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[Essentials] Project Azurite is recruiting!

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Project Title: Pokémon Azurite

Kit used: Pokémon Essentials (currently v20.1)

Project description: Azurite is an ambitious fangame project made with love and has been in development for several years.

It aims to stay close to the classic Pokémon formula by sending the player on a journey through the region of Kuria to discover new Pokémon species, tackle the Gym Challenge and thwart an evil team's plans. There will be innovations and twists along the way to break away from the expected clichés.

We have a great team of talented developers to work together and make the game come to life. Progress has been slow but steady and we hope to accelerate it with our first public recruitment post.


  • 151 Fakemon in addition to many returning official Pokémon
  • 5 new types: Mystic, Sound, Light, Cosmic and Crystal
  • Crystallization, an all-new type of evolution
  • New Mega Evolutions
  • Kurian Regional Forms
  • New moves, abilities and items
  • Custom Soundtrack
  • Custom Tiles and Sprites
  • Custom UI
  • A custom-built, in-depth Online System
  • Animated Sprites
  • Following Pokémon
  • Character outfit customization

You can find more info on features, as well as character bios, artwork, story and much more on our website.



Looking to recruit:

Sprite Artists for Tiles, Trainer sprites, Pokémon Overworld sprites and items / icons
These are the highest priority positions for us at the moment.

Animators for sprites and moves
Gen 5 animation style for EBDX

UI Designers

Expert Mappers/Eventers

Team Members: See here

Method of Contact: Use the application form on our website or join our Discord and DM Sleepy#7777

Additional Information: If you want to help with Azurite and join our team of passionate developers, please feel free to apply! We are all working on Azurite in our free time and considering the ambitious scope of the game, it is definitely a long-term project. Please note that due to the non-profit nature of this fan-made project, no financial compensation can be provided.

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