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So, with the release of Touhou 14.5 - Urban Legend in Limbo...


(eh, prepare for weird , random and pointless rambling.)

...I have to say, I'm quite impressed. The music is quite fresh, having been done by doujin circles instead of by ZUN himself, making for some pretty neat remixes.

^ my personal favourites.

As for characters...well, Mokou's back! After about 7 or so games since she appeared, she makes her return to the series in this one, along with Shinmyoumaru, final boss of TH14. Also, the new character! As in, brand new. I'll spoiler it as so to not...well, spoil.


I just love how the game's based on various urban legends, both from Western and Eastern cultures, and...well, I can fairly say that video games have helped educate me now.

Never knew what a "kuchisake-onna" was until this game existed. Hope you enjoyed me getting the fan moment off of my chest.
Now, we wait for TH15.