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PW Journal Entry #1


Guardian of Le Foret
Day 1

8:30 AM
Its a nice day out today, but soo boring.. Nothing ever to do in this town. If i was only a pokemon trainer, then i could travel the world and collect all of the pokemon. If only... well i might as well do something. Off to the wii!

10:00 AM
Mom just told me that a girl in a green hat wants to see me. And she has a pokemon for me! Its so exciting, i have been waiting my whole life to get a pokemon, and the day is finally here. I wonder what pokemon there are? I heard that the usuall pokemon that new trainers get are Oshawott, Snivy and Tepig. Oshawott is water, Snivy is grass and Tepig is fire...... But i need to go choose my pokemon!

2:00 PM
I chose Oshawott, it is cute yet powerfull! And it seems to like me which is good, The funny girl in the hat's name is bianca. She told me that i should get all 8 gym badges and then face the champion and the elite 4. She also gave me a pokedex, a device that is used to catalogue pokemon. Its really neat and it told me all about Oshawott.

5:00 PM
I tried facing the gym leader for my town but lost... I have a lot to learn, But i wont stop trying! I am going to try and catch my first pokemon tommorow and train it! I will beat Cheren!!