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[Other Tutorial] Running RPG XP games in wine (Mac and linux)


The 17 year old programer. Now byte off
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    Step 1 Make sure you have wine 1.6 (Older ones may work)
    Step 2 Download the game makesure it has the RGSS dll inside
    Step 3 use wine to install directx9 useing winetricks
    Step 4 use wine to start game exe

    my IRGSS is takeing some time so for now this should work
    Games tried Pokemon Raptor Ex(No Sound) im working on a fix for that tho

    Please ask if you wish for me to help with playing any pokemon game on linux or mac
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    Thank you very much for the steps it is very helpful,
    By the way, do you have a solution for a game where there is no sound, the sound here I mean BGM? I've tried to Install runtime, and visual c++ the result is nil

    I'm linux user