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Sprite work I made while waiting for a Poke Wilds update to add full mod support.


8th Sin - Apostasy
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    Back like two years ago or so, I played Poke Wilds and thoroughly enjoyed my time living the quiet ranch life, so I made these crystal styled sprites for one of the "fakemon" designs to commemorate that, and then a year or so later reworked these sprites (except the overworld one) again during the process of making Crystal-style front sprites to as many of my designs as I could at my current skill level.

    I realize I still have lot to learn about spriting, and the artstyle restrictions have certainly provided added challenge. But if I can improve to the point where I could do as much of the sprite work myself as possible, I can hopefully get my projects done without having to create a dev team and dealing with the problems that tend to come with that.

    The creature in question is #026 from the Oblivia Extradex Project I've been working on, Metaleon. No prices for guessing what this creature is supposed to be.
    It's one of the two critters in the Oblivia Extradex to represent the eeveelution archetype.

    (026B) Metaleon V2.png(026F) Metaleon V2.pngoverworld.gif