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[Pokémon] Pokemon: The Journey of Janice

Allen Ceedos

The Old School PokeFan
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    Hello hello, how have you been? I've got an important update for you, some good news for once :) please head up to the first post of this thread and have a look (and listen). Take care!

    Allen Ceedos

    The Old School PokeFan
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    Hello everyone, how are you doing? How have you been? I hope you are fine wherever you may be or whenever you'll see this post. Chapter 5 is coming out this week. Got busy with the walkthrough for Pokemon Unbound and then my latest guide for Pokemon Crystal Clear. If you are interested in that walkthrough or any of my other walkthroughs then message me for the link.

    For today I wanted to share with you some chapter notes, the Places of Interest for Janice's next destination Graham City (just a little tiny tease for Chapter 5) and if you head back up to the first post for this thread you will now find a Features List for a Journey of Janice game. It is not the final list, I am likely to change or add features as time goes on. These are just features that I hope could be in a game version, which is why if any of you who are seeing this are ROMhackers or if you know people who are ROMhackers, please take a look at the list and leave your feedback. Let me know which features are not possible in a ROMhack and then if you can, offer alternatives to those features. I have zero experience in ROMhacking (or fangame creation) and this is why I wanted to work with a team because I have no problem with leaving the technical side for the game in the hands of people who know what they are doing. My job would be to work on the story of the game, the characters and building the world that the game would be set in.

    Chapter Notes (related to Chapters 3 & 4)

    00 Theme Music (featured in Chapter 4)
    - Intro theme for Chapters - Hoenn Victory Road
    - Battle! (Wild Pokemon) theme [Kanto] (theme for training session)
    - Encounter (Lass) theme [Hoenn] (theme for Lass Carla)
    - Trainer Battle theme [Hoenn] (theme for Janice vs Carla)
    - Oldale Town theme [Hoenn] (Ashywn Meadows & Farmlands theme)
    - Battle! (Wild Pokemon) theme [Kanto] (theme for Nidoran fight)
    - Battle! (Wild Pokemon) Night theme [Johto] (theme for Oddish fight)
    - Pokemon Printer theme [Gen 3] (Trainer Levels Up)
    - Obtain Item theme #1 [Gen 3] (theme for New Moves Learned)
    - Routes 1 & 2 theme [FR/LG] (theme for road to Graham City)

    01 Trainer Levels
    - I liked the idea of Trainers being able to see the Levels of other Trainers and determine the Levels of those Trainers' Pokemon, so I came up with a way for Levels to be indicated without the use of a special device or Key Item. The "ability" to see Trainer Levels activates once a person becomes a Trainer (after receiving or catching their very first Pokemon they are then recognised as a Pokemon Trainer).
    - I also liked the idea of a Pokemon instantly levelling up when it is caught and added to a Trainer's party if that Pokemon is of a lower Level. In a game version, players would receive EXP for catching Pokemon but in the story version Trainers only receive that EXP after successfully catching Pokemon that are higher in Level than the Trainer.
    - In the original version of the story, Janice became aware of Trainer Levels in Chapter 2 but would find out the details about them in Chapter 9. But in this version she was made aware of Trainer Levels by Fisherman Oscar after he told her about noticing that she was a beginner Trainer. I thought it was a cool moment when Janice realised that she couldn't see Oscar's Level and after askng him why his Level wasn't visible he explains that it is visible but Janice is just too low-levelled to see it. So what Level is Fisherman Oscar at...?

    02 Swapping Krabby for Shellder
    - Those of you who read the first rework of the story should remember that after catching Magikarp Janice fished out a Krabby and added it to her party as well. In this version she caught a Shellder instead, this is because I thought there had been enough of Krabby by the time the chapter was coming to an end (Janice encountered a Krabby during training and then faced another one in the battle against Swimmer David) so Janice should capture a different Pokemon. I did enjoy including Krabby in the previous version, it did well in battle and it was going to be Magikarp's training partner after Magikarp learned Tackle and would start participating alongside its teammates. But I'm happy with Shellder in the current version and I am looking forward to seeing how it does as the story progresses.
    - I even considered the idea of turning Pearls into signature Hold Items for Shellder and Clamperl: a Pearl would increase the power of Shellder or Clamperl's Water-type moves by 30%. Janice's Shellder would've had one and Janice was going to hold onto it until she learns more about Hold Items. The idea hasn't disappeared, there is still a chance of Pearls being part of the story because I plan on adding Hold Items into it.

    03 Janice receiving her first TM from Marvin
    - In the original version and in the first rework, Marvin thanks Janice for taking care of the Ace Trainer trio by giving her one of his old TMs, Water Pulse. This is an event more suited for a game version and after thinking back to that, I felt it was way too early to introduce TMs into the story version. So I decided to change the event to Marvin rewarding her with free drinks that she could take along with her, which can serve as refreshments for her and as health restoring items for her Pokemon.

    04 Route 2 training scene and Lass Carla
    - This first part of Chapter 4 was new material. The original Chapter 4 started from Janice reaching the end of Route 2 and climbing up a hill in the Ashywn Meadows to see the Farmlands and way in the distance Graham City. I came up with Part 1 to not only follow up from how Chapter 3 ended (Janice leaving the Soda Shop to train on the new route) but to feature Lass Carla, a helpful side character who was going to teach Janice about STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus).
    - Unfortunately I bungled that, because Carla didn't have the chat with Janice about STAB after their match and the loss for Janice wasn't portrayed as a much bigger deal given that it was her very first Trainer Battle loss. I'm sorry about that. Carla would've explained to Janice why she lost and point out that she made the mistake of sending out Chikorita when she should've sent out Pokemon that would benefit from STAB - Pidgey (Tackle, Gust) or Shellder (Water Gun). Rattata won because it was faster than Chikorita and also had the advantage of STAB which Chikorita did not. A major lesson for Janice to learn from.

    "The Evergreen City"

    Places of Interest
    - Pokemon Center
    - Graha-Mart
    - Ferris Park
    - Pokemon Gym
    - Pokemon Research Society (Graham City Branch)
    - Graham Heights
    - Graham Flower Shop
    - Move Tutor's House
    - Harold's House

    The original theme song which I had chosen for Ferris Park was Lillie's Encounter Theme from Pokemon Sun/Moon. Have a listen to it if you got the soundtrack or hear it on Youtube. At the time I thought it really fits with my image of the place but I found a more appropriate theme :) you'll hear it in Chapter 5 so please look forward to it. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to stick with this story, whether you've been here since the very beginning or you came onboard when the audio reboot started, I appreciate you for that. All the best for the week ahead, take care!
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    Allen Ceedos

    The Old School PokeFan
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    Hi there, Chapter 05 The Green Badge (Part 1) is now available in the Internet Archive, the link is in the first post of this thread. I had to pause recording here and there so the audio is clunky at times. The chapter is split into two audio files A & B and then the Chapter Notes will be found here after you've heard the audio. Thanks for keeping up with story, cheers for now.

    Chapter 05 Notes

    Theme Music
    - Intro theme for Chapters - Hoenn Victory Road
    - PokeMart theme [Fochun Region, Pokemon Clover] (Petra Gate theme)
    - Pewter City, Viridian City, Saffron City [Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green] (Graham City theme)
    - Pewter City, Viridian City, Saffron City [Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver] (Ferris Park theme)
    - Veepier Town [Pokemon Clover] (Graham City Pokemon Researh Society)
    - Lyra Encounter theme [Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver] (Gina Encounter theme)
    - Route 113 theme [Hoenn] (Rollins Forest theme)
    - Battle! (Wild Pokemon) theme [Kanto] (theme for training session)
    - Evolution [Gen 1] (Kakuna evolution)
    - Item Obtained (Version 1) [Gen 3] (new moves learned)
    - Pokemon Printer [Gen 3] (Trainers Level Up)
    - Obtained a TM [Gen 3] (Ending theme for Chapters)

    00 Junior Nurses and Mart Staff
    - These would be found in some of the Petra region's Gates and are suited more for the game version of JoJ. Junior Nurses and their Happiny would be seen in the first few Gates of the game, they can only heal 2 Pokemon at a time. Halfway through the game players start to encounter Assistant Nurses and their Chansey on some routes (they can heal half a team at a time). Later on in the game there would be fully qualified Nurses with Blissey, they are also found outside on some routes ahead.
    - Each day a Mart employee found in a Gate will give away one item that is on sale at the nearest Mart as a free sample.

    01 Graham City
    - Inspired by Viridian City but with more to offer as far as Places of Interest go and is a city which prides itself in maintaining a clean, environmentally-friendly image. This is why many Pokemon, particularly Grass-types, are found here and they help to beautify the city by looking after its trees, flowers and other vegetation.

    02 Ferris Park
    - Inspired by Central Park in America but is on a much, much smaller scale. I wanted a place which goes along with Graham City's green image while being a popular hangout spot for all ages.
    - In the audio I made the mistake of saying the food court is in the northeast section of the park, sorry about that, it is in the northwest section.
    - Each Gym in the Petra region will have its own unique setting and design, which is why I thought it would be fitting to make Ferris Park the place for Graham City's Gym. The hedge Pokemon found in the park square surrounding the fountain are the big clue to the Pokemon type that the Gym specialises in and who else would be shaping those hedge Pokemon but the Gym Leader himself Harold. His character design is based on the Gardener Trainers from Pokemon X/Y.
    - In the game version when players first arrive in Ferris Park they will find it occupied by a number of people who are there to spend some of their free time. After players find and speak to Harold about challenging the Gym, the Ferris Park theme fades out and is replaced by the Gym theme as Harold tells them that he's almost done with his work so in the meantime players should explore the park and defeat all the Gym Trainers who have blended in with the park regulars.

    03 Pokemon Research Society
    - Initially I had Professor William Willow in mind as the Pokemon Professor for the Petra region, but then the idea of a group of Pokemon Professors who cover different fields of research came up and I went with it. Each major city in Petra has their own branch of the PRS, which is led by one of these Professors. In the game version of JoJ the PRS would offer daily side missions and activities for players to do and be rewarded with items or money or maybe even special Pokemon.

    04 Junior Researcher Trevor
    - At its core Journey of Janice is a story about young people, Pokemon and adventure. Many of the characters that Janice will meet on her journey are around her own age or slightly younger/older, each on their own paths and with their own situations they must deal with. Trevor is a character I came up with to be an example of this. He is starting out just like Janice and her friends but unlike them he aims to become a Pokemon Professor someday rather than what many regular Pokemon Trainers aspire to be - Pokemon Champions, legendary Pokemon Masters etc.
    - He isn't meant to be a comic relief character but when I pictured what he would be dressed like, Trevor wears the signature white lab coat of Pokemon Professors, Scientists, Researchers etc over his regular teenage clothes and sure, it might make him look a little ridiculous (lab coat + T-shirt + cargo pants + sandals), but it fits perfectly with the image of his Junior Researcher role. I guess emphasis falls on the word Junior :)

    05 Rollins Forest
    - It may not a green maze like Viridian Forest or a heavily shaded forest like Ilex in Johto, but Rollins Forest still attracts locals and travellers alike as a place where they can not only find, catch or study a variety of Pokemon but as a place they can spend an afternoon walking through or by the forest's lake. Some areas of the forest are blocked off by skinny trees that can be Cut down.

    06 Bug Expert and Female Bug Catcher
    - These are new Trainer classes found in the Petra region. Bug Experts are the next stage of Bug Catchers who don't end up becoming Bug Maniacs. There are female Bug Experts too, those of you who read the first rework of JoJ should remember Bug Expert Violet.
    - I considered featuring Encounter themes for Mary and Morrison but I don't have themes which fit right so I left them out. The 2 themes which came close to being included are the "Encounter Lass" theme from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and the "Encounter Boy" theme from Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green. If they are on Youtube or if you have the soundtracks feel free to listen to them and let me know what you think.
    - Mary in this version of JoJ is the same Mary from the previous versions but with an extra role (teaching Headbutt to Trainers). In the game version she would give players the TM if they meet her before or after challenging the Graham Gym.

    - After taking on those Beedrill, Janice and her team have moved up to Level 10. I was rushing through that last part of the chapter and forgot to include that.

    - If you paid close attention to the part where Beedrill's cry is heard, you will have heard an extra bit of audio right after it of someone saying "Spear". The audio I use for Kanto Pokemon cries comes from the Pokemon Red & Green Super Music Collection album, maybe you have this too. Each cry is followed by someone who gives the Japanese name and description of that Pokemon. I don't know if that person is Junichi Masuda, who composed the music for Red and Green, but I forgot to hit the stop button for a moment and well, you got Beedrill's Japanese name as bonus audio :)
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    Wow Awesome Story . I am waiting for it to be a game . Do you want it in GBA or Essentials . I can help you out in Essentials .

    Allen Ceedos

    The Old School PokeFan
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    Wow Awesome Story . I am waiting for it to be a game . Do you want it in GBA or Essentials . I can help you out in Essentials .

    Hi again Preo! I didn't receive the notification about your comment, am not sure why that happens. Thank you for checking out the story and for wanting to help with the game. Since you're on Discord I will get back to you over there about it.

    Allen Ceedos

    The Old School PokeFan
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    Hello hello, how are you? It's been a minute, eh? Maybe an hour at best, but still too long. I hope you've been doing well, I just wanted to let you know that Chapter 6 will be out next week after this extended Easter weekend. Sorry for the super delay, I had 3 major walkthroughs which needed to get done first and also the wet summer weather here has kept me from finding a good day to record the audio. But summer is on its way out and autumn is on the way in around here so I expect the weather to behave until winter rolls in. Thank you once again to those of you who have given this story a try, there are many stories available in the Fan Fiction section that you can dive into so that's why to me Journey of Janice remains to be that little extra series which you can go for after you've caught up in your regular reads or if you're just looking for something really light, quirky and easy to follow. I get caught up in trying to make it perfect because I believe I at least owe you that much, but at the same time I must remember to have fun while telling this story, that's what matters the most. Anyway, that's all for now, enjoy your weekend and please look forward to Chapter 6! Take care.

    Allen Ceedos

    The Old School PokeFan
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    Hello, sorry for the delay. I had to record again after discovering a "scratch" in the first audio. Chapter 6 The Green Badge (Part 2) is now available, please use the Internet Archive link found in the first post of this thread to listen to it plus the previous chapters if you are new to this thread (welcome!). Also available is an audio file titled JoJ Sounds, this features a few themes that I've either already chosen or am considering to be themes for routes, towns, cities and so on for the Petra region. In an ideal situation I would've left the composing of the JoJ original soundtrack in the hands of people who have experience in composing Pokemon themes for ROM hacks or fan games but I don't have a team working alongside me so I'm going with existing themes that fit. After you're done with the audio, return here for the chapter notes and to leave any feedback if you have any. Thank you, take care and enjoy!

