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Pokemon Shield Day 1 thoughts and notes: ALSO GLITCH THAT'S NOT THE AUTOSAVE GLITCH

Elite Overlord LeSabre™

On that 'Non stop road'
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    Yeah, I caved in and bought Pokemon Shield. Also the new Leaf figurine but I'll post her after my Shield run-through.

    Before I get to my usual commentary with my unique style, an important warning:
    My game crashed while talking to Sonia at the Lab. Specifically it happened as the Rotom phone was popping out, so it might have to do with rendering that in the building.

    It didn't crash when I re-talked to Sonia, and no data was erased, but SAVE BEFORE YOU ENTER THE LAB just in case.

    Thoughts so far, written down as I play: I currently just arrived at Motostoke.

    Girl character looks cute. I named her Lisa, as I typically do for these things.

    The bearded dude in the intro is probably evil. Calling it now.

    Shut up, Hop.

    Leon looks like a tool and apparently nobody who's challenged him has heard of Rock Slide. I hope he watched the 44-16 Clemson vs. Alabama game this past January cause he's in for a similar beatdown.

    SHUT YOUR HOLE, HOP NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE POINTLESS CRAP YOU SPEW FROM YOUR MOUTH. And maybe, you know, don't show up every five seconds?

    Starters are, well, typical starters. I chose the fire rabbit since it's the best of the bunch. Don't like the water starter and grass is weak to like, eleventy billion other types.

    Vs Hop Battle 1:
    Scorbunny Lv5

    Much to my delight, the first town has an excellent selection of trainer clothing options. I am genuinely impressed.

    Sonia is... interesting, at least.

    DAY 1 POKERUS HYPE TRAIN! Don't know who originally had it, by the time I visited the Pokemon Center and was alerted to it, it had spread to three of my members.

    The Lass trainers are best girls in the game. Calling it now. I don't see how any other character in the game could dethrone them.

    Yet another professor who doesn't manufacture Shadow Pokemon. We will never get another Pokemon professor as epic as Cipher Admin Ein.

    Vs. Hop Battle 2:
    Scorbunny Lv13
    Rookidee Lv13
    Skwovet Lv9
    Wooloo Lv9
    Blipbug Lv6

    Shut up about your "legend," Hoppy-boy. You're now 0-2 against me.

    I'm lost on the whole Duramax thing. Isn't that the diesel engine in Chevy trucks? What does a GM diesel engine have to do with Pokemon? And... falling space junk? I dunno.

    Camping for me as a kid was a horrifying experience. Why would I want to relive that terror in a game? QUALITY INNS AND COMFORT INNS AND HAMPTON INNS AND EMBASSY SUITES EXIST FOR A REASON.

    Current Team:
    Scorbunny Lv15
    Rookidee Lv15
    Skwovet Lv11
    Wooloo Lv11
    Wingull Lv10
    Bunnelby Lv10