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(SPOILERS) My top 5 kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey

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Holy Kipper!
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    • Seen Aug 20, 2023
    Now I haven't completely finished Super Mario Odyssey yet, but I think I'm at the point where I can make this list. After completing every kingdom except 2 1/2, I've formed some strong opinions about which kingdoms I like, and which kingdoms I don't. So here we go.

    Spoilers start at #4 btw, so don't scroll down if you haven't played the game!

    #5. Don't hate on me for placing this kingdom so low, but number 5 is metro kingdom. This kingdom was the main source of hype for most people, and for good reason. It's a huge kingdom, not so much in terms of square feet, but what it does have is verticality. Tall buildings are everywhere, and you can pull off some pretty crazy jumps and tricks by using them. There's also a TON of doors that lead to secret rooms, including a few that are pretty sizable, such as the power plant and city hall. Minigames are everywhere in this town. You have slots (I swear if that's the reason this game got E10+ I am going to march to the ESRB headquarters and yell at them), RC car racing, jumprope (shudder), and more. This kingdom is also home to the festival, and by extension, one of the best songs in the game. The streets are all named after donkey kong characters, and while I personally didn't get the references, it's nice that you can really see the amount of detail they put into this game. Now what's the problem with this kingdom, you might ask? A few things. One, it's almost too big. For the most part, all the doors in the buildings look the same, and it can be really hard to find the one you want, and getting all the purple coins and moons is super tough, both in terms of simply finding them, and in a few cases (looking at you jumprope) actually getting them. And at first, it was really jarring to see actual humans in a mario game, although after playing through they're not that bad.

    #4. (Spoilers start here, last warning) Moon kingdom takes the number 4 spot. Sure, you got to go to space in Super mario galaxy, and Super mario galaxy 2, but this is completly different. In this kingdom, gravity is lowered in most places, allowing for some insane jumps and it's pretty fun tbh. The last battle was a tiny bit underwhelming, but honeylune ridge: escape easily makes my top 3 songs list, along with Jump up superstar, and a song from the #3 kingdom. The lava section of this kingdom was really fun imo, and is the closest thing we get to a lava level in the game (aside from arguably luncheon kingdom, but this does it better). Additionally, the purple coins aren't too hard to find, which is a good thing. Not sure about everyone else, but I would rather have easy to find but difficult to get to collectibles, rather then collectibles that are easy to get, but you have to spend a ton of time looking for them. The moons can be slightly tricky to find, but for the most part, they aren't too bad. Quite an epic climax to a mario game, if I do say so.

    #3. Wooded kingdom: This kingdom is great. It's huge, there's tons to do, and it has, in my opinion, the best song in the game. The theme is also great, and I love all the areas. I never saw the deep woods coming, and that really caught me by surprise. The NPCs are pretty interesting too. I love how this kingdom manages to combine technology with a natural theme, rather then just having one or the other. The music starts at the absolute best possible location in my opinion. You enter the kingdom and hardly even notice it's gone, and then you step through the cave and the music flares up right as you first see all the pistons, and it's just amazing. The uproot is also a great capture, and the torkdrift (I think that's what it's called?) is a pretty fun boss fight that utilizes the capture well. The entire level has a very nice progression. The kingdom is so huge, but it opens up a little bit at a time. Unfortunately, this kingdom suffers from the same problems that Metro kingdom does; Some of the moons and coins are frustrating to find.

    #2. Mushroom kingdom: Now I'm not huge for Nostalgia pandering, but this game really does it quite well. It is mostly SM64/SMB1 pandering, but you'll be hard pressed to find a game that isn't represented in some form. Hell, even Doctor Mario is in this game! But anyways, this kingdom is a great re imagining of Peach's castle. New locations such as the mushroom lake and the goomba place, whatever they're called (I would check but my switch is out of batteries, rip :p) are pretty cool, and I kinda like the idea of an achievement system (although tbf it is annoying to get some ~60 achievements in a row :p). This kingdom also has paintings that you can jump through to fight harder versions of old bosses, which is not only a great SM64 reference, but the fact you can fight old bosses again is great. Yoshi on the roof is a nice touch, and the fact you can drain the moat is also a nice reference. In addition, this kingdom does one thing right that most kingdoms miss out on- purple coins. There's 100 of them, and the kingdom is pretty big, but none of the purple coins except 3 are tucked away inside any buildings. They're all outside, which is super convenient, and while it isn't exactly easy to find all 100 of them, it's not annoying either. The scene at the very very end of the game is kinda meh, but it doesn't really detract from the awesomeness that is this kingdom.

    #1. Bowser Kingdom: *Weeaboo intensifies* I'm probably one of the biggest fans of this kingdom lmao. The entire theme is just amazing, and I love every bit of it. The pokio is a super fun capture, and this kingdom has a fair amount of challenge compared to previous kingdoms, including 2 broodal battles, that while they aren't super tough, aren't super easy either. And the mechabroodal is an awesome boss that is quite challenging to be honest. A lot of people complain that this kingdom is too linear, but I actually think this works in it's favor. None of the purple coins or power moons are very out of your way, and collecting all of them isn't super annoying (aside from 3 on the lantern :p) The samurai outfit is amazing, and Peach's kimono is pretty cool too. Overall, this kingdom is just super fun to do, and that's why it's my favorite :p (Also, red moons. They look cool. Nuff said.)

    Edit: If yall wanna see 6-17, leave a comment. I considered doing all 17 but that would take a lot longer to decide on, so I decided to just do 5.