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Stubborn Sentrets and Fighting Furrets


forever my furret
  • Seen Jun 8, 2015
As much as I would like to say that I have no favorites when it comes to my Pokemon crew because I love them all equally, I have to admit that there are a few who hold an extra special place in my heart.

My very first Pokemon - Chikorita - whom I already talked about in my last entry is one of them. Another one who just so happens to be the second Pokemon I added to my team is my Sentret-turned-Furret.

It was late morning and Chikorita and I had just left New Bark Town and were walking along Route 29. Because we had just joined up together, I thought it might be best to take some time out of training to simply get to know one another.

It seemed to be a good idea; Chikorita just loved Route 29 and if he wasn't waving his leaf around everywhere then he was frolicking through the tall grass. Even though it delayed our time in reaching Cherrygrove City, I'm glad we took the time to simply relax because I really think that it helped us to bond - something that became crucial in our later training exercises and Trainer and Gym battles.

We had just battled against a few Pidgeys (I managed to catch a male and a female Pidgey!) and were just about to head into Cherrygrove City when out of nowhere, a Pokemon that I had never seen before popped out out of the grass tufts like a Jack-in-the-Box!

Or... should I say... a Pokemon-in-the-Box!

Creamy milk chocolate brown fur with a white circle on its very round belly and standing on its poofy ringed tail and waving its four little paws all the while Eeeeeping loudly, I was looking at my very first Sentret!

Before I say anything else, I have to admit here that it was kind of like love at first sight. Besides simply being cute (yes, I can admit that I thought it looked cute), the Sentret standing on its tail before me and consequently blocking my way into Cherrygrove City showed a spunk and spirit that endeared me to it.

But before I could think too much on the Sentret being cute...

It attacked me.


Way to go, Kavii! Talk about paying the price for being distracted!

With a swiftness that made it faster than my eye could see, the Sentret attacked us with Quick Attack which left us no choice but to battle.

And what a battle.

Quick Attack, Tackle, Scratch, Tackle some more...

Despite the fact that Chikorita was stronger, the Sentret held on and continued to stubbornly fight and that was when I knew I just had to have it on my team.

Before the Sentret could attack again, I threw a Poke Ball at it and watched with crossed fingers as the Ball made contact with it and morphed it into energy and made it disappear into the Ball.

I held my breath; the Sentret had held out longer than it should have given the situation and I realized then that THAT was the sort of fighting spirit I wanted for my team.

In realizing THAT, I also realized that I wanted so much to have that particular Sentret on my team and so as I watched the Poke Ball shake, I couldn't help but whisper to myself, "Come on, come on, C'MON - you just gotta stay in there!"

Three shakes later... I heard the sound that I will never forget for as long as I will remain a Pokemon Trainer.


The Poke Ball clicked! I had caught the Sentret!

... And my life as a Pokemon Trainer has never been the same since.

My Bayleef aside, I think I would be extremely hard-pressed to find a Pokemon with more dedication, loyalty, and pure love than she - she who is my cutely rotund Sentret who later became a beautifully striped long-tailed and long-bodied Furret.

When I see how far we've come together in our journeys and when I think back to how we first met, I have to believe that perhaps there really is such a thing called Destiny.

We were meant to meet - my Sentret-turned-Furret and I; that is the only explanation possible for the impossibly deep bond that we share.

She is always the first to give me a shining smile of encouragement and she is always first in line for cuddles and day or night, she has never once hesitated in battle or questioned my judgment.

Love flows freely from her like water from a waterfall whose source is perpetual and it trickles down to her teammates as well and it wasn't long after she joined the team that she became the unspoken 'leader' simply because of the energy, charisma, and love she radiated.

Lax in Nature but never hesitating to take a stand and fight, she treats all of her fellow Pokemon along with myself like her family - showering us with lots of love and care and ready to defend us all no matter the cost.

It was during the Gym battle with Pryce that I realized just how much she really thinks of me and her family of fellow Pokemon.