    Chapter 06 Notes

    00 Theme Music
    - Intro theme for Chapters - Hoenn Victory Road
    - Route 113 theme [Hoenn] (Rollins Forest theme)
    - Pokemon Printer [Gen 3] (Trainers Level Up)
    - Item Obtained (Version 1) [Gen 3] (new moves learned)
    - A Rival Appears [Gen 1] (Ryan's ringtone)
    - Route 201 (Day theme) [Sinnoh] (Petra Route 4 theme)
    - PokeGear Radio ~Variety Channel~ [HG/SS] (Petra Day Care theme)
    - Route 11 theme [FR/LG] (Petra Route 5 Sea theme)
    - Pokemon Center theme [Hoenn] (Route 6 Nurse Station theme)
    - Veepier Town [Pokemon Clover] (Graham City Pokemon Researh Society)
    - Pewter City, Viridian City, Saffron City [FR/LG] (Graham City theme)
    - Pewter City, Viridian City, Saffron City [HG/SS] (Ferris Park theme)
    - Gen 3 Gym theme
    - Battle! [FR/LG Gym Battle theme]
    - Gen 3 Gym Victory theme
    - Tense Battle! theme [FR/LG] (Murkrow flees!)
    - Obtained a TM [Gen 3] (Ending theme for Chapters)

    Journey of Janice Sounds 01
    - Pokémon Clover OST - Remote Island
    - Sealed Chamber (Hoenn)
    - Oreburgh Gate (Sinnoh)
    - Oreburgh Mine (Sinnoh)
    - Pokémon Unbound OST - Grim Woods
    - Dewford Town (Hoenn)

    Usually when I do the final bit of editing which involves adding in the themes and Pokemon cries to the recording, I use 2 virtual turntables. One deck has the recording playing while the second deck is for swapping between themes and cries. The problem with doing this is that it leads to multiple editing sessions (e.g. first session would be recording + themes, second session would then be where I add in cries or other themes, etc) so for this chapter I experimented with 4 virtual turntables and I'm happy to say that things worked out just fine, no multiple editing sessions.

    01 Phone my Friends
    - If people existing in the Pokemon universe had ringtones for their cellphones, what would they sound like? Well, I thought why not themes from earlier generations? Just know that Ryan's theme will not be Blue's theme, I've already chosen a theme for him and if you've guessed what that theme is, congratulations. I liked this portion of the chapter, it gave us a chance to hear from the other member's of Janice's crew and find out how things are going so far for them. Plus we got a little preview of other places beyond Rollins Forest. Feel free to guess what the Route 6 theme could be, Kelvin gave us a brief description of what the route looks like so if any themes come to mind I would be happy to hear what you come up with.

    02 Battle Style
    - The style featured in this chapter is a tweaked version of the turn-based style from the first rework of Journey of Janice. What I like about this style over the "real time action" style from previous chapters is that it allows me to break the battle down into mini stories from turn to turn. I definitely have to polish up on my play-by-play skills :) listening to wrestling podcasts which break down matches almost move by move, spot by spot, could help. Hmm.

    03 Zigzagoon's Pickup Ability
    - I'm not sure about Gen 8 mechanics, but as far as I am aware Pickup doesn't allow for Zigzagoon to share items that it collects in Double Battles with its battle partner...so I decided to make that possible in the story, because it made sense to me. I also liked the idea of an item being returned to Zigzagoon if the battle partner faints without having used the item. However, Pickup will not be triggered after Zigzagoon uses item. As a brief side note, the little animated graphic of Paras that Gina's PokeDex shows her is in Gen 3 graphics by the way.

    04 Leech Seed on Grass-types
    - In the anime there have been battles where Leech Seed was used on Grass-type Pokemon, but in the main games I'm pretty sure it has no effect on Grass-types...right? Feel free to confirm this if you know for sure. For the story I went with the "anime approach" in which the move can be used against Grass-types and so we got a nice little twist in the battle that saw Pidgey shine with one of her newest moves. I won't go with this approach for all moves and battles, just at times when I think it would work. Even after all these years I still raise my eyebrow at how the Gym battle between Ash and Brock ended, do you remember the sprinkler system being triggered? Yeah, there will be none of that here...if I can help it :)

    Allen Ceedos

    The Old School PokeFan
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    Hello hello, how have you been? All is well on your side of the universe? Hopefully so, I'm back here alive and well AND I've got Chapter 07 The Green Badge (Part 3) finally available for you to dive into! Yes, FINALLY, because a lot has been going on in my section of the universe since the previous chapter was released. Got really sick and was out of action for several weeks, we almost had to move, etc real world stuff like that and that kept me from finding the right time (or energy, motivation and so on) to finish working on this chapter. But I did finish the work and all that was left was getting the recording done. That happened this morning and it is why when you listen to the audio you'll find out that I almost sprinted through it (forgot to intro the chapter even, I just jumped straight into the action!). Usually I tell the story while checking my notes to make sure I hit the key points for the chapter but for this chapter I only consulted the notes for parts such as the PokeDex entries. The rest was pretty much the chapter plot as I could recall it from memory, that's why the pace was swifter than normal. Also in the audio, you'll notice sound effects of battle moves were used too. I thought of testing this out just to see how those effects would do and except for the effects used for Psychic, they weren't too shabby. A special thanks to the fangame Pokemon Alexandrite, the sound effects are from there. Let me know what you think, should I continue to add in sound effects for battle moves or should I just stick to themes and Pokemon cries?

    One last thing before you check out the audio: starting from Chapter 8 the text version of Journey of Janice will be coming out, with the audio version following as soon as it is ready. Initially I had planned for Chapter 10 to be the point where the text version comes along but I've realised that the story isn't moving forward because of delays that come with putting the audio version together (or if other matters get in the way). So my hope is that the text version will push the story forward and minimise the pressure of getting the audio version done and out.

    Okay, with all that out of the way please enjoy the audio. Use the Internet Archive link which is in the first post for this thread and then be sure to come back for the Chapter Notes. Thank you and take care!

    Chapter 07 Notes

    00 Theme Music
    - Intro theme for Chapters - Hoenn Victory Road
    - Wild Pokemon Battle! [FR/LG] (Chasing After Murkrow)
    - Route 113 theme [Hoenn] (Rollins Forest theme)
    - Petalburg Forest theme [Hoenn] (Rollins Forest West theme)
    - The Final Road theme [Kanto Victory Road] (Versus Harold theme)
    - Pewter City/Viridian City/Saffron City [FR/LG] (Graham City theme)
    - Badge Obtained [FR/LG] (Janice & Gina get their Green Badges)
    - Obtained a TM [Gen 3] (Ending theme for Chapters)

    Journey of Janice Sounds 02
    - Battle Dome (Hoenn)
    - Road to Cerulean City (Leaving Mt. Moon) [Kanto Route 3]
    - 4 & 5 Islands (Sevii Islands & Azalea Town)
    - Rustboro City/Mauville City/Mossdeep City [Hoenn]
    - Eterna City (Day) [Sinnoh]
    - How About a Song? (Jubilife City) [Sinnoh]

    01 Rollins Forest West
    - This is meant to be an extra area for Trainers to explore after earning the Green Badge, which grants them the ability to use Field Moves that can clear away natural obstacles like the Cut-clearing small trees.
    - More Pokemon are found here, such as Murkrow at night, and they are between Levels 12 and 15.

    02 Field Moves
    - This idea came about while I was putting this chapter and it turned out to be much better than having a tweaked version of the HM mechanic which I had initially wanted for the game version. The "FM" mechanic allows Pokemon to use substitute moves in place of HM moves when needed e.g. Chikorita using Razor Leaf to clear away the vegetation in place of Cut. However, Trainers would need to have the Green Badge first. In the game version things would be much simpler, Pokemon can clear away the vegetation even if they don't know any "cutting" or "slashing" moves, so long as players have the Green Badge.

    03 Trainer Class: Looter
    - The antagonist for this chapter would be classified as a Looter (I actually identified him as this near the end of the chapter when Exeggutor was about to Teleport to Indigo Island), a class of Trainers that dress up in the "standard" Trainer outfit - baseball cap, T-shirt, jeans and running shoes - but their clothes are not clean, indicating that they spend more time outdoors than indoors searching for Pokemon and useful items, especially hidden ones.
    - Looters only use Pokemon that have Dark and/or Poison in their typing. These types can be associated with being underhanded, not playing/battling fairly, being devious etc which fits the Looter class of Trainers. Their Pokemon would usually have their Hidden Abilities and are holding Items that will give them an edge in battle.

    04The Unwinnable Battle Theme
    - A regular Trainer Battle theme wouldn't have worked for Harold vs the Looter, because this wasn't a regular Trainer Battle - this was what people in some fandom circles would call a squash match. No back and forth, no 50/50, just one side dominating over the other and that is all. The one theme which popped up in my head when I was working on this battle was the Kanto Victory Road theme. Not an actual Battle Theme of course but it does have the air of "Major Boss" to it and actually fit the battle.

    05 Accessory Item Slots
    - Those of you who are old enough might remember early JRPGs which had Accessory slots for playable characters, there would be at least two slots. Held Items in the Pokemon world can count as a form of Accessories but only one can be held at a time...so imagine if an extra slot was there. Think of the possibilities! I don't know if that will happen in the Pokemon games, even now when we're a couple of months away from the 9th Generation, but the good news is it's definitely possible in the JoJ corner of the ever-expanding Pokemon world :) it's a new idea that I was looking forward to trying out for the story in this chapter and I think it can work if given more brainstorming time. So far these are the limits which I've set for having two Item Slots:

    > Pokemon can hold two copies of the same Item but only the effect of one Item will register.
    > Items like Mega Stones and Z Crystals will take up both Item Slots when one such Item is held. This is to prevent people from getting carried away e.g. by giving their Pokemon a Mega Stone in one Slot and items like Expert Belts, Life Orbs etc in the second Slot. Or how about Mega Stone x Z Crystal? World-ending power right there.

    - Also showing Held Items as actual Accessories e.g. Sneasel wearing the Muscle Band is also something new for the story. A while ago I considered the idea of having Trainers use Held Items like power ups for their Pokemon in battles, here's an example: Trainer X has a Grass-type in battle. Trainer X holds up a Miracle Seed, it activates and then floats in the air just above Trainer X's side of the battlefield, powering up Grass-type moves of Trainer X's Pokemon while they are present on the battlefield. Once the Pokemon is taken out of battle, the Miracle Seed deactivates, falls back into the Trainer's hand and cannot be used again in the same battle. This idea is on the shelf now that there's the Double Item Slots idea.

    06 Gym Badges & Unreadable Levels
    - Trainers winning Prize Money after being victorious in Trainer Battles is something I wanted to add to the story but I hadn't come up with the right method of how the money would be received until work on this chapter got started. Linking the concept of Prize Money to Gym Badges was the first step, something the girls found out about from the Looter. As for how the money is received, you'll find out soon enough :)
    - In JoJ, the "Level" of a PokeDex is the same as its owner's Level and this is why Janice and Gina's PokeDexes could not identify the Level of Harold's non-Gym Pokemon. Adding to this was the failure of the Looter in seeing Harold's Level beyond 28, to show us that Trainers can only view the Levels of other Trainers up until 10 Levels ahead. In the previous version of JoJ, that range was up to 9 Levels ahead and this was revealed to Janice in Chapter 9.
    - If Harold's Level "power-up" reminded you of battle manga/anime series such as Dragon Ball then excellent, because that's the image I had in mind for this part. Show the Level of his Gym Team at first (12) and then the man says he's brought along his actual Team and that 12 jumps up to a 13, then 14, 15, 16, 17 and onwards. Try and put yourself in the Looter's shoes as he sees those numbers climb up way past Level 18. Who is this Harold guy anyway? How many Pokemon are on his actual team? Will we ever find out what his true Level is?? Very good questions.

    07 Indigo Island
    - A nice little nod to the Indigo Plateau, location of the Kanto Pokemon League. Janice and Gina are still a very long way off from worrying about what goes down on Indigo Island, but I thought it was a nice finish for the chapter to give the audience that bit of information and expand the Petra region a tiny bit.
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    Allen Ceedos

    The Old School PokeFan
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    Save File Found.

    Pokémon Trainer: Janice
    Level: 12
    Gym Badges:
    - Green Badge (Graham City)
    - Pidgey [Normal/Flying] {Keen Eye}
    - Chikorita [Grass] {Overgrow}
    - Magikarp [Water] {Swift Swim}
    - Shellder [Water] {Shell Armor}
    - Nidoran-M [Poison] {Poison Point}
    - Nidoran-F [Poison] {Rivalry}

    Previous Save Location: Graham City Pokémon Center

    Loading Save File Data...


    It is cool and busy inside the Graham City Pokémon Center on this late afternoon when Janice, Gina and their Pokémon arrive. They are on the Ground Floor of the Pokémon Center, which is designated for Pokémon medical care and treatment, and so the girls find a number of Trainers and their Pokémon either being attended to by a Nurse or a Doctor, or waiting to be attended to. A few of those waiting Trainers turn to the entrance to see who has come in and when they don't recognise the girls, they return to minding their business. Janice has a moment to look around the room and take in the atmosphere of the place: she hasn't been inside any other Pokémon Center except for the one in her hometown. The times when she went there were during regular school trips with her classmates. They would get to meet the members of staff who ran the Pokémon Center, learn about what they do and be shown some of the machines and equipment that are used to treat Pokémon. Although the trips were interesting and educational, at the time the students didn't think too much of them because the trips were just part of the school experience. Something they did every now again each year. But now things were different. Janice is no longer a student and this isn't one of those class trips. She's a Pokémon Trainer now and as she looks around, she comes to realise that visiting Pokémon Centers will become something she has to get used to doing.

    The Ground Floor is a spacious room, dotted by areas where people can sit. Either on chairs around a table topped by bouquets of flowers in vases or on soft floor cushions that are arranged in small circles. Facing the entrance is the main counter, represented by a semi-circular countertop behind which stands the Healing Machine and a current generation desktop computer on a sturdy table. The computer matches the ones that are lined up in a row along the wall in the northeast corner of the room. Also in that northeast section is a pair of swinging doors that lead to Operation Rooms, an Equipment Room and the Emergency Ward. On the northwest side is a pair of escalators connecting the Ground Floor with the First Floor. On the surface the room smells like one would expect a Pokémon Center to smell - medical, chemical and clean - but the Graham branch includes a few extra smells just beneath the surface - fresh and fragrant.

    "See anyone who looks like they could be from the Pokémon League?" Gina asks as she checks the room out. Janice's gaze quickly moves from one person to another but all she sees are Trainers and members of the staff.

    "No," she says, "nobody who looks like a 'Wesley' either." Gina snickers.

    "Maybe one of the Pokémon is named Wesley, that would be hilarious."

    "Don't be silly," replies Janice, tempted to laugh as well as the possibility crosses her mind. What would Wesley the Pokémon League Official think if it turns out he shares his name with one of the Pokémon there? As this goes through her head Janice feels her left shoulder grow a little heavier, she turns and sees Pidgey nodding off. After the active day that the Tiny Bird Pokémon has had - from training for the Gym Battle to taking part in the Gym Battle and then chasing Murkrow afterwards - it's no surprise that she is tired. Janice smiles as she watches her friend trying (and failing) to stay awake, then she gently opens her Bag and retrieves Pidgey's Pokéball. Pidgey sees it and gives Janice a sleepy but appreciative chirp before entering the comfortable space inside the small pocket sphere.

