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[Help Request] Roleplaying newbie help with my main character choosing a type

  • Age 32
  • Seen Mar 19, 2023
Hello, Pokémon Violet will be the last gen I'm going to play mostly because I have lost interest in videogames, but I want to give my childhood's favorite franchise a finale roleplaying as a gym leader/type specialist character playing every gen.

So, I would appreciate if you people could help me choose which type best suits my OC that I will be playing and create a series here or a comic if I am inspired. Thanks!

Here is some info and background:

Taen was raised in a lonely forest near some place in the eastern countryside in Paldea, far away from civilization. She was tought by her grandma about the local Pokémon from early ages and became really interested in nature and protecting it. Her solitary nature made her hard to connect with society, so she developed the hobby of creating fantasy stories to isolate from the real world.

Despite this, Taen made some friends who also were lonely and formed a group and over time they became Pokémon trainers and friendly rivals, however she didn't really like to fight and rather enjoy watching the team evolve and develop, drawing them in nature or just observing.
Sometime later the group split up and Taen became a Pokémon Ranger to protect the environment and wild Pokémon until she joined a team called Team Purple that had the goal to improve the connection between humans and Pokémon. However, Taen later found that the Leader, Lavender wanted to exploit Pokémon and their environment to benefit humanity as their slaves.

Angry about that, Taen started to go against the Team's plans, destroying their main headquarters and ending with the organization, becoming a wanted person for the attack sinceLavender had deep tier with the Paldean government, having to flee the region with the objective of becoming stronger to face the Team Purple again.

Taen's Bio:

Name: Taen (not her official name)
Age: around 16 at the start and 30 at the end.
Personality: Shy, quiet, calm on the outside but anxious and emotional on the inside, creative, oblivious and hard to trust. Too much idealist.
Likes: being outside alone in nature, animals, biking and hiking, writing about fantasy stories, listening to music.
Dislikes: Competition, loud places, closed minded people, being the center of attention.
Other information:
Myer Briggs: INFP
Enneagram: 4w5