As I'm sure a lot of you know, Furrets aren't exactly the strongest Pokemon in the Johto region despite their rarity (only found in Route 29 and in the Safari Zone) as they weren't blessed with the best stats for... really anything.

Pryce had a real kick-ass team comprised of some really hard Ice and Ground-based hitters and with my Furret's stats - even optimized - she really wasn't the 'best' option for such a battle.

But I have never once left her out of a major battle and after all the dedication she has shown me and the rest of my Pokemon team... I really hadn't the heart to leave her out.

But at the same time...

Ohhh, but I worried. I had heard about how difficult Pryce was going to be and I worried desperately about how my Furret might stand up to the Seel, Dewgong, and Piloswine.

The Piloswine especially.

Ice, Ground, more Ice, and even MORE Ice in the form of a Blizzard.

What to do, what to do?!

That night before our match, I took a trip back to the Lake of Rage and let everyone out of their Poke Balls so we could see the moon together over the Lake as a team and as a family.

No radios, no running around, no Team Rocket to mess with us - nothing. Just me, them, the water below, and the moon above.

Steelix - the largest of my group - took it upon himself to curl around us all protectively. Machoke sat to my right and Bayleef to my left while Gyarados slipped in to the water to sit in front of us all. Gengar floated above and perched on my shoulder and Furret?

Furret - always first in line for cuddles - slipped right into my lap and made herself comfortable as always, but this time... there was something different in her energy.

After a few minutes of gazing at the moon, she finally uncurled herself and raised herself to eye level and stared at me.

"I won't let you down, Kavii - I promise!"

I blinked. Had my Furret just said what I thought she just said? Did she somehow think that I was worried that she might fall short and let me down?

I couldn't bear it any longer. I gathered her into my arms and pressed my nose into her fur and whispered, "You could never let me down, beautiful. I'm just worried for you. I don't want you getting hurt and knocked out!"

She churred, then - a sound unlike any I had heard before - and her eyes were wet as she licked my face.

"Trust in me, Kavii. Trust in US like you always do. Your fear will not come to pass, I promise, I promise, I promise..."

I simply held her, then - knowing that she would battle alongside her family like she always had - and no other words were exchanged between the two of us until the next day.

If you have never seen a Pokemon go beyond its limits, then maybe you won't understand when I say that what my Furret showed during that battle was beyond any and all expectations and limits.

She was faster than lightning, more aggressive and fierce than even Gyarados, endured hits that I thought would take her out, dodged attacks, and slammed her opponents with at least one critical hit apiece and overall played a clever game unlike any I had seen before from her.

When the battle was over with, it was her eyes that glowed the brightest when Pryce presented me with the badge and when it was time for aftercare, she whispered secretly to me as I looked her over and assessed her injuries, "This is why we fight for you."

For the love and care that I had shown each and every one of my Pokemon, she returned it in full and then in spades and then some more. I pledged my heart and soul to her like I had pledged it to each and every one of my Pokemon and she had pledged back not only her heart and soul but her body as well.

Even with her very life on the line, she would fight and continue to fight for me if only because that was simply how much she loved me and how much loyalty and dedication she felt compelled to show me.

She shone like the North Star during our battle against Pryce and she shone again during her stint in Pokeathlon where she became my first Medalist Pokemon.

I knew from the start that my Pokemon and I share perhaps an uncommonly strong bond, but now I knew that the bond runs further, deeper, and stronger than anything I could have ever imagined and it's not something I could ever deny.

I'm not much of a sap and I'm a pretty no-nonsense sorta person when it comes to emotional sorts of things, but I have to admit...

Sometimes, even adults like me will cry.

Thanks, Furret darlin', for accosting me that one morning not so very long ago and proving to me time and time again that numbers are meaningless when it comes to the bond between Trainer and Pokemon.

Your love, loyalty, and dedication astound me sometimes, still, and I can only hope that what I give back to you is equal to everything that you have given to me or more.

Forever. Always.

~ Kavii


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omg this one is even better than the last one