    The girls begin making their way to the main counter, with Chikorita and Mudkip right behind them looking around and catching the eyes of other Pokémon. Most of them are local, Chikorita notices, then the rest are Pokémon she hasn't seen around these parts. Their levels vary too, ranging from just under 10 to just over 20. It is the stronger Pokémon that only give the two Starters a passing glance, not viewing them as either interesting or as any kind of threat, while those that are closer to Level 12 can spare more than a passing glance because they are curious about the new Pokémon that have just arrived. A few are even friendly enough to greet them as the group passes, which surprises their Trainers. At the main counter the girls find that another Trainer is there, passing four Pokéballs over the counter to a Blissey while a Nurse checks the Healing Machine to make sure it has been configured properly. She sees Janice and Gina then looks back at the machine as she raises a hand in their direction and says, "Please just wait a few seconds, we'll be done healing this Trainer's Pokémon then we'll attend to yours."

    "Oh, that's okay," Janice replies with an assuring smile, "actually we just wanted to ask about an Official from the Pokémon League that we are supposed to meet here named Wesley. Have you seen him?" The Nurse nods knowingly.

    "Next floor," she says and watches Blissey placing each Pokéball on a circular sensor pad on the smooth flat top of the machine. "He'll be in the Meeting Room, that's the third room from the escalators."

    "Thank you," says Janice and the girls head for the escalators. The Starter Pokémon step on the rising stairway after watching their Trainers do that, not being sure at first, and once they're on the escalator they are amazed to see the ground falling behind as they ascend. Without wings or a special technique or move, while at the same time they are certain that they are still standing. The girls find this rather cute, watching their Pokémon experience being on an escalator for the very first time. It's a short ride to the First Floor though and before they know it, Chikorita and Mudkip are off the moving "ground" and back on solid ground.

    In some other regions the upper floor of the Pokémon Center is one big area known as the Union Room and offers a variety of services to Trainers. The upper floor of the Petra region's Pokémon Centers however has several rooms instead, including the Union Room: lavatories, a Meeting Room for staff meetings, a kitchen, bathrooms and rooms for Trainers who would like to spend the night over or just need to rest. The girls walk past the first two rooms, the lavatories, before stopping outside the open door of the Meeting Room and taking a peek inside: a rectangular room with a square-tiled floor, plain walls except for the wall on the left side that has four open windows letting in the late afternoon sun and the sounds of the late afternoon streets. Seated at the nearest corner of a polished, boardroom-sized table is a smartly-dressed man reading a newspaper. He's in his late 30s, with a face as clean as his midnight blue suit and a haircut as youthful he looks. The matching blazer of his suit hangs over the back of his chair - on the front pocket of the blazer is the logo of the Petra Pokémon League: a granite-grey Pokéball at the center of four coloured circles - fiery red on the right, vibrant green below, ocean blue on the left and lightning yellow on top. Gina lightly knocks on the door to get the man's attention, he looks up from the page he has been reading and eyes the two visitors with some curiosity.

    "Mr Wesley...?" Gina asks.

    "Yes," Wesley answers cheerfully, a welcoming smile forms on his face, "that's me. Who might you be?" Glad to hear that confirmation, the girls take a few steps into the Meeting Room, followed by Chikorita and Mudkip, as Wesley watches this little group arrive and he starts to wonder what this is all about.

    "Hi," says Gina once they're closer to the table, "Harold said we should meet you since we've just won his Gym Badge. I'm Gina." She extends a hand to Wesley. His eyes brighten as he understands why the girls are here, he folds the newspaper closed and shakes Gina's hand.

    "A pleasure to meet you Gina," says Wesley, then turns to receive her friend's hand. "I'm Janice," she says as she shakes his hand.

    "A pleasure to meet you as well Janice. Please." Wesley then gestures for the girls to take the chairs across from him. They take the two chairs and move them so they can sit by the edge of the table next to Wesley. Chikorita and Mudkip settle down at their Trainers' feet.

    "Alright," says Wesley once the girls are seated, "first off, on behalf of the Petra Pokémon League, congratulations on winning your very first Gym Badges. How was the battle? Did you come prepared and sweep through Harold's Pokémon or you had a bit of a tough time?" Janice turns to Gina with a knowing smile, one that Gina gives right back as the girls remember the plan they had come up with on the way back Ferris Park, believing that they were ready for Harold, and then having their plan go right out the window from the moment Sunny Day's power came into play.

    "We thought we were prepared," Janice says, turning to face Wesley, "we had trained and everything, and had chosen which Pokémon we would be using in the battle...but Harold threw us a curve ball. We did not sweep through that battle." Gina shakes her head in agreement.

    "It was a rough match, even when we had Pokémon that have some advantage," Gina says and she remembers how eager she had been to show off Paras. Things didn't played out as she had hoped. Wesley nods and says, "A number of new Trainers tend to go into a Gym expecting to have an easy time by bringing with them a team of Pokémon that are stronger than the type specific to the Gym, only to get a rude awakening when they face Gym Pokémon that have covered enough bases to allow them to take on challengers that have an advantage." He looks from one girl to the other with an expression of some relief and says, "Unlike those Trainers, you two came out on top and hopefully learned something from that first Gym battle - something which you can take with you as you go forward. One Gym down, seven more to go."

    Seven more to go, Janice hears a voice in her mind repeat Wesley's words. Her own voice and the words sink in much deeper than when she heard Wesley say them because now it's as if she has confirmed to herself that this is the reality. During her time in school Janice had looked forward to venturing out into the world of Pokémon and experiencing the life of a Trainer (what she thought was the life of a Trainer - travelling from place to place, encountering various Pokémon, battling them, catching them, meeting other Trainers and facing them alongside the Pokémon that she has caught and so on) and yet she hadn't spent a lot of time thinking about one major activity that has been associated with Trainers - challenging Gyms in order to earn Badges. And this is despite the fact that Janice's own older sister Janet has been leading their hometown's Gym for a couple of years now. In the early days of Janet becoming a Gym Leader, Janice and the twins were curious to know what went on at the Gym - they weren't allowed there if they are not a challenger or without permission from Janet, which she wouldn't give them because she thought they would disturb her while she was working. However, Janet still shared stories about the kinds of Trainers who would arrive to face her and the teams of Pokémon that they had and their various styles of battling and so on. As time passed Janice got used to Janet as a Gym Leader and seeing it as a just regular job that Big Sis' does. Wesley's words however, in Janice's inner voice, have made Janice fully aware of what lies ahead of her: there are more seven Gyms that she will have to challenge, and Big Sis' Janet is one of those seven.

    "Right, now let's get to why you're here," Wesley says eagerly, before looking down to his right and he pulls something up to place on the table top: a sandy brown, neat leather briefcase. He runs his thumbs over the combination rollers on either side of the handle, a few seconds later the latches pop up and Wesley opens the briefcase. On its cover is the same logo as the one on his blazer's front pocket. Gina has a little smile as she looks at the briefcase, she hasn't seen of these in many years. Her father had one when Gina was little, she would see him all dressed up and looking smart before picking up his briefcase and leaving the house for work every morning. He never forgot it, never left it behind and sometimes he would let his daughter try to unlock it. No matter how many times Gina ran her little fingers over the combination rollers she wouldn't get it right and in the end she either sulked or gave up with a huff, while her father watched and chuckled.

    Wesley looks into one of the briefcase's top compartment inner pockets and draws from the pocket two items that he then places on the table top next to the briefcase, which he closes and moves to the side as Janice and Gina look at the two items: a pair of cards that are about the same size and of similar rectangular shape to a standard credit or debit card.

    "These," he says as he takes the cards off the table and offers them to the girls, "are your Trainer Cards. They are issued to Trainers after they receive the first Gym Badge in the Petra region." Janice takes the card that's in Wesley's left hand, Gina takes the other and they have a closer look: the cards are slightly thicker and wider than a credit/debit card but just as smooth to the touch. The back of each card is white in colour with the Petra League logo at the center and the grey-coloured front has the capitalised words TRAINER CARD in a unique black font in the top left corner. Just below the words are the letters I.D. followed by 5 numbers, same unique font and colour as TRAINER CARD. Beneath the letters and numbers are 8 spaces, 4 above 4, each space having an odd shape. The shape of the top left space is familiar...

    "Bring out your Gym Badges and your Pokédexes," Wesley says. The girls retrieve the Badges and Pokédexes then upon seeing them Wesley continues. "Those 8 spaces on the front of the cards are for the Gym Badges. In other regions you would've been given a Badge Case alongside the basic Trainer equipment, but here in the Petra region we have the IvanTech company to thank for developing electronic Trainer Cards that can not only hold the Gym Badges but register them and relay the information to a Trainer's Pokédex and to the League too. Attach your Badges to your cards." Janice holds up the Green Badge to trace its leaf shape and then she matches it with the top left space; the Badge fits into it like a little refrigerator magnet and for a second its outline lights up.

    "The cards have registered the Badges, so now you must link the cards to your Pokédexes," Wesley says. "To do that, simply face the back of the card to the Pokédex screen." Gina raises an eyebrow at Wesley.

    "Not the front of the card where the ID number is?" she asks him. Wesley shakes his head with a smile and he reaches across the table to tap on the back of Gina's card with his index finger and says, "The electronic chip inside Trainer Cards is just under the League logo, that's what the Pokédex has to scan." Satisfied, Gina gives a brief nod and follows Wesley's instruction. Both hers and Janice's Pokédex screens switch on after detecting the Trainer Card chips and it takes the devices a few seconds to read the information before giving out a chime-like *ping* and the electronic voice of the Pokédex speaks as the words of what it says are displayed on the screen:

    "A Trainer Card has been linked, belonging to Trainer ID number" (each Pokédex then says their owner's Trainer Card ID number) "Gym Badges currently registered: the Green Badge, issued from the Graham City Gym."

    "Oh wow," says Janice in amazement, looking from her Pokédex to her Trainer Card and back. Wesley nods and says, "If you end up misplacing your Trainer Card by accident or dropping it somewhere, you'll be able to track it using the Pokédex. When you add new Badges to the card, the Pokédex will automatically have that information sent to it." Janice looks at the 7 empty spaces of her Trainer Card, each one with its own shape and standing out until their corresponding Badge finds its place. She can't help herself but her gaze lingers the most on the fourth space before Wesley's voice snaps Janice out of the brief trance.

    "But I do hope you'll keep those Trainer Cards safe," he says with a chuckle, "save yourself from the trouble of having to explain to another Official that you lost your Trainer Card. They would be able to hand you a new one but Trainers are expected to be responsible enough to look after themselves, their Pokémon and their gear. The Trainer Card is not just for keeping your Gym Badges, it also serves as identification and as an electronic wallet that will store prize money earned after winning Trainer Battles." That last part from Wesley takes Janice back to what happened in Rollins Forest, back to what the Trainer had said about Gym Badges and prize money. At the time she didn't consider asking him to expand on that because she was more concerned about getting the Badges back, but now that the girls are with Wesley, Janice says to him, "We...heard a little bit about prize money earlier from another Trainer." She turns to Gina, who nods to confirm this, although she would prefer to not have to remember that incident, then Janice faces Wesley and continues. "What is this prize money all about?"

    "It is part of a system that has been developed for Trainers to earn some money as reward for winning battles," replies Wesley. "The life of a Trainer is not all about adventure and catching Pokémon, you must be properly equipped to take care of yourselves and your teams while you are out there in the world and far from home - very far from home in many cases - which is why Trainers must have money. Not all Trainers start off their journey with enough money or are fortunate to find activities to do on the side to make some money while they travel. But Trainers do engage in battles with other Trainers very often and gain experience through those battles. Your Pokédexes have informed you whenever your Pokémon has learned a new move or when you and your team have risen up to a new level, right?"

    "Yes," says Janice, remembering the first time it happened back on Route 1.

    "It was a little random at first, but I got used to it," laughs Gina.

    "Well, that's a system which was developed to help Trainers keep track of how much experience they have gained," Wesley tells them. "The Petran Pokédex is can monitor battles and express experience gained as numbers. When enough numbers have been acculumated, the Pokédex determines this as the point when a Trainer and their Pokémon have 'Levelled Up'. Makes sense?"

    "A little," Janice says, sounding a bit unsure but hides it with a small smile. "It's all still new to me, but I'm learning bit by bit. Training, Levelling Up, seeing Trainer Levels, all that."

    "Is that also because of the Pokédex?" Gina asks, "Trainer Levels?" She searches through her mind. "Because I don't remember seeing numbers popping up above people's heads before yesterday. What's up with that?"

    Wesley's eyes sparkle with excitement, a sure sign he has some information that he is eager to share when asked about a particular subject. "What we've come to know as Trainer Levels has no link to the Pokédex," he says, taking his time with his answer, "they are a form of bonding with your Pokémon: you'll share a unique vision with them, allowing you to see what they see - what we call Trainer Levels. That's all you'll get to see at first, but once you and your Pokémon have grown experienced enough together, you'll be able to see Pokémon Levels too." Gina is wide-eyed and Janice is speechless.

    "You're kidding!" Gina says. Wesley grins and shakes his head.

    "I kid you not. For years people didn't know how or why faint numbers appeared above their heads. What did those numbers mean? But over time they discovered that the numbers were first seen by those who became Pokémon Trainers. It then became clear that these numbers indicated experience levels once Pokédexes pointed out the levels of Pokémon that belonged to Trainers - the levels matched. It's interesting to note one thing though: while Trainers cannot see levels that are higher than 10 levels above theirs, Pokémon don't have that restriction. They can see levels of Trainers and other Pokemon that are much, much higher than their own. We still haven't found out why that is, but it is fascinating." As if suddenly remembering important, the Official slaps his forehead. "Look at the detour we've taken now," he laughs, "we were just talking about prize money. Let me get back to that. So what happens after the Pokédex has worked out the experience gained from battles? A portion of that experience number is transfered to the Trainer Card and stored in there as a digital currency that can be spent anywhere just like regular currency."

    It makes sense now to the girls why the Looter wanted their Gym Badges so badly: having a Badge would've granted him a Trainer Card and that's what would keep his prize money. Rather desperate of him, but they get it.

    "How long does it stay stored in the card?" Janice asks. "Does it expire after some time if it isn't spent?"

    "And can it be changed into regular currency?" Gina adds.

    "No to your first question and Yes to your second one," Wesley answers. "The currency remains stored in the card until you spend it. You can convert it from digital to regular money at any Mart across the region, with a conversion rate of 1:1."

    "Oh nice, I like that," says Gina happily and Janice agrees.

    "So I will remind you again to hold onto those Trainer Cards and avoid losing them."

    The girls nod in understanding, then Gina asks, "Is that what being a League Official is all about, just handing out Trainer Cards?"

