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Team Quest


  • Seen Sep 10, 2018
Blog Entry #1
I have been using he past week to refine and test a few Pokémon sets (time I should have been using for school work).
Tapu-Lele has been my focus.

Tiki-Kane (Tapu Lele) @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Psychic Surge
EVs: 252 HP / 76 SpA / 180 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Moonblast
- Hidden Power [Fire]
- Psyshock
- Shadow Ball

This is the set I have been running, a choice scarf set with the bare minimum speed stat (406.5). This is one speed stat faster than Mega-Lopunny (The Fastest threat to my team in OU). With my speed distributed like this, I can give 252 EV into HP and bring my Special Attack up to 346 with the remaining 76 EV.
I do wish that Tapu-Lele had Ice-Beam or a fire move in it's move pool however as I find it would benefit a whole lot more being able to counter both Landorus, Ferrowthorn and most dragon types. Maybe they didn't give Tapu-Lele these moves because they knew it would make it too versatile? I can only guess at this point.

Side Notes:
The nickname I gave Tapu-Lele, Tiki-Kane (pronounced Ti-ki Khan-eh) is the name of the Hawaiian Tiki God Tapu-Lele was based off.
"He represented the god of procreation and was worshipped as ancestor of chiefs and commoners. Kāne is the creator and gives life associated with dawn, sun and sky. No human sacrifice or laborious ritual was needed in the worship of Kāne."

Also if you read that correctly, Tiki Kane was a 'He'. Yes that's right, Tapu-Lele is a dude....