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So here it comes, the daily blog!


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The Mistakes of Day 1​
Aiden slapped his alarm, turning it off. Grumbling he rolled around in his bed, desperately wishing he didn't have to get up.

He shot up. He'd overslept, and it was now ten past six. He'd overslept 40 minutes, meaning he had not enough time for a shave. On his way to the bathroom, he switched on his computer, letting it load while he freshened up. He left the bathroom, pulling out clean underwear and his overalls, chucking all on with a t-shirt and his safety shoes. Whilst doing this, Aiden cursed himself for not having bought more cereals, and angrily turned on the grill. Toast it was. He also boiled the kettle, preparing two teabags to take to work too. Pulling out his lunch, he chucked two slices of bread under the grill, and brewed the tea.

Back at the computer, he logged into PokéCommunity and sat down. A notification from The Blarzigord Mafia caught his attention. "Bidoof FTW has been killed. He was loyal to the Masses." Aiden read, and subsequently cursed. Mistake number one was made when making a post during the night phase of this mafia. Oh well. Next Aiden retrieved his toast and added a nice topping of Nutella. Sitting back down he responded to a couple of VMs, made a post, and finished a slice of toast. He took one quick glance up at the clock, and noted it read 7:50.
"DAMN IT IT'S TEN TO!" He shouted at his sleeping mice, who couldn't care less. Aiden grabbed his tea, not wanting to leave it behind so full, and ran out of the door. At the underground, the train wasn't long away, leaving him with about two minutes to walk to the work-room for today. It was going to be tight. Luckily, when he walked in, the register hadn't reached his name yet, and so he was excused from being 'late'. Mistake number two.

Work was filled with mistakes for Aiden, and the exercise he had to build didn't want to work for him, no matter how many times he looked at it. It didn't help that the coach kept getting things wrong too, when he observed the work. Aiden became increasingly frustrated. This continued throughout the day.

Upon getting home, Aiden wasn't exactly able to make many more mistakes as such, but they day didn't make much of a turn around until he went and saw Game of Thrones with friends. There, he relaxed, cooled off and became comfortable with people he was close to. Afterwards, he suddenly felt a lot more inclined to achieve something. He sat down with some helpful notes and began to script the post for the competition he'd been planning all weekend. Eventually, it was done, and he felt incredibly pleased with himself, having finally done something cool with CSS, and having cooked his own Curry too. Damn was that tasty though.

Anyway, now he sits, feeling quite positive, ready for tomorrow and what it may bring. Since he needs to get himself up at 5:30 tomorrow, he will hit the hay soon. But he feels that today was quite the eventful, but satisfying day.