    "Oh, not just that," Wesley laughs, "otherwise this would be a very dull job." That makes the girls laugh too. "No, we don't just hand out Trainer Cards. There is a lot more to being an Official than that. We represent the Pokémon League wherever we go, acting on its behalf in situations which warrant that. For example when a Gym Leader has decided to retire or step down from that role, the League sends Officials to conduct the selection of the next Gym Leader if there are candidates, usually among the Gym Trainers chosen by the outgoing Gym Leader, or to stand in as a substitute Gym Leader while training the person who will become the next permanent Gym Leader." Hearing this raises Janice's interest up a few steps, and the one question that pops up in her mind is ready to be asked.

    "Did the League send you to make my sister a Gym Leader?" she asks. Gina and Wesley sudden turn to Janice, surprised by the question. Wesley is surprised the most. "Your sister?" he responds, sounding unsure. Janice nods and says, "My big sister Janet. She's the Gym Leader in our hometown." Understanding washes over Wesley's face. "Ahh, alright I see now," he says and Janet's smiling face appears in his mind, a memory from the last time he saw her some months ago. This makes him have a closer look at Janice and Wesley notices the family resemblance for the first time. "You really are Janet's sister, I hadn't seen it until now," he says with a smile, which Janice returns with a slight blush. "But I'm sorry to say that I wasn't the Official who oversaw the process of Janet being made a Gym Leader. That happened not too long ago, I believe? Almost two years ago now?"

    "Yeah, she's been a Gym Leader for over a year now," says Janice. The day Janet came back home to share the big news of her becoming the new Gym Leader replays in Janice's mind. She and the Twins had returned from school a few hours before and were busy with homework assignments, when Big Sis Janet burst into the house screaming with joy. Mom Judy was home too and she was the first to rush out of the kitchen and reach the lounge to see her daughter jumping around while waving a piece of paper in her hand. Janice and the Twins left their rooms, hurried downstairs to find out what the fuss was about: the piece of paper was an official statement from the Petra Pokémon League confirming that Janet had become the Percival City Gym Leader. It didn't take long for Judy and the children to join Janet in her celebration. Dad Michael would celebrate too later on when he learned. Days after that, Janice and the Twins had their friends and classmates chatting with them about Janet too.

    "You would have to ask Janet about the Official who was present," Wesley says, bringing Janice out of the memory. "What I'm aware of is that the previous Gym Leader spoke with the League several months before she left Petra and explained that she had chosen a successor and would spend her remaining time here training the successor to take over. The League approved and an Official was selected to observe the training."

    The previous Gym Leader, thinks Janice. Everyone back home knew who that was, from the oldest folks to the youngest ones. She was the charming senior lady that would be seen in the early mornings everyday, sweeping by the entrance to the Gym while singing old songs. Sometimes on her way to school with the Twins Janice would see her and they would pass their greetings to her, which she gladly returned and she would wish them a good day at school. In the afternoons when she had some free time she spent it feeding the local Flying-type Pokémon that liked to stop by the Gym on their way elsewhere. They enjoyed her company as much as she did theirs. This lady was named Margaret; Ol' Maggie to her peers and contemporaries or Gran Marge to those who looked up to her. The day that she left town, Janice had been in school. This was a few days after Janet came home with the official statement. An announcement was made around the school about Margaret leaving and classes were cancelled for the day to give the students and the teachers a chance to see Margaret off. Her family had arrived to take her with them to their new home in a far away region that Janice and her friends had never heard of until then - Paldea.

    "So what else do Officials do?" Gina asks, allowing Wesley to continue from where he had left off before the minor detour. He reaches down into the left pocket of his trousers and places on the table a device that the girls recognise because of its signature red colour, although the device itself does not look identical to the ones that Janice and Gina are in possession of - an older generation model Pokédex. Unlike the current generation models which resemble smartphones, this particular model resembles a pocket calculator, with a front cover that opens like the cover of a pocket book. Only the square-shaped screen of the Pokédex is seen when the cover is on.

    "Officials also perform the duties of Move Tutors and Ability Shifters," Wesley says, eyeing the Pokédex before facing the girls. "In many other regions there are a handful of individuals who are trained to be Move Tutors and Ability Shifters, but in our region we Officials undergo that training and that is why if you meet any other Official, no matter which area of Petra you are in and if you require Move Tutor services, that Official is qualified to assist you." Hearing this draws Gina's full attention forward and she gives Wesley a hopeful look.

    "Harold told me you can help my Pokémon Paras," she says to him, "can you?" Wesley sees the look Gina has now. Whatever help Paras needs must be serious, so Wesley nods reassuringly. "I'll help as best as I can," he tells her. "What's the matter with Paras?" Gina perks up and she draws out Paras' Pokéball from one pocket of her jeans and right after she places it on the table, Paras is released. She lays curled up on the table, fast asleep to recover from the Gym Battle. Wesley looks over Paras, just to be sure that the Pokémon isn't asleep because of a Status Effect. He picks up his Pokédex and has it check on Paras. All the information that it can offer about Paras appears on the screen and Wesley taps a button on the keypad to scroll down as he reads through. The Pokédex confirms that Paras is not suffering from any Status Effect.

    "It's her Dry Skin Ability," Gina says, watching her Pokémon. "Paras kept losing energy every turn during the Gym Battle because of it." She turns to Wesley. "Can you please do something about that?"

    Wesley reads his Pokédex screen as it displays information about Paras' Ability. A few moments pass in silence before he responds to Gina with his own question, "Did the Ability affect Paras during other battles?"

    "Erm, no," Gina starts, a little startled by that question, "only during the Gym Battle." Wesley nods and places the Pokédex on the table.

    "Right. That was the one battle which had an active Field Effect that triggered just one side of Dry Skin," he says to Gina, meeting her gaze. "Had Paras been in a battle out in the rain, her energy would get replenished every turn - that's Dry Skin's other side. Otherwise, there's no trouble for Paras in a regular battle that doesn't have either of those Field Effects active." Gina's eyes fall back down to Paras as she takes in what Wesley has just said. The Official continues:

    "A number of Trainers find themselves with Pokémon whose Abilities can be detrimental, which is what leads them to request for their Pokémon's Abilities to be changed if the Pokémon are lucky enough to have second or even Hidden Abilities. Dry Skin, however, is not one of those detrimental Abilities. You and Paras were just unlucky in one battle, that's all. There really isn't any serious need for Paras to have her Ability changed, you understand that now?"

    "I do now," Gina says after a nod. Wesley is right, she and Paras had just been unlucky. Once. And yet that had made Gina react badly because she was really eager to show Harold what Paras could do against his team of Grass-types and didn't get enough of a chance to do that. But as Wesley's words sink in, Gina sees that there's always next time. There will be other battles where she and Paras can come out on top. Gina happily accepts this realisation and sends Paras back into her Pokéball.

    "Are you sure?" Janice asks her friend after seeing that.

    "Yeah, I'm sure," Gina says, pleased. "I was just upset about how things went and thought changing Abilities was the answer." She faces Wesley. "Thanks for walking me back from making that silly decision."

    "It isn't silly at all, just a little rash," Wesley chuckles. "I think you and Paras will learn from this and do better. Which is why I'm going to help you by offering this suggestion: look into Hold Items."
    The girls give the Official some confused looks.

    "Hold Items?" Janice asks first.

    "Why Hold Items?" Gina follows. Wesley is happy to see that the girls are at least curious enough to question him.

    "There are Hold Items which can protect Paras from weather Field Effects," he says to them, "or to be specific - they can shield Paras from damage done by weather Field Effects. And what a great time to be in as a Trainer because you have a wide variety of Hold Items to choose from. GrahaMart has an entire section dedicated to Hold Items, you can start there now that you've got Gym Badges."

    "Oh, so that's why I wasn't allowed there," Gina says as a memory surfaces in her mind, "I was at GrahaMart with our friends yesterday after their Gym Battles and there was one area which only allowed Trainers who had Badges. So I just ended up checking out the other sections while the others went to that section." She laughs. "It was so unfair, I felt so left out." Wesley nods with an understanding smile.

    "There'll be none of that from now on, you and Janice will be allowed access to the area and also a few more regular items will be available for you to purchase too," Wesley says. "The more Badges you have, the more items become available to you. So do make sure to stop by a Mart to have a look at what's there after you win a new Badge, you might find items which could help you tackle the next Gym." With that said the Official asks the girls if they have any more questions for him or other concerns that they want him to address.

    "No, I don't have anything else to ask," Gina says before turning to Janice. "You got anything, Jan?" Janice shakes her head.

    "Nothing," she says to Gina, then to Wesley, "you've really helped us out with the information you shared, thank you so much."

    "It's just part of the job, you're both welcome. I think we're pretty much done here, you've got your Trainer Cards and you've linked them with your Pokédexes. Any information or news from the Petra League will be sent to you in the form of text, audio or video messages via the Pokédex. Usually this relates to events that may be going on in different places and locations, sometimes an event could be happening near you. Should there be a need for you to contact the Petra League, just give your Pokédex the vocal command Contact League and you'll be in touch with someone from there in no time at all." Then Wesley rises up from his seat, signaling to the girls that the meeting has concluded. They gather their things and get up from their seats too, with Chikorita and Mudkip ready to leave as well.

    "I wish you both the best of luck for your journey, continue to grow together with your Pokémon and don't stop learning as much as you can," says the Official as he shakes hands with girls on their way out of the Meeting Room. To Janice he adds, "Please tell Janet I said Hello. It's been some time since I last visited Percival City, so I hope she is doing well."

    "She is," Janice assures him, "just constantly busy with Gym work, but she enjoys it. I'll tell her you said Hello." With a wave, Wesley sees the girls out and then he returns to his seat, unfolds the newspaper and picks up from the page he was reading before. His cellphone vibrates twice in the right side pocket of his trousers, indicating the arrival of a message. One of many that are waiting to be opened and read, but Wesley is certain that the majority of them are brief notifications from "the office" and don't require his immediate attention, so he will have a look at them just before he leaves Graham City an hour from now. The message which has just arrived though is not from "the office", it's from his youngest son and it includes a link to an online video that he urges Wesley to watch: the video was uploaded to one of the major video sharing sites earlier in the afternoon, shot from someone's phone, and is a recording of the Gym Battle that took place at Ferris Park: the special Gym Battle which had Harold facing two challengers at the time.

    The girls are walking away from the escalators when the Nurse behind the main counter sees them coming and asks, "How did that go?" Gina grins at the Nurse and gives her a thumbs up.

    "Great," she says. Janice agrees with a nod. The Nurse is pleased.

    "I couldn't attend to you before, but I can do that now if you have any Pokémon that need to be healed up," she says. Blissey concurs and stands ready to receive. Janice and Gina appreciate that the Nurse remembered them, even though their primary reason for being at the Center was to see the Official. Janice opens her Bag and extracts two Pokéballs - Nidoran's and Pidgey's. The rest of her team has been resting up since the training session in the forest. Gina retrieves Paras' and Zigzagoon's Pokéballs from her jeans pockets. Blissey accepts the four Pokéballs and carries them over to the Healing Machine while the Nurse checks on it to make sure it is properly configured. Once each Pokéball is on a sensor pad, each pad turns from a dull grey colour to a bright blue-green colour and then envelop the Pokéballs in light of the same colour for a handful of seconds. The machine gives out a brief electronic musical sound to indicate that the Pokémon in the Pokéballs have been restored to full health. The blue-green light returns to the circular sensor pads, which turn back to the grey colour. The Nurse takes the Pokéballs and gives them back to the girls.

    "There you go, your Pokémon are ready whenever you need them," she says proudly and then bows together with Blissey, "please come back any time."

    End of Chapter 08 The Official.

    Saving File Data............

    File Data Saved.
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    It has been a century, hasn't it? Hello and Happy 2023! How have you been? How were your holidays? I'm still alive and well, so that probably means I must be doing something right, eh? :) I have been away because I moved with my family to another house and most of the time away has been spent adjusting to the new place, which is in an area where load-shedding power cuts are frequent. No set schedule for these power cuts, you either have a lucky week of zero to a couple of power cuts or you have a lousy week that is almost packed with power cuts. On top of this, the new place does not have a great spot where I can get my audio recordings done. The previous house had an electrified shed which I could use, but over here the shed is not electrified and from the looks of things it was used as a chicken coop by a previous resident xD. Yup, them's the breaks. This has compromised my audio recording work and it reached a point where I had to choose one project that I would have to do without as I tried to figured out how to work around the power cuts and where else to record from. Unfortunately I chose to shelve the Journey of Janice audio version. That's the bad news and it sucks because I did enjoy working on the audio version, had even reached a point where I started experimenting with sound effects for moves being used in and out of battle. So I want to apologise to everyone who gave this story a try because of the audio version, I'm sorry for cutting it. The good news though is that I can still continue the story in text form and that's why I'm hoping those people who followed the audio version will continue following the text version of JoJa. As far as themes go, I will include Youtube links to themes here and there for places and character encounters.

    With all that said, let's now get into the actual notes for this chapter:

    The Petra Pokémon Center
    - The interior design of the region's Pokémon Center is inspired by the Alolan Pokémon Centers: a lively room with several people present, from Trainers to regular people and Center staff. But the big difference being that there's an upper floor which has several other rooms. I'm not sure what the "Healing Machine" is actually called, but if anyone out there knows please leave a comment with the name so that I make the correction.

    Wesley & the Pokémon League Officials
    - As mentioned in the chapter, Officials are representatives of the League that not only hand out Trainer Cards but share important information, perform the roles of Move Tutors and Ability Shifters (I came up with this for lack of not knowing the actual in-game titles of NPCs who can change Pokémon Abilities when Ability Capsules are absent) and are involved during the process of selecting a new Gym Leader. Because Officials are mobile, they are found across the region in a similar fashion to Lab Aide NPCs. Perhaps in the game version of JoJa Officials can give players hints to where they are meant to go next or if there's something that they must do to trigger a story event.
    - In terms of design the male Officials are modelled after Gentlemen and the female Officials are a nod to Socialites and the 6th Generation version of Veterans.

    The Petra Pokémon League Logo
    - I wanted something that features the basic "Starter Types" (Fire, Grass, Water and Electric) and a symbol to represent the region since its name is linked to rocks (strong, sturdy, dependable, durable) but is also feminine (you could still throw in strength and dependability for that too).

    Trainer x Trainer Card
    - If there are any fellow manga & anime fans reading this then maybe they might know (or are fans of) a series called Hunter x Hunter (officially it's pronounced "Hunter Hunter", but to me that X makes the title sound way cooler...but I digress. (^_^!) ). It's an action-packed story with a little bit of everything in terms of genre. In that world, Hunters are a special class of people who are qualified to do a variety of jobs: from seeking out rare treasures, places, items, creatures to tracking down dangerous criminal organisations and so on. To become a Hunter you have to qualify and pass (or to be blunt SURVIVE) the highly deadly Hunter Exam (which changes every year depending on the Examiners who are in charge of it). Should you be lucky enough to make it through you will receive a Hunter Licence, which is about the size of and resembles a trading card. That card alone doesn't just serve as proof that you are a Hunter but it works a special passport that grants you access to many restricted places and information kept away from the general public. If you were to sell that card you would make enough money to cover 7 generations of your family. Seriously. I liked the Hunter Licence idea and decided to try out a version of it with the Trainer Card. No highly deadly "Trainer Exam" is involved to get the card but I wanted similar benefits e.g. the Trainer Cards work as identification, they grant Trainers access to restricted areas (like the Hold Items section in a Mart), extra items that Trainers can purchase and Trainer Cards serve as an electronic wallet.

