Kanto map. (Meaning that there's a radio tower and a train station in the game. They're unimportant for now, however.)

The features that this game... Features:

A base

The ability to expand said base, including a Daycare Center

Gathering metal and wood for those rooms in the base (talk to tables, trash cans, and beat up robots.)

Looking for survivors who can help you by giving you items or do jobs such as move tutoring for you.

Easy EV Training (just ask Sabrina)

The ability to teleport to towns that you've visited before, as long as you find the semi-hidden teleporters. (So basically I gave you the ability to use "fly" without having to bother with HM Fly at the start of the game.)

Casino, with the ability to win Pokemon

Portraits! All of the important characters will have portraits, made with Celianna's avatar maker! http://pixanna.nl/materials/misc/

The choice of playing a censored version

Instead of things like trees or giant rocks, I have strong trainers as barriers! Meaning that it's pretty much free roam throughout the map since it won't ruin anything if you go to any town early.

A partner throughout the game. You can have either one of the people who survived with you in Distrust following you through Kanto... In fact you can't go through the game without one, for plot reasons. (At least for now.)

Lots of references from other games, (just one, Danganronpa, for now at least) DR Side/Future and Side/Despair anime, RBGY and GSC references, (I'll give you a free one- Pokedoll in Copy Cat's house) and one reference from The Ricky Gervais show! (I listened to most of the podcasts while working on this game.)

A bunch of music from other RPGs... Again, nothing against Pokemon music. I just feel that music from the Pokemon games, even remixed is a bit too upbeat for this game. All of the playlists can be found under "Credits.txt"

A bunch more things that I probably forgot to mention.

This is more of a lack of feature, but this game does NOT have any stores you can buy things in. Though I can guarantee you that you can find a few random items in almost, if not every shop if you check the shelves. There will also be people willing to give you items. Basically the only use for money in this game will be for the Daycare Center, and I might take that away just because it doesn't make much sense for you to have to pay.

This game also has:

Around 4 hours of gameplay... I think I can explain this: most Pokemon games, official and fan, follow the same formula. They'll make you go through a region filled with people who are mostly sane, but then the badge gathering pauses so you can fight the bad guys. In this game, Kanto has been taken over by the bad guys and it's your job to take Kanto back.

Random, and probably unnecessary pixel death sprites... I was going to only have blood stains all over the place but it didn't feel realistic... Again this game is based on the fact that Danganronpa Another Episode excluded most of the Remnants Of Despair and that game had a lot of random dead people in the world too... Unless you play the censored version. They're not there in the censored version.

Invisible badges... I wasn't going to give you badges in this game, excluding one, but then I remember that HM Moves requires badges. I'm sure that I could just shove all of the HM Moves to work for that one badge, but it's just a whole lot easier this way.

Also, you actually technically get two badges for free. You get the Earth Badge, which for some reason won't appear on your card unless you have the seventh badge..? Again, I'm sure this is an easy fix, but badges really aren't that important for this game. They can easily be ignored. Besides, you get the badge bonuses still for beating the main trainers you have to beat. >w>

Current progress:


(Minorish) Characters (I don't want to spoil the main characters.)
I have created two new characters who you can rescue if you want to. I don't know if I want to make any others.

Hayate (meaning "smooth") is pretty much a cocky parody of rivals. It started as a joke but then I figured that he can be in the prequel if I were to make one. Except he's so minor that he lacks a last name right now.


Ine (meaning "rice") was born when I had an idea of the player giving somebody who they can rescue some mushrooms so they can make mushroom soup out of them and give to the player once a day... If I can figure out a time event that actually works... I decided to make an entirely new character design for this since this is kind of an original idea... Sort of... If you don't think about it.


Uncensored has more content such as (pixelated) death. Every story death scene in the censored version is blurred. There will be a more detailed warning right when you start the game.





Tips for this game:

In Pewter City, you can find a Heracross hidden in one of the houses. (Talk to both sides of sinks.) I suggest grabbing it.

Also in Pewter City (I might move this guy though) there's a man who will give you TM Thief. There's a lot of trainers with Pokemon holding items, so that should help you.

Explore everywhere for items, people, or certain Pokemon. (Remember, this game is kind of based on HGSS' Kanto map, so certain places that weren't in RBGY will be there.) I'll even give you a free hint- Trainer Fan Club in Saffron City. Bring all of your possible partners there and talk to everyone.
-After you activate Cinnabar's teleportation pad, there will be a certain somebody hiding upstairs of the gate left of Fuchsia City. Rather you win or lose will depend on the person's fate.

