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[PKMN OPEN] The Other Side: Ultra Sinnoh [M][IC]


Chapter 3: North of Oreburgh City/Route 207
Into The Unknown…


The second chaos broke, Izzy realized too late - she fucked up. Her eyes widened as reality slowly settled in; Her hold on the brown fox slackened for a second before she wound her arms around the mammalian pokemon in a tight embrace. She didn't mean to shout or raise her voice! She was surprised and excited to meet one of her idols… but she only caused trouble once more… And not just that, but a large crowd meant close quarters and possible contact… Luckily, thanks to her grandparents, she found some ways to manage her fear so it doesn't interfere with her daily life or on occasions like this. As long as one one touches her for too long or is forced…
A hand grabbed her shoulder, knocking her out of her thoughts and causing her body to tense up. She gently shoved the person's hand from her shoulder quickly before focusing her eyes on her surroundings. A crowd has started to form around Fact Checking Gardevoir, many people calling out her name for attention. She could feel herself get rigid at all the people around her, constantly touching her, even if by accident. She felt a sharp pinch on her shoulder where Rook sat, causing her jolt her eyes around. The small black robin let out a sharp chirp before opening his wings, flapping into the air, causing Izzy to blink before panicking when the small robin flew above the crowd, but away in a slow pace.
"R-Rook! W-Wait!" Izzy, although she strongly didn't want to, lifted her arm and used her strength to push past people and catch up to Rook. She could feel slight goosebumps on her arm, shoulders, and back from the crowd around here where people made contact trying to move in the chaos. The comfort of having Nova in her arm helped lower her anxiety a lot since she wasn't alone in the crowd with strangers.
As she followed Rook, she didn't notice that she was getting closer and closer to the tear, and farther from the crowd. As Rook flew through the tear, Izzy stepped through, only realizing her actions too late when she tripped over a root.
With a loud 'yelp', Izzy fell forward, her arms outstretched in front of her, into the soft ground. Nova had quickly jumped out of the way before being squished, but the brown fox worriedly chirped, standing beside her trainer's head.
"Ugh… Rook! Wait…up…" Her voice trailed off as she looked up, taking notice of the lower temperature and the sudden change from day to night time. The forest around her was dark, chilly, and mysterious; In the distance, she can see the silhouette of a bridge similar to the Cycling Road she'd see on TV. It was silent, disturbed by noise in the distance of different subjects. "W-Where am I?"
As Izzy slowly lifted her body to sit on the ground with her knees apart, she could feel Nova place her two paws on her lap, but kept focus on the forest around her. As she glanced back, she couldn't see anything but the forest itself, no tear in sight. A slight pressure on her head made her glance up, only to see Rook leaning over to glance down at her, giving a low chirp with a head tilt.
"Well… we are out of the crowd… But…" As Izzy took a look around, a terrifying thought came to her," I think… we might have accidentally entered the tear… And might be lost…" She couldn't see the tear anywhere; So focused on her escape from the crowd and trying to catch up to Rook, she didn't notice herself entering the tear! And if she hadn't tripped, she might have gone running for who knows how long!
The young adult sighed as she lifted a hand on her hair to ruffle as she sighed, "This isn't good… We have to walk and see what we can find… Hopefully someone familiar or shelter…" With a plan in mind, Izzy pushed herself up before walking in a random direction with Nova at her heels and Rook on her head. She didn't know where she was heading, but she didn't have the materials to survive in the wilderness on her own for days, so civilization was her priority… for now.

Kung Fu Ferret

The Unbound
Eric noticed the sudden decrease in temperature. It was still quite dark out, too. The moon was not even moving across the sky at all, either. Neither of his Pokémon were known for cold tolerance. He shivered a bit but decided to keep moving.

Eric closed his eyes for a few seconds in order to channel his chi-like power from his homeworld, the Aura.

He opened his eyes, and a tiny bit of light surrounded his left hand. It wasn't much, because he had not used the Aura in several weeks, but it was better than nothing.
He also warmed up slightly.

Eric held his left arm out in front of him as sort of a makeshift flashlight. It helped him see a little bit more in front of him.

He saw a Rookidee, but wasn't sure if it belonged to another Trainer, but did not want to test that theory. He didn't want to be like..... Them. Also he felt that it's better to be safe than sorry.