    Trainer Levels Explained
    - When I first came up with the Trainer Levels concept for the story, it was an unknown "ability" that "awakens" once someone becomes a Pokémon Trainer. Probably raised a few eyebrows haha...okay maybe more than a few, but I went with that anyway until I reached the point in this chapter where Wesley goes into detail about what Trainer Levels actually are. Pokémon and Trainers bonding is not something new of course, that has been around since the days of evolution by High Frienship :) (or maybe even earlier than that, right?). But it makes sense when it comes to explaining how Trainers begin to see Trainer Levels (and eventually wild Pokémon Levels without the Pokédex speaking up first).
    - How Pokémon can see levels which are much higher than their own e.g. Sneasel in the previous chapter while Trainers cannot see beyond a certain range remains a mystery (for now?) and I don't mind keeping it that way (for now :D ).

    What Kind of Pokédex are You?
    - What I had in mind for the Petran Pokédex was a modern device that behaves more like "Dexter" from the anime and less like the 7th Generation Rotom Dex (I liked it at first but as I progressed through the games it got rather annoying). It offers information on Pokémon that the Trainer encounters for the first time either automatically or when prompted by the Trainer. As demonstrated in the previous chapter, if the Trainer encounters very high levelled Pokémon then Pokédex will fail to identify that Pokémon's level.
    - I also wanted it to play the role of the "in-game guide" where the Pokédex gives out hints and other information related to moves, Abilities, overworld obstacles that can be cleared by particular (HM) moves and so on.
    - In terms of design the Petradex looks like a standard smartphone: rectangular in shape, long touchscreen, the small blue circular light in the top left corner above the screen, some ports on one side for earphones, USB cables etc and the TM disc tray slot on the other.
    - The model that Wesley has is similar in design to the original Kanto Pokédex, just with one screen instead of two.

    - IvanTech is one of the two major technology companies found in the Petra region. Founded, owned and still run by a member of the Ivan Family from the Ashwyn Meadows and Farmlands.
    - Of the two companies, IvanTech is the younger one - it has been around for a decade and yet during that time it has provided a number of valuable pieces of technology for regular usage and for Pokémon Trainers such as the modified Trainer Card.

    IvanTech - "Everything's Better." (insert fancy advert jingle here)

    Gran Margaret - The Heiress of the Air
    - The previous Leader of the Percival City Gym. A caring and loving grandmother figure that the youth looked up to and was admired and respected by those of her generation.
    - She was the Gym Leader for many years, even during the time of Judith and Michael's journeys (she was a middle-aged woman at that point), who trained a team of graceful but fierce Flying-types, which matched her character.
    - Currently lives in the Paldea region with her family and spends most of her days travelling around the region with her grandchildren.

    That's all for now, thank you reading :) if I reach a point where I've grown tired of or am no longer motivated to continue Journey of Janice you will be the first to know. For now please look forward to the story going on and if you have any feedback you can leave it in this thread or you can send a message (visitor or private, either is fine). Take care!
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    Hello. An odd thing happened this week that I wanted to talk to you about which I think could affect this thread. The keyword there is "could".

    A few days ago I started a Travel Journal for my current playthrough of Pokemon Clover. A lot can be said about the game but my intention was just to share my experience of playing it in the form of a clean, humour-loaded account which I thought people who aren't going to play Clover (but are curious enough to want to know what all the fuss is about) might have enjoyed. I was not advertising the game or telling people "Hey guys, I'm playing Clover and you can too. Here's how...". While the Journal was still there I did not receive any negative comments or messages about it, nobody contacted me to say they were outraged or "triggered" or offended because I posted something related to Clover. And yet despite that, the Journal was shut down just a few days ago and I only found out about this via a message from the Travel Journal moderator. It turns out Clover is banned on this site. Why is it banned, I have no idea because neither the moderator or anybody else has told me why. It would've been nice if I had been contacted before the Journal was shut down, because it would've given me a chance to explain the whole point of the Journal and maybe now it would still be there, who knows.

    So how could that affect Journey of Janice? If you have been following the story from the beginning then you are aware that during the audio run of Journey of Janice I featured a couple of theme songs from the Pokemon Clover soundtrack (specifically the first region's Mart theme to represent the Petra Gate theme and the theme for Remote Island was among the "being considered" list of theme songs from different games). There are songs from that soundtrack which I've either already chosen or am still considering to be a part of the Journey of Janice soundtrack, and as the story goes on I plan to include Youtube links to songs from Pokemon games which I think will best represent routes, locations, character encounters and special battles. So since Clover is banned on this site, does it mean that this thread could be shut down too because I have featured and may feature songs from the soundtrack? I hope not because it would be a little ridiculous if that happened. There's no promotion of the game going on here, no links to sites where the game can be downloaded, no link to the Clover website, Discord or 4chan for that matter. But after what happened to my Journal it's become something I'm thinking about for this JoJa thread. That being said, should the thread end up getting shut down for whatever reason it's not the end of the world. If you like the story then you should be well aware that it can just continue elsewhere.

    On the updates side of things, I am currently working on Chapter 9 and once that is done I will get into Chapter 10 so that you'll get two chapters released instead of just one. What I can tell you is that the Graham City arc is ending in Chapter 9, I hope you liked the arc. Although it wasn't a giant, extended arc with dozens of chapters in it, it was certainly an important one so I'll talk more about it in the Chapter Notes section. Please look forward to the two chapters, thank you for keeping up with the story and for your patience. Take care and have a good weekend.
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    Hi there, it's been more than a minute. I hope you're keeping well. Apologies for the silence, I have not been online very much for most of this year because thanks to prices creeping up every couple of months my internet access has been limited. As if that wasn't bad enough I lost my computer to a power cut in July. Initially I thought maybe it could be saved but it turns out that the motherboard took the most damage and I didn't know anyone in town who could fix it properly without charging ridiculous money for the job. That's the bad news. The good news is the harddrive could be salvaged and all my stuff was saved, and one of my friends was cool enough to sell one of his laptops to me. That's what I am using now and as of this past week I can get back to work on Journey of Janice and all the other content that I also put out. Thank you again for your patience, I would recommend that you check out other stories in the meantime while waiting for the next chapters. Have a great week and take care.

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    Save File Found.

    Pokémon Trainer: Janice
    Level: 12
    Gym Badges:
    - Green Badge (Graham City)
    - Pidgey [Normal/Flying] {Keen Eye}
    - Chikorita [Grass] {Overgrow}
    - Magikarp [Water] {Swift Swim}
    - Shellder [Water] {Shell Armor}
    - Nidoran-M [Poison] {Poison Point}
    - Nidoran-F [Poison] {Rivalry}

    Previous Save Location: Graham City Pokémon Center

    Loading Save File Data...

    Chapter 09 Friends

    The sliding doors of the Pokémon Center make way for Janice, Gina and their Starters Chikorita and Mudkip as they step back out onto the late afternoon street. The meeting with Wesley the Pokémon League Official went well for girls, they received Trainer Cards and have come away a little more informed than when they went in. Janice looks around, observing traffic that is mostly made up of people heading home after another busy work day draws to an end. A few months ago, around this same time, she would have been at home doing some homework or playing with the Twins and maybe spend the next hour or two hanging out with her friends at the beach. Today however she has just walked out of the Pokémon Center in a neighbouring city with one of her friends and their Pokémon, on a day when she and her friend have earned their very first Gym Badges, which they almost lost. It has been quite the eventful day indeed.

    "How about we try these out? There must be tons stored on them by now," Gina says with bubbling excitement as she holds up her Trainer Card and looking it over and over, eyes sparkling. "I'm sure we could buy more than a few items at GrahaMart. Let's go there." Janice sees Gina admiring the Training Card and remembers what Wesley told them about the cards being a type of digital wallet. She takes hers out of her Bag and looks at it.

    "How much do you think is currently stored on them?" Janice asks Gina, trying to picture a figure in her mind. A few hundred maybe? A couple of thousands perhaps??

    "There should be a lot surely, with all the battles that we've had so far? We can just find out at GrahaMart or..." Gina remembers a scene from yesterday: Rose taking out her Pokédex and consulting it about her Trainer Card. Ryan and Kelvin did the same thing after watching her. Gina pulls out her Pokédex from her jeans pocket with her left hand while the right one holds the card. The black blank screen of the little red device meets her curious eyes. "...or we can just ask the Pokédex. Rose did it yesterday and she got told how much was on her card. Didn't even take more than a couple of seconds." Janice considers getting hers out but decides to wait a bit and watch first.

    "Okay. What did she say to it?"

    "She just asked it." Gina clears her throat a little and with the air of someone asking someone else about the weather she says to her Pokédex, "How much is on my Trainer Card?" Less than five seconds later the screen lights up and displays an animated cartoon graphic of the Pokédex shrugging with cartoon arms as the electronic voice responds:

    "The linked Trainer Card currently has zero Pokén."

    Gina's left hand twitches once as she stares at the Pokédex screen in silence, absorbing what she has just heard. Janice is quiet too, her eyes on the same screen. A moment passes before Gina speaks.


    "The linked Trainer Card currently has zero Pokén," repeats the Pokédex, with a little less enthusiasm than the first time. But Gina's energy is peaking.

    "What do you mean there's ZERO Pokén? How can there be ZERO?? After all the battles that I've had now??" Her raising voice of astonishment startles some of the people walking past, but Gina takes no notice. Mudkip trades looks with Chikorita, both Pokémon unsure about what's going on. On Gina's Pokédex screen the shrugging cartoon graphic gives an embarrassed smile as a sweat drop appears on one side of its screen.

    "The balance remains the same: zero Pokén."

    Gina slowly turns to Janice, mouth moving and eyes unbelieving.

    "Zero Pokén....there's no money on my card....Zero Pokén...."

    Janice isn't sure what to say to her, because she is trying to process what the Pokédex has just revealed. What's anyone supposed to say about that? She quickly gets her Pokédex out and asks it the same question that Gina asked hers.

    "The linked Trainer Card currently has zero Pokén," says Janice's Pokédex, also without much enthusiasm as if aware of what's going on. Hearing this come from the second Pokédex silences Gina, as she realises that she is not the only one now with an empty Trainer Card. Janice isn't as shocked as Gina but she certainly wasn't expecting to receive the same response.

    "Nothing is on mine either," she says, sounding rather deflated. All that experience that they earned from the battles they've had. All that experience...

    Janice suddenly looks away from her Pokédex screen and faces Gina with wide eyes.

    "Gina...," she tells her, "...the experience that we got from the battles, it wasn't stored on the cards. Because we didn't have them yet." A moment passes before Gina responds, with the only noises coming from the city streets around the girls.


    Janice closes her eyes and shakes her head as it starts to make sense now. "We didn't have Trainer Cards until just a few minutes ago. All the battle experience that we got just went to levelling up." She opens her eyes and gives Gina a small smile. "No wonder the cards have nothing on them." Gina just looks at her friend with an expression that screams "Are you kidding me?!" but the logic in Janice's words falls into place around her and Gina's shoulders slump in dramatic fashion as she sighs just as dramatically.

    "For crying out loud...are you serious right now?"

    Janice snorts and laughs at her friend for being a little ridiculous. Gina acts like she's not amused but she gives in and laughs too. "And I was getting so hyped about spending some serious money," she says a few moments later, as she pockets both her Pokédex and Trainer Card. "So much for that plan." Seeing their Trainers in jovial spirits again makes the two Starters feel at ease again.

    "Save the plan for tomorrow," Janice says after replacing hers. "After we see Harold and get our prizes, we'll go do some serious spending." She grins. "As for today, we'll have to settle for minor spending. I have a bit of pocket money left, maybe we could get something nice to eat somewhere?"

    "We had some nice food at the Park yesterday, so we can go back there" says Gina. Her eyes brighten as an image pops up in her mind. "There's the stage area too! There was live music being played there in the evening, it was awesome. Nice food and good music, it's going to be so much fun Jan!" Gina's bubbling excitement catches Janice and she starts to look forward to spending the evening in Ferris Park. A nice way to end their day. A thought comes to her.

    "Maybe we can bring Trevor along too," Janice says, "what do you think?" Gina nods in approval.

    "Sure, let's go ask him. I think he'd like that," she says before giggling, "and he better not show up wearing that lab coat!" The image of this gets the girls laughing again and they begin walking away from the Pokémon Center entrance.

    When they arrive at the Research Society, they find a different group occupying the main room. Older men and women make up this group, busy at work in front of computer screens, behind tables writing or typing up reports while discussions go on around them between those who spent the day out in the field. Professor Pine is checking one of the reports until she sees Janice and Gina walk in.

    "Hey girls, welcome back," Prof. Pine greets them as she comes over. "How did your Gym challenge go?" They take out their Green Badges and show her, Prof. Pine beams when she sees them held out. "Wonderful, congratulations! I'm happy it went well, Trevor will be happy for you too. This is great."

    "Thank you Professor," says Janice, before observing the room. "Is he still here? We came to see him and ask if he wanted to go to the Park with us." Prof. Pine's happy smile becomes an apologetic one as she shakes her head.

    "Oh, I'm sorry. You just missed him," she tells the girls. "The Junior Researchers are only here during the daytime shift. I dismiss them before the rest of the Researchers come in for the night shift." She motions at the lab coated people around the room with a nod of her head. "This is the first batch of the night shift crew." Looks of disappointment appear of the girls' faces. Gina turns to Janice:

    "We can come back here tomorrow and see him before we leave," she says, trying not to sound dejected. Janice looks around the room one more time, seeing the busy bodies of people that she doesn't recognise.

    "Sure, we'll do that," she replies after confirming again that Trevor is absent. Then she faces Prof. Pine. "We'll see him tomorrow, Professor. Thanks for letting us know about the Junior Researchers--"

    "Wait, wait," Prof. Pine interrupts her with a small wave of her hand, which then dives into one of her lab coat pockets and draws out a pen. She places the report that she was reading on one of the tables near her and scans over the other papers scattered on it until she spots the small rectangular shape of a notepad, almost hidden among the sheets of written paper. Prof. Pine picks up the notepad, flips over the thin white cover and a few filled in pages that are yellow and lined in black then stops when she finds a blank one. "You can...," she begins as she writes on the page, "...still see him today, by visiting him." The page is torn off from the notepad's short spiral binding and held out to Janice. "I think it will be a nice surprise for him, much better than seeing him before you leave," concludes Prof. Pine, her happy smile returning. Janice was not expecting this, having resigned to returning here tomorrow, which is why she has a moment where she looks from Prof. Pine to the small rectangular yellow page in front of her. The moment is very brief, she takes the page and sees what is written on it in a swift handwriting:

    Number 8 Graham Heights, Graham City East.