I would battle just about everybody you can here. You will probably end up being a little under-leveled by the time you get done with this half of the game. (Despite me nerf'ing the "gym" battles by quite a bit from what I originally had.)

All of the robots are at least part steel type. Some of them are fire/steel. So... Just so you know.

LISTEN TO THE BLUE TEXT if you don't want to lose all of your items during a certain part of the game. Speaking of, there's a part of the game where if you save, the game will get confused and think that you're starting a new game. Ignore that. It's safe to save. (Your Pokemon will be safe even if you don't shove them in the PC, at least.)

Known glitches and minor inconsistencies:

Don't bother telling me about these things. I already know, and will be working on fixing them at least when the plot's finished for they aren't that important to fix.

After beating the second "psycho," there's a chance of Miyako disappearing suddenly. This is because I forgot to switch a certain event off when you faint, and it actually turns it on to think that Miyako's the one following you. To fix this you just need to ask somebody else to join you and she'll be there. And since this is an easy fix I'm not going to bother uploading an updated version until there's more glitches found since uploading two game files takes forever to do. It's fixed in the file I'm working on, however.

Double battles are... Glitched. You will get a pop-up, but you can just "x" out of said pop-up and continue battling. It may be annoying, but you should be the only one who actually gets a hit in. I'd say exploit this glitch for free experience!

The Mega evolutions are glitched, but in a good way. I'd say take advantage of it!

The maps are... There's gaps, and... Well, you'll see. I don't want to spend forever on the map when there's plot to make. I started working on fixing them and then the map connections got all messed up so never mind.

I thought that it'd make sense if I made the partly fire robots "outdoor lights," but for some reason the lights don't disappear even if you beat them... Unless it's day time.

The teleporting pads are... Inconsistent. Sometimes you have to talk to them to get them to work. Sometimes you only have to touch them. Sometimes they just teleport you to places without an animation or sound effect. I'm not worried about these and will probably either slowly work on fixing them throughout making the second half of the game, or fix them right after I'm done with the plot.

There may be some spelling errors. Sometimes I work on this game for over twelve hours with some short breaks to eat or something. I get tired, so the spelling throughout this game may be a bit wrong.

The walking sprites of your partner seems to skip a frame, but if they're walking back and forth or just... Around, not behind you, it doesn't do this. I have no idea why.

In fact, I'm getting tired right now, so there may be some things I've forgotten about.

Now, even though I've played through this game TWICE, I know for sure that everybody else is going to find a lot of game-breaking glitches, so go on! Find 'dem glitches that won't show up when I play it, but do realize that I'm not going to bother fixing any of them if you don't use detail on when, where, and what you were doing when you found that glitch.

Some Screenshots:


First thing's first. PLEASE tell me if I have forgotten anyone or anything!

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Hey, this looks really cool! I'll have to download it later today and try it out. I really like the VS. animation, but (no offense, just my opinion), I would make the title screen have a little more detail to it (unless it has some hidden meaning I don't understand D:) Nevertheless, great job!
  • Age 32
  • Seen Aug 29, 2022
Hi! Nice game! I like the use of the companions, having to change them to hack a
computer or taking a girl to a party! And also... poor Misty

But I was playing and there's a bug if you lose against Minato. When you challenge him again you get stuck on the wall
Hey, this looks really cool! I'll have to download it later today and try it out. I really like the VS. animation, but (no offense, just my opinion), I would make the title screen have a little more detail to it (unless it has some hidden meaning I don't understand D:) Nevertheless, great job!

Thank you! The logo is actually the eye of the robot in the first game's title screen, (Distrust) who is based on Monokuma!

Hi! Nice game! I like the use of the companions, having to change them to hack a
computer or taking a girl to a party! And also... poor Misty

But I was playing and there's a bug if you lose against Minato. When you challenge him again you get stuck on the wall

Oh. That's... Annoying. And fixed! (I hope.)
You're supposed to be able to do that whole introduction thing again, but I, even though I made the game, kept on going one floor up too many, so now if you keep on going to the eleventh floor like I did after being defeated by him, you'll return to the spot where you were when the event started.
And by your "poor Misty" comment, I'm guessing that you're playing the uncensored version, so here's the download for the fixed version!
  • Age 32
  • Seen Aug 29, 2022
Hey! So I finished the completed game and I really liked it! It's not very long and it has a cool story.

I'll be waiting for the prequel of pokemon distrust!
  • Age 24
  • Seen Jan 21, 2017
So i found a bug in you're game after i got healed by the chansey my character was turn into a girl when i pick my gender as a male at the start