    "Graham Heights? That's where he lives?" Gina asks curiously after reading the address. "An apartment?" Prof. Pine nods.

    "It's among blocks of apartments just on the outskirts of the central hub of the city," she says. "You'll be heading towards the residential area which spreads further eastward, but you won't get too far before reaching Graham Heights. You'll know when you find it."

    "Now I want to see this place," Gina says eagerly, her mood turning around. "Let's go, Jan." Janice reads the address again as she considers the idea of going. Trevor isn't here, so they might as well go there. Why not?

    "Alright, let's go see him," she decides, sounding cheerful now and ready to depart. She folds the notepad page and pockets it before thanking Prof. Pine for the address.

    "Have a good evening, girls," Prof. Pine says, waving goodbye to the girls as they walk away from the facility's entrance. They are back on the streets, with the evening settling in around them. Lights can be seen now from streetlights, electric signs, the interiors of buildings and moving traffic. With help from the PokeNav, the girls travel out of Graham City's central district and go east. The buildings get smaller in size on either side of the road, there are more privately owned businesses which can be seen before giving way to businesses that are ran from people's homes and townhouses. The noises, smells and atmosphere of the city center fade behind the girls and are replaced by new noises, smells and atmosphere. There are less cars here, allowing for the sounds of people in conversations and nearby Pokémon cries to be heard. The girls pass some places where loud radios blast a variety of music or talk shows; they meet children who are playing outside in frontyards or out on the street near their homes. It's not yet too dark so they are having as much fun outside as they can before being called indoors for homework and supper. In the city center one can smell freshly hung laundry, well-tended trees, shrubs and flowers, food being prepared through open windows and cars of course. But out here, outside the city center, the smell of cut grass and wet lawn is more prominent. For the girls it is something new and different from what they are used to back home, where the scent of the sea and the beach comes to mind first. Even though the scent of the sea and the beach is clean, it just doesn't have the same effect as what surrounds them in Graham City.

    "Seems like a nice place to live in," says Gina as she looks around at the passing streets and buildings slowly making way for more townhouses and private properties.

    "Hm?" Janice asks, turning to her friend.

    "Graham, it doesn't look like a bad place to live in," Gina answers. "Peaceful, lively, vibrant and the air smells amazing wherever you go. Like it's spring all day, everyday." Janice looks around as well, in the growing dusk while the sun sinks behind her. Gina's observation is true, she sees, there is life and peace wherever she looks. Ahead of her and Gina, Chikorita and Mudkip are just as captivated by their surroundings as the girls are, taking in as much as they can. Janice notes that Chikorita would be happy here and not be short of friends because of all the other Grass-types that can be found around the city. Janice's other Pokémon come to mind as well: Pidgey also would be delighted to call this place home, with plenty of space for her to fly in and around. Lots of trees for her to rest in. The Nidoran pair maybe? If not out here in the residential district, perhaps they might choose to live together in Ferris Park. Then Janice thinks of Magikarp and Shellder, her two Water-types who would really stand out. How would they feel about living here? Where exactly would they live? The nearest body of water that they could inhabit is the lake in Rollins Forest, outside of Graham. Back in Percival they would be very close to the sea and not have to travel too far to be home. Janice thinks of all this while considering Gina's observation.

    "It's a lovely place, even some of the Pokémon would like it here," she tells Gina after thinking things over a few moments later. "But I think Magikarp and Shellder would prefer living back in Percival by the sea. So if you're going to live here, I'll come to visit you sometimes. Maybe on weekends?"

    "Weekends and on public holidays with Mother tagging along," Gina chuckles, "that way she won't have to worry too much about me not being around. Did I tell you she called me yesterday?" Janice shakes her head, surprised to hear this.

    "She did? Why?"

    "She was checking up on me, just to make sure I'm still alive and in one piece," Gina says, a little tempted to roll her eyes. "'I'm fine Mother, everything's cool' I said to her and she still wanted to send Hillary and Geffrey to make absolutely sure! Can you believe that? I would've just died." Janice laughs, imagining Hillary the maid and Butler Geffrey arriving by car and making a scene as they fuss over the daughter of their employers. Naturally the car would be loaded with all the essentials Gina's mother Rachel is certain she needs right away - extra clothes, cosmetics, food, money, etc.

    "You can't blame her for worrying about you. You're her only child and right now you are away from home, going off to be a Pokémon Trainer," Janice says afterwards, giving Gina a playful nudge with her elbow. "Maybe you should've called her instead, hey?"

    "I was going to do that eventually," Gina rolls her eyes and shrugs a little. "I was just busy being, you know, a Pokémon Trainer and all?"

    "So she didn't have to worry? At all?"

    "Nope. As you can tell, I'm still alive and in one piece," Gina looks at her friend with a smug grin and raised eyebrow. Janice shakes her head, feigning some disbelief. But she is glad to see Gina happy and well, doing fine despite being away from the easy comforts and abundant luxuries of her home. Mother Rachel didn't have much to worry about indeed.

    The private businesses and townhouses, most of them lit up now for the evening, gradually make way for the apartment complexes. The tall structures are on either side of the road, grey, dark or dull coloured in the advancing gloom. Their names are in stylised capital letters that have been fitted or painted above the main entrances. From open apartment windows and doors beyond low and high balconies the sounds of people, switched on televisions and radios playing music can be heard from the street level as the girls walk past the first couple of buildings. They pass people who are arriving or leaving their home buildings, either alone or accompanied by their partner Pokémon. Coming home from work, from school, or leaving to go out for an evening walk or jog, perhaps to meet up with friends to spend the rest of the night with.

    "Eugene Court, no, Courtney Flats, not that one," says Gina, reading off the apartment names from one entrance to the next. "Maybe we should've asked for the specific location, how many apartment buildings we would pass first before reaching the one we're looking for."

    "I'm sure it's not too far," Janice replies, checking the names of the buildings across the road, "at least I hope we won't have to walk...too far...there." She suddenly stops, facing two identical apartment blocks that have a wide, black painted electric gate along the ground between them. Above the entrance for each block, lit by floodlights fixed to the wall, is the name Graham Heights in an overcast grey colour. The Starters who are a few paces up the street look back and after seeing Janice and Gina standing, looking across the road, they hurry back to join them.

    "Aha, so there you are," Gina says, relieved to have found their destination. "Graham Heights. I wasn't expecting two blocks, wow. And with an electric gate too. Not bad."

    "And now we just have to find out which one has Number 8," Janice ponders, looking from one block to the other. "Let's start with the left one." The girls and their Pokémon cross the road, headed for the left block. In front of the entrance is a barred iron door, similar to the door of a cell, with peeling flakes of faded white paint still attached on a couple of the thin bars. The door is has been left slightly open by the last person to enter or leave the building, so the girls are able to walk into the brightly lit ground floor lobby. On the right just after passing through the door, the girls see the reception desk. Behind it are three rows of five square wooden letter boxes. On the lids of each box, which have a small round nob on the right side with a keyhole below it, is a brass number. They are in an ascending order, starting from the right letter box of the bottom row to the left letter box of the top row. Much to the girls' disappointment, the first letter box is labelled with the number 16. They walk out and hurry over to the next apartment block. The lobby is just as brightly as the previous one and just as spaced, however in this building the reception desk is on the left side from the entrance. Even before the girls arrive in the lobby, they can hear some noise coming from there - the noise of a radio that is on.

    When they enter the reception area they are surprised to not find anyone by the desk, only a shoebox-sized silver portable radio that sits on the desk top and positioned at an angle that is halfway between facing the entrance and whoever would be seated behind the desk. On the right side of the entrance, across from the desk are the side-by-side doors of the men's and women's rooms. Only the door to the men's room is slightly ajar.

    "...And now fans, we are moments away from our second main event match. A match that promises to be another incredible encounter after that fantastic Gym Battle which we just witnessed!" says an excited commentator, whose lively voice is sent out from the radio. Wherever the commentator is broadcasting from, there is the rising and falling roar of a massive crowd as the people make their presence heard and felt even through the radio. "Coming up next, it's a Rankings Battle between two Essentials: defending his position of Rank 9 is the Poison Essential, 'Royal Alchemist' Spencer, taking on the Steel Essential Rank 10, 'Iron Will' Lucretia! I can't wait for this, you better get yourselves ready because it is going to be a show-stealer."

    The girls stop in front of the desk and check the letter boxes on the wall behind the desk. The numbers here ascend from the left letter box in the bottom row to the right letter box in the top row. Number 8 is at the center of in the middle row, indicating that the corresponding apartment is on the next floor. The girls exchange pleased smiles and as they start to leave the desk for the staircase a few paces ahead, the flush of toilet in the men's room almost cuts through the sound of the radio. The girls glance at the door then at each other, understanding now why there wasn't someone at the desk and they quietly giggle as they continue towards the steps. By the time the girls are halfway up the steps, a security guard shuffles out of the lavatory - a middle-aged man in a khaki brown short-sleeved uniform shirt and pants - fastening his belt and glad to have made it back out in time to catch the big match on the radio.

    The girls and their Pokémon step onto the first floor and find a corridor extending in front of them. Doors to each apartment are on the left and a concrete barricade topped with an iron railing is on the right, running the length of corridor. From the barricade a view of the surrounding neighbourhood can be seen: outdoor and indoor lights from several houses are on now against the darkening sky and emerging stars, a view the girls take a moment to enjoy before proceeding along the corridor and following the numbers on each door. They pass Number 6 and Number 7 then stop in front of Number 8. On the left side of the doorway is a cream coloured circular button. Janice and Gina see it then trade quick looks.

    "I'll do it if you won't," Gina tells her friend, grinning. Janice matches Gina's challenging eyes with her own as she presses the button for the doorbell. An electric shrill rings from inside the apartment, lasting as briefly as Janice's finger presses the button, and immediately following the doorbell is a single bark from somewhere inside the apartment. A deep boom of a bark that catches the girls by surprise and they take a step back from the door, Chikorita and Mudkip back away as well, caution rising. There's the thudding of heavy feet and the sound of sniffing under the door. Another bark, now just behind the door. The girls glance at each other, Gina's grin has been replaced by a look of growing worry. Janice matches that look, as she starts to wonder if maybe they got the wrong address? Does Trevor really live at Number 8, with whatever barked just now? As these questions pass between the girls, someone speaks from inside the apartment, trying to discourage the creature behind the door from getting too excited, but that only draws a third bark. The girls start to relax now because they recognise the voice of the speaker, who reaches the door, unlocks it and opens it inward part way and looks out to see his visitors. Trevor's eyes widen in disbelief.


    "Ehehe, hi Trevor," Janice says in greeting, not having anticipated the shocked expression on his face. She tries not laugh, giving him a smile instead.

    "Surprise~" says Gina, glad to see him and she offers a little shrug as if to say, "Yup, we're here." Even with the door slightly opened, sounds from inside the apartment can be heard: The familiar sound of cooking and the voices of two people in the middle of a conversation - a radio.

    "How, how did you two even get here? Who gave you my address?" Trevor asks in a raised whisper, sounding surprised with a hint of confusion and no trace of anger. His wide eyes and high eyebrows look from Gina to Janice hoping for an answer. Janice clears her throat before giving Gina a quick glance then facing Trevor.

    "Well, we got your address from Professor Pine," she starts slowly, "and as for how we got here...we, umm, well, we walked...?" The last part ends comes out almost as a question, like she's asking him if it would be so strange that two people Trevor just met earlier today have walked up to the door of his flat. This gets a blink for Trevor as he processes.

    "Trevie? Who's that at the door?" A woman's voice asks from inside the apartment, just loud enough to be heard above whatever is being cooked.

    "Trevie?" repeats Gina, like she has just found something worth her immediate interest. The comical look Trevor gives her simply says, "Don't even start." He looks over his shoulder into the apartment and says to the woman, "It's just my friends, Gran."

    "Yeah Trevie, it's just your friends," Gina giggles, earning a swift little nudge from Janice who can see how much Gina is starting to enjoy this. Trevor turns back to face the girls and before he can respond, Gran answers:

    "Your friends? Are they staying long? Supper is almost ready, they can join us if they are staying."

    The girls turn to each other in surprise then to Trevor who mirrors their expressions.

    "We won't be long," Janice says to him animatedly, hoping that she and Gina aren't being a bother. "I just thought it would be a nice idea to ask if you wanted to come with us to the Park later. Gina says there are live performances there, so we were going to catch one. You wanna tag--"

    "After supper," Gina cuts in, nudging her friend back.

    "Gina!" Janice says in a loud whisper, giving her an incredulous look.

    "Jan, we came here to see Trevor right? We've seen him and now Gran has invited us to supper if we are staying. So..." Gina gives Janice a reassuring pat on the arm, links it with her own and flashes Trevor a winning smile. "...it looks like we're joining you for supper, Trev. Shall we?"

    Janice's incredulous look melts, though her mouth stays open as if she wants to say something but doesn't have the words. She turns to Trevor, who's also at a loss for words as he looks from her to Gina one more time before stepping back and opening the door wider for the girls. With Trevor out of the way, they are met by the Pokémon that barked a few moments ago: purple in colour, standing on its two hind legs and with an expression of curious wonder on its intimidating face as it eyes Janice and Gina, and their Pokémon.

    "Granbull, the Fairy Pokémon," one of the girls' Pokédexes says, "the evolved form of Snubbull. A Fairy-type Pokémon with the Quick Feet Ability, which raises Granbull's Speed if it has a status condition. Granbull has a particularly well-developed lower jaw. The enormous fangs are heavy, causing the Pokémon to tip its head back for balance. As long as it is not provoked, it rarely bites. Granbull's current level is unreadable."

    "You can come on in," Trevor says and when he sees the group showing some hesitation he adds,"It's okay, she won't bite. Granbull's expression becomes friendly, she gives the guests a welcoming bark and makes way for them to enter the apartment. Feeling at ease now, it's Chikorita and Mudkip who surprise their Trainers by going in first and follow after Granbull down the short passageway from the front door into the kitchen where the sounds of cooking and the radio discussion are coming from. A thrilled "Pika!" greets the Starters when Pikachu sees them arrive.

    "Well now, who do we have here in my kitchen? Some new friends of yours eh, Granbull?" Trevor's grandmother can be heard saying and there's a confirmation from the Fairy Pokémon. Janice and Gina exchange happy looks as Trevor closes the door behind them and says, "Erm, you can head into the living room. It's through that doorway on the right." The passageway, clean walled on either side and smoothly carpeted, leads to the living room first then the kitchen before turning left and proceeding to the rest of the apartment. The living room that the girls find is carpeted too and neatly furnished with four sofas: two singles that are on the right from the doorway, with a small wooden coffee table between them; one double sofa further to the right facing the left side of the room and another double sofa facing the doorway. In the middle of the room is a polished, rectangular wooden table that is topped by a square table cloth and a stack of magazines. In front of the left side wall stands a sturdy wooden cabinet in which sits a flat-screen television set.

    "Yeah, this is it. Welcome," Trevor says to the girls as they check the room out. "Sit anywhere, get comfy and I'll be with you in five minutes. Just gotta--"

    "Help me finish preparing supper, of course." The girls and Trevor turn around and find his grandmother standing in the doorway, drying her hands on a sunny orange apron that she's wearing over a flower patterned red dress. A tall woman, rounded by age yet she still stands straight-backed, full of vigour and she eyes the girls with a look not too far away from the same intrigued look a teacher might give to her newest students. "Are these your friends, Trevie?"

    "Oh, Gran," Trevor looks from her to the girls then back to his grandmother, a little startled by her sudden presence, "...yes, they are. Let me introduce them. This is Janice and this is Gina." The girls shake hands with grandmother then Trevor says to them, "This is my Gran Lola."

    "Pleased to meet you Gran," says Janice, "thank you for inviting us to supper."

    "I'm delighted to have you join us, dear," Gran Lola beams.

    "Trevor didn't tell us that he lives with you, this is quite the surprise," says Gina, delivering a playful poke to Trevor's arm. Given the chance Trevor would hide his face, but right now he tries to play it cool with a sheepish grin.

    "Is that right, Trevie?" Gran Lola asks him, seeing the grin. "Too shy to tell them about your old lady at home?"

    "Gran...!" Even if he sank into the floor, that wouldn't save Trevor from blushing even brighter and this just makes the girls snigger.

    "Well we'll talk all about it while we eat," Gran Lola says cheerfully as she turns back to return to the kitchen, "so come along and help me get everything ready." Trevor follows after Gran Lola before turning to the girls and gesturing Five Minutes with his hand. As Trevor leaves the living room Granbull arrives with Pikachu, Chikorita and Mudkip. To the girls' surprise, each of the Pokémon has brought a little something from the kitchen. Pikachu greets the girls, happy to see them again.

    "Oh look what they've got Gina, Lava Cookies!" Janice laughs, seeing the look of pride on Chikorita's face as she carries the treat on her leaf and makes her way to one of the double sofas. Pikachu takes the Lava Cookie and once the Starters are all comfortable and settled on the sofa, she hands it back to Chikorita and they dig in.

    "And none for us, Jan," Gina shakes her head in mock disappointment, "that's what we get for not running straight to the kitchen." She reaches over as if to snatch Mudkip's Lava Cookie, but Mudkip playfully keeps way from Gina. "Maybe Gran will give us some for dessert," Gina sticks her tongue out at him and grins. Seeing their Pokémon looking right at home and enjoying some sweet food warms up the girls, making them glad that they came here. A low meow comes from the doorway and the girls are met by another Pokémon.

    "Delcatty, the Prim Pokémon," states Gina's Pokédex, "the evolved form of Skitty. A Normal-type Pokémon with the Wonder Skin Hidden Ability, which makes status moves used on Delcatty more likely to miss. Delcatty prefers to live an unfettered existence in which it can do as it pleases at its own pace. It dislikes dirty places, and because this Pokémon eats and sleeps whenever it decides, its daily routines are completely random. Delcatty's current level is unreadable."

    "Hey to you too," Janice says, acknowledging the feline Pokémon.

    "Aren't you rather cute, huh?" Gina says, admiring Delcatty and its well groomed fur. Delcatty greets the girls back with another mellow meow before scanning the room. After watching the other Pokémon enjoying their treats for a few seconds Delcatty quietly strolls away to the kitchen.

    "Just how many more Pokémon are here anyway?" Gina says, amused as she watching Delcatty leave.

    "Maybe a lot more," Janice replies, also amused. "I guess Granbull and Delcatty are Gran's Pokémon, so she could have others."

    "As if this isn't a full house already," Gina says when she settles down near the sofa and teases the Pokémon while they eat their Lava Cookies. Janice approaches the wooden cabinet that houses the television set and has a closer look at what's on top of it: the remote control for the television - a long oval shaped device dotted with multicoloured buttons on its front side - and three framed photos.

    "Gina, come see this." Gina turns at the sound of her friend's voice, gets up and joins Janice by the cabinet. Before she asks what Janice wants her to see, Gina's eyes fall on the middle photo. It shows Trevor and four other people standing just outside the Pokémon Research Society building: a bespectacled man in a brown business suit stands on Trevor's left and a woman in a grey business suit, whose dark hair has been styled up into a high bun, stands on Trevor's right. Next to the man is Professor Pine and next to the woman is Gran Lola, who looks like an older version of her. In front of the five people are Pikachu, Porygon, Granbull and Delcatty. The photo was taken on a sunny day, and everyone in the photo gives the camera their best smile, with Trevor having the brightest one as he holds up a brand new lab coat.

    "Wow," says Gina in almost a whisper. "Is that...?"

    "Yeah, I think it is," replies Janice, "Trevor with his parents, Gran Lola and Professor Pine. This must have been the day he got into the Pokémon Research Society. He looks so happy."

    "He does, doesn't he? His big first day." Gina glances at the other photos. One is a wedding photo showing bride and groom happily gazing into each other's eyes, and the other photo is of Gran Lola watching over a sleeping baby cradled in her arms.

    "Baby Trevie," Gina cooes when she holds it for a closer look. A moment later Trevor walks into living room and finds the girls looking at the photos.

    "Erm," he clears his throat, catching their attention. "Supper's ready. We'll have it in the kitchen, let's go." Seeing the girls still carrying their Trainer Bags, he points to one of the sofas and says, "You can leave your Bags there, don't worry about them." The girls drop their Bags on the sofa and together with the Pokémon they follow Trevor out of the living room.

    "You were a lot cuter as a baby," Gina teases, giving the photo one more look on the way out. "What happened to that guy?" Janice chortles and even Trevor can't help himself from joining in because the comment caught him unaware.

    "What do you mean 'what happened'? I'm still that guy," he tells her with a hint of pride.

    "Nah, I don't see it. Baby Trevie was adorable. Current Trevie? Okay at best." The three friends laugh together and when they enter the kitchen, Janice and Gina's appetites are aroused by the variety of food that has been set on the table in the middle of the room: cooked vegetables in one dish, salads in a bowl next to it, followed by dishes containing soup, rice, potatoes and meat. Encircled by the food are a short stack of plates, a collection of stainless utensils, four empty tumblers and two glass jugs. One jug holds water and the other contains fruit juice. The tiled kitchen is brightly lit by a long fluorescent tube on the ceiling, bathing the room in a soft white-blueish light. In front of the left side of the kitchen stands a refrigerator with a few magnets on the door. Next to it is a sink, already filled with soapy water and used cooking utensils waiting to be cleaned after supper. Above the sink is a wide window, now hidden by drawn kitchen curtains. To the right from the sink area is the kitchen counter, on it sits the radio as it sounds out an ongoing discussion between Professor Oak and Professor Elm about the newly discovered phenomenon known as Terastallisation. Four plates full of food are also on the counter, with a fifth one on the floor and already being eaten from by Delcatty. Past the counter is a closed door that leads out to a balcony. Lining the right side and part of the south side of the kitchen are top cupboards, drawers and bottom cupboards. The rest of the south side has a sturdy stove in front of it. A clean and well cared for kitchen that the girls take a moment to gaze at.

    "Come on in, it's all ready," Gran Lola says as she takes the plates off the counter and lays them on the floor next to Delcatty. The other Pokémon make their way over there and get started on their supper. The old woman then turns to the teenagers and draws their attention to the table set for them. "Take anything you like, as much as you like. There's enough for everyone." She hands out plates and gestures for the teenagers to begin dishing.

    "This looks amazing Gran, you went all out making this," says Janice, picking up a fork and looking around the table, figuring out what she'll get first.

    "With plenty of help from Trevie. I can't take all the credit," Gran Lola replies as she pours herself a glass of fruit juice. "He's learning fast, maybe one of these days he'll prepare us something."

    "Really?" asks Gina, a little impressed. "You'd do that for us? Make us something?"

    "I'm not that good yet," Trevor says, giving his grandmother a look of mock annoyance as he gets his food, "but if you don't mind some sandwiches, I'll make you those next time."

    "He's just being modest," Gran Lola chuckles and shaking her head at him, "too shy to show off for his friends." Trevor rolls his eyes and laughs with the girls. Once everyone has dished their food, they get seated around the table and after the teenagers thank Gran Lola for preparing the food, the eating begins. It is a delicious meal, homecooked and made with care, reminding Janice of home. Complimenting the food is the lively conversation that the four of them have, starting with the girls telling Gran Lola about their journey so far and how they met Trevor.

    "You're both from Percival City?" Gran Lola is pleased to learn this and rather surprised because she had been under the impression that Janice and Gina were locals, perhaps even former classmates of her grandson's. "That's a lovely place by the sea." She lets out a small sigh as her memories of the city come swimming back to her. "I can still smell the air and hear the sounds around there, unforgettable. It's been a while since I last went there, I would stop by to visit an old friend of mine at least a couple of times a week when I had free time."

    "An old friend?" asks Janice.

    "Yes, my dear friend Maggie," the old woman says with a smile. The girls' eyes brighten when they both recognise the name of their former Gym Leader.

    "Gran Margaret," Gina confirms, "that's so cool. How long have you known each other?"

    "Years and years, we are of a similar age. I met her when I was just starting out as a Move Tutor and she had begun leading your Gym." Gran Lola shakes her head swirling with flashing moments from long gone days and that makes her laugh a little. "Two young women with big ideas and so much zeal for their jobs, what a crazy time that was. In many other regions if you needed the services of a Move Tutor or Move Deleter or Move Relearner or any other specialist, you'd have to visit them in their hometown. Over here we did the travelling and that's what made our jobs fun." She takes a sip of her fruit juice and gives the teenagers a little shrug. "But you eventually grow too old to do all that moving about and trekking across Petra, my time certainly came and I retired. By then my daughter Nina, Trevie's mother, was already married and expecting. I wanted to be there for her and my grandchild." She glances at Trevor and sees him smile. "Besides," she says, turning back to the girls, "there are Officials from the League now and each of them is trained to do the same jobs that we did during our time, and I think that is some wonderful progress. Every now and again, some of them stop by for a visit and we share stories from the road. It's amazing to hear how things have changed and yet the thrill of going to different places and meeting different people is still very much alive and well, I see it when I hear from those Officials. I'm proud of each and every one of them, they are going out there and doing good work."

    "We met one in the afternoon," Gina tells her, "Mr. Wesley. He was really helpful and we learned a lot from him." Gran Lola nods, pleased.

    Supper continues with more stories from the girls about the Gym Battle and meeting the Looter, which shocks Gran Lola and Trevor until they hear that the girls got their Badges back thanks to Harold.

    "I was worried for him at first," Janice says as she thinks back to that scene, "he was still at Level 12 when he showed up and that Trainer was at Level 18. How was Harold going to battle him like that?"

    "Then he brought out his team," Gina continues, still amazed by what she witnessed, "and his Trainer Level just started going up and up until...until we couldn't see it anymore. I didn't know that could happen."

    "Even the Pokédexes didn't know what levels his Pokémon were," Janice says. "They knew that the Trainer and his Pokémon were Level 18, but for some reason they said..."

    "Unreadable," Gina adds while Janice nods. She looks over at Granbull and Delcatty, seeing them interacting with the Starters. "That's what the Pokédexes said for Granbull and Delcatty too, unreadable. I didn't get it until Mr. Wesley explained everything."

    "Did he tell you about Gym Leaders having other teams?" Gran Lola asks the girls. They exchange looks then both shake their heads.

    "I didn't know about that either," Trevor says, "why do they have other teams?"

    "Those are their strongest Pokémon," Gran Lola tells him and his friends. "They've been there from the time before that person became a Gym Leader, in some cases even their Starters are part of those teams. The Pokémon that you see in Gym battles are just the ones currently being trained by the Gym Leader, that's why they are low levelled. There are always Trainers who return to previous Gyms that they've challenged before in search for rematches, usually much later on in their journeys when they have become much more experienced. This is the time when Gym Leaders will face those Trainers with their best teams." The three teens take this information in. Even though he is on the path to becoming a Pokémon researcher in the future, Trevor has known that he still has to challenge the Gyms. He can't receive a Trainer Card without having the first Badge, and without a Trainer Card he won't be able to travel very far since it serves as identification. His work will demand that he travel a lot and in some cases travel quite far. However, the idea of battling the Gym Leaders again at some point had not crossed his mind until Gran Lola brought it up just now. As for Janice, she immediately thinks of Janet and remembers how she wasn't keen on bringing her siblings along to the Gym because Janet thought they would disturb her while she was working. As a result of this, Janice did not get to see what Pokémon big sis has and find out how strong they are. If Janet has more Pokémon, Janice wonders, would she accept a rematch challenge from her?

    "The rematches are not to be taken lightly," Gran Lola adds with caution, "Gym Leaders and their Pokémon won't have to hold anything back in those battles and this has been a harsh lesson for many overconfident Trainers who decide to attempt fighting Gym Leaders again after convincing themselves that they are strong enough." She shakes her head with a regretful smile. "It happened during my day and it still happens now, some things will never change."

    "We don't have to do them, right? These rematches?" Gina asks, trying to imagine herself being strong enough to face Harold once more. The image isn't clear but she can still make out the shadowy figures of Venusaur and the long-necked Exeggutor.

    "You don't," Gran Lola assures her, "they are just another mountain in the distance waiting for the truly prepared to scale it. You can simply enjoy the view of that mountain, there's no shame in that. I certainly did."

    "Really, Gran?" Trevor is surprised. He has always believed that his grandmother was a skilled Trainer even several years after she retired from her Move Tutor job, with Granbull and Delcatty as the living testaments of how good Lola is. After hearing about rematches Trevor could've entertained the possibility of Lola having gone back to the Gyms at some point in the past.

    "Yes Trevie, really," Gran Lola replies happily, "I just didn't have the motivation to battle Gym Leaders again." She laughs. "Travelling around took up most of my time and it was way more interesting. No, my dear young Trainers, you don't have to compete in the rematches...but as for travelling, you most certainly have to do that."

    During dessert, which was as served as strawberry ice cream, Gran Lola tells the teenagers a few stories from her Move Tutor days. It was a time when one didn't have a lot of technology to rely on like now, meaning that one had to rely on themselves, their Pokémon and the skills that both Trainer and Pokémon had. There were plenty of paths and routes which had not been discovered and explored yet which made trips both exciting and rather dangerous. Of course, Gran Lola doesn't go into too much detail in some of those stories - no matter how much the teenagers urged her - because she hopes the teenagers to travel along the paths and routes that she did and find things out for themselves. Those stories which the old woman is particular about are mostly from her trips across the eastern half of the Petra region.

    After supper and dessert, with Gran Lola, Granbull and Delcatty in the livingroom watching TV, Janice and Gina are still in the kitchen helping Trevor with the dishes. Trevor washes them, Gina dries them and Janice puts them away in the cupboards. By now another program is being aired on the radio, a show co-hosted by two women who are chatting with a guest that claims to have met a certain legendary Trainer from Pallet Town.

    "Thanks for supper Trevor," says Janice as she receives a collection of utensils from Gina who nods in agreement.

    "Next time we're definitely eating something that you whip up, okay Trev?" Gina says playfully, leaning against the counter next to the sink and waiting for a set of plates on a rack to finish dripping before she wipes them dry with a dish towel. Trevor glances at her with a raised eyebrow and shakes his head.

    "How about next time we eat something that you help me whip up, okay?" he suggests, smirking. "That way we'll find out if your cooking skills are as good as your table manners." Janice bursts out laughing while Gina smacks Trevor on the arm with the dish towel, her eyes and mouth wide open in mock indignation. The look is enough to make Trevor join Janice.

    "Cheeky," she replies as she starts laughing too.

    "Her cooking's pretty good if she's in the mood," Janice says a few moments later when they've settled back into the dish work. "You'll end up out of the kitchen if you let her get super into it, so you better show us what you can do."

    "Is that a challenge?" Trevor asks her, before placing the last remaining utensils in a holder that's next to the rack.

    "Impress us," Gina challenges him, her nose in the air like a high class lady expecting above-spectacular service. "That way we'll find out if your cooking is as good as mine." Trevor pauses scrubbing one pot and looks from Gina to Janice then back to Gina as he goes over what she has just said. He turns back to the pot and continues scrubbing.

    "Fine. I'll make something for you next time," he says to the girls and by the tone of his voice, they can tell that he is looking forward to the task. Gina turns to Janice with a grin and winks, showing Janice that she is more than satisfied with this. Janice grins right back.

    After all the cookware has been washed, dried and put away, Trevor leads the girls back to the livingroom where they left their Bags. Supper has been eaten, dessert has been had and now it is time for Janice and Gina to be on their way. They thank Gran Lola for inviting them to stay and join her and Trevor.

    "I'm really glad you stopped by to visit Trevie," Gran Lola says to them, "it was a pleasure to meet you. The evening is still young, where are you off to now?" The girls turn to each other, exchange sheepish smiles and turn back to Gran Lola.

    "We're going to Ferris Park to attend the concerts," Janice says, before facing Trevor and saying to him, "but we came by here first because we wanted to ask you to come along."

    "So what do you say?" Gina asks Trevor. He is speechless, remembering that he didn't give the girls a response when they met him outside.

    "Oh the concerts at the Park, that should be fun!" exclaims Gran Lola happily. She turns to her grandson and says, "I think you'll have a great time there Trevie. Go on." Trevor looks from the girls to his grandmother. Gran Lola smiles and gives him a nod of approval. To the girls she then asks, "Do you need to freshen up before you leave?"

    "Absolutely!" says Gina, beaming.

    "First door on your right along the passage," replies Gran Lola and she watches the girls walk out of the livingroom, leaving her, Trevor and the Pokémon.

    "You'll be okay, Gran?" Trevor asks, "you sure I can go?"

    "Of course you can go. I'll be fine. Granbull and Delcatty are with me and there's the television to keep us company," says Gran Lola, shaking the remote control at Trevor. "Go have a good time with Janice and Gina." Trevor smiles and gives Gran Lola a quick hug before hurrying to his room to get ready.

    Minutes later Janice, Gina, Trevor and their Pokémon are walking out of the apartment building, chatting away and eating Lava Cookies that Gran Lola gave them as they were leaving. Gina has been to Ferris Park's northeast section before and she cannot wait to show her friends what that area is like. The vibe, the atmosphere and the live musical performances which feature a variety of artists, bands and genres. Gina's excitement easily rubs off on Janice and Trevor, they are looking forward to finding out what will be played tonight.

    As the teens and their Pokémon head off for a night of fun in Graham City, a woman knocks once before opening the door to an office at the headquarters of Petra Pokémon League.

    "Sir?" the woman says after looking into the office and finding its occupant: a man seated behind a broad and polished desk, reading through a small collection of typed reports. He looks up and sees the woman at the door.

    "Come in Ms. Goldspenn," he says. "What is it?"

    "I've brought the Essentials' updated rankings list," Ms. Goldspenn tells the man as she closes the door behind her and walks over to the desk. She holds out a tablet computer to the man. He takes the tablet and looks at the screen which displays a detailed text document that lists eighteen names in the order of first rank at the top to last rank at the bottom. Included with each name is information about the length of time the person has held that rank for, whom they defeated to take up that rank as well as the date and location of that battle.

    "Have they been notified?" the man asks as he reads the list.

    "They were notified as soon as the list was updated."

    In a school library somewhere in the region, an old man is seated in a circle of childen who are listening attentively as he reads to them from a book of fantastic myths and legends. Floating above the old man's head is a sleeping Jigglypuff, bobbing up and down slowly like a tethered balloon.

    Rank #1, the Fairy Essential: "Fabled Druid" Quinceworth IV.

    Through a heavy rainstorm far out at sea, miles off of the eastern coast of the region, a man flies on the back of a large Pokémon. Together they lead a small group of men and women who are also flying on the backs of Pokémon that share the same type.

    Rank #2, the Dragon Essential: "Devourer" Octavian.

    High above the western coast of the region, where the weather is much more pleasant and calm, an airship cruises along at a steady pace. A big rave party is going on in the airship's banquet hall and watching over this event from the comfort of a massive couch on a raised stage at one end of the hall is a man in the company of four beautiful women.

    Rank #3, the Flying Essential: "空の王 Sora no Oh/Sky King" Chono.

    A young couple are seated at a table in an antiques shop, curious to know if the woman seated across from them at the same table has answers to their questions about their love life and future. Floating above the woman's right side is a Solrock and floating above the woman's left side is a Lunatone.

    Rank #4, the Psychic Essential: "Star-Eyed Wonder" Monica.

    Out on the balcony of a lavish mansion that stands on a hill overlooking a snow-blanketed, lively city is a warmly dressed man sharing a glass of chilled wine with his lovely date. A Froslass races across the snow on a slope below the balcony, chased around by a companion Pokémon.

    Rank #5, the Ice Essential: "The Northman" Byron.

    A group of students and their teacher exchange bows of respect with a woman and her Hitmonlee after a healthy but friendly sparring session at a dojo.

    Rank #6, the Fighting Essential: "Queen of the Ring" Idah Rosa (ring name).

    For the third time in a row, the cards which make up a winning hand are laid out on a table in dramatic fashion by a richly dressed woman who laughs at her stunned opponents. A Sableye stands next to her, observing the card game with mild curiosity.

    Rank #7, the Dark Essential: "Lady Luck" Elizabeth.

    Much singing and merrymaking can be heard from a lodge located near the center of the region. Leading the singing is a man in high spirits, celebrating yet another successful hiking expedition.

    Rank #8, the Ground Essential: "Son of the Earth" Moses.

    Classical music plays throughout a laboratory while a man works, handling a number of what would be considered very hazardous chemicals. Any dangerous vapours emitted by these materials are easily neutralised by a Galarian Weezing that quietly floats around the lab, enjoying the timeless sounds.

    Rank #9, the Poison Essential: "Royal Alchemist" Spencer.

    Although the evening hasn't completely gone her way, the woman sharing a glass of chilled wine with Byron is in a much better mood now than she was an hour before. The good wine and the good company are to be thanked for that. Chasing after Froslass in the snow is a Steelix.

    Rank #10, the Steel Essential: "Iron Will" Lucretia.

    A nun kneels with head bowed and hands clasped in silent prayer before a raised altar in a church. The large colourful stained glass window high up behind the altar depicts the mythical Original One in mid-gallop. Every now and again the nun's shadow stirs.

    Rank #11, the Ghost Essential: "Spirit Manacle" Marian.

    A middle-aged man in the signature hat and trenchcoat of a hardboiled investigator strides through the rain swept streets of a night time metropolis, whistling a melancholic tune as he remembers some old cases. Hopping along beside him is a Politoed, thinking of croaking up a tune of its own to summon weather that fits the mood.

    Rank #12, the Water Essential: "Endless Rain" Templeman.

    On the rooftop of one office building within the forest of skyscrapers in that same metropolis, an older man and his Electivire meditate without any disturbance from the sounds of the busy traffic below them.

    Rank #13, the Electric Essential: "Thunder Cloud" Jethroh.

    A younger man mounted on a swift moving Rapidash races up a mountain trail, following after a procession of singers that is being led by a dancing maiden.

    Rank #14, the Fire Essential: "Eye of the Sun" Enzo.

    A woman sits by the fountain in the middle of Ferris Park, admiring the shrubs and bushes that have been shaped to resemble various Pokémon - the work of her dear husband - while a Jumpluff uses one of its moves to make flowers bloom from them.

    Rank #15, the Grass Essential: "Bountiful Blessing" Vivian.

    Praying next to the nun is her older sister, dressed in more casual clothing and accompanied by a Kecleon that's keeping one open eye on the nun's unsteady shadow.

    Rank #16, the Normal Essential: "Most Favoured Balance" Miriam.

    A popular media influencer and her Ledian livestream their latest video to the millions of screens of her followers.

    Rank #17, the Bug Essential: "Hive Queen" Jessica.

    Rather than join her father on his latest hiking expedition, this woman and her Golem have chosen instead to continue exploring the underground tunnels and chambers of the massive cave known as Grand Granite.

    Rank #18, the Rock Essential: "Stonestorm" April.

    End of Chapter 09 Friends.

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    File Data Saved.

    **Chapter Notes**


    - Pewter City/Viridian City/Saffron City [FR/LG] (Graham City theme)
    - Jubilife City (Night) [D/P/P] (Graham Heights theme)
    - Lake Crater [D/P/P] (A meeting at Petra Pokémon League HQ theme)

    A Pocket full of Yen
    Officially, the currency which is used in the games is called Pokémon Dollar. Seems simple enough, but I wanted something much more clever that doesn't need one to think very hard about because it's right there in the name of the franchise...and so the Petra region's currency was born, the almight Pokén :) I don't know if there are any other Pokémon fanfics that have it as their in-universe money, but if you know of such stories feel free to show me. I like the name, it's cool, it's easy to remember and it even sounds like something small enough to fit in one's pocket, whether it's money or a popular collectable item.

    Graham East
    This area of Graham City is based on my old neighbourhood, where I spent the first 8 years of my life. We lived in a flat that was along the highway which led to the airport, so every now and again the former President's motorcade would speed past and we would be out there watching it go, hoping to see him wave back. Across the road from the apartment buildings there was a major rugby field, that's where New Year's fireworks would be held. Fun times.

    The Fresh Princess of Percival
    In case there are any readers who have forgotten, Gina is an ojou - the daughter of a wealthy family. I came up with the scene where she tells Janice about the phone call as a way to remind those readers while also revealing the name of Gina's mother and throwing in a little pop reference to a classic sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Bonus points to those of you who might have wondered if Gina is actually the short for her formal name Regina, you were spot on. Just don't call her Reggie though, she blows a gasket every time Ryan does :D (and usually it's when she's been on her high horse for way too long...somebody has to bring her down to earth somehow).

    Move Tutor Lola
    She is a character that appeared in the previous versions of the story as an active Move Tutor that Janice and Gina met after they earned their Green Badges. Unlike traditional Move Tutors who demand payment in the form of Mushrooms, Shards or Heart Scales for their services, Lola offered her services to Trainers if they have Badges. This time round I decided to change her up and have her as a retired Move Tutor who also happens to be Trevor's grandmother. A much more interesting take on the character that I thought would help to give you a brief peek into the world of JoJ. If anyone would like to write up a spin-off based on Lola's time as a travelling Move Tutor you can give it a try, even if it's a limited series of a few chapters. Let's see what you can come up with :)

    Ra-Di-Oak! King of Airwaves
    Because the world of JoJ is set in the current generation of the franchise, I like showing that time has passed and changes have happened elsewhere. We might not get mainline games which revisit previous regions and show us what they look like in the current generation but I can try to do that through this story, so in this chapter we got Professor Oak's radio program Pokémon Talk as an example. You might still remember the original show, it was hosted by Oak and DJ Mary (and if one NPC is to be believed, it was not a live broadcast). In JoJ, Oak now hosts the show with Prof. Elm and it is a live broadcast (released in podcast form a short while later, with show notes and everything). DJ Mary and DJ Ben at some point in the past moved up to take over as co-directors of the Johto Radio Tower after the previous Director retired.

    Totally Red!
    The other radio program that was in this chapter, Totally Red!, is my idea. It is a local production that is hosted by two long time friends who grew up in Kanto then moved to Petra. Earlier episodes of the show were about them sharing stories about Red from their time back home, both personal stories and stories from people who had either seen him or had the chance to talk to him. As the show grew popular and reached other regions, the hosts began interviewing guests who had stories to tell about Red in places as far away as Galar. No sightings of him in Paldea or Petra (yet). I thought it would be an interesting radio show, one episode could feature former Silph Co. employees who were there when Team Rocket was still very active and another episode might have someone who witnessed Red capture the Red Gyarados at the Lake of Rage. Stories like that can help to maintain the aura, the mystique and the legend of Red, a character that I imagine to be always on the move to discover new places, encounter new Pokémon, learn new things and meet interesting people. The thought of having canon characters make appearances in JoJ has crossed my mind many times for this version of JoJ, so there's a good chance of some appearances. In the walkthrough version I had Eusine, Morty and one of the Kimono Girls as part of the story, you can check out that version to find out what their roles were.

    2 B An Essential
    This is one of those ideas that you get sometimes which doesn't disappear. It sticks around long enough for you to write it down and you can work on it until you are ready to share it with your audience. The Essential Eighteen are the strongest Type Specialist Trainers in the region. Gym Leaders, the Elite Four and the Type Masters from Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee are examples of such Trainers and their reasons for training their signature types are usually based on personal preference. With the Essential Eighteen it goes beyond personal preference because each of these Trainers developed a natural affinity to the type that they train. There will be a character a few chapters ahead who will go into more detail about the Essentials, for now I just wanted to showcase them. Nice idea but it's the execution of it that's more important, so I will handle this with care and hope you'll give it a chance because things could get a lot more interesting thanks to the Essentials. I drew inspiration for these characters from groups such as the Shichibukai/Seven Warlords of the Sea from One Piece, a colourful cast of individuals with varying personalities, goals, motivations and ambitions. I enjoyed creating the Essentials and was really looking forward to debuting them. Yes indeed, JoJ has shifted into Gear Second now :)

    I had originally planned on writing Chapters 9 and 10 then releasing both on the same day, but while I was still writing Chapter 9 my previous computer was damaged by a power cut and I lost track for a while afterwards. The one positive thing which came out of that time away was I got the chance to organise my notes for the story. There had just been notes for 9 and 10 but now I've got material going up to what is currently labelled as Chapter 16. I even went back and read some chapters of "version 1" (version 0 being the walkthrough version) and it was exactly what I needed to get creative and motivated again. I'm sorry for the delay and for not delivering two chapters as planned, I hope Chapter 9 has made up for this. Thank you for your patience and for reading this chapter. Bye for now.
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