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title here? yes no maybe so god I'm lame


The Savage Nymph
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    So, my dad bought a PS3 earlier this week :> He wanted it for the blu-ray player, since our old one was really slow (apparently?) and the PS3 was supposedly faster. Soo we got it :D I got Little Big Planet for it, which is _epic_ XD omg it's so awesome. My brother came home to visit from uni today, and we played the game together and oh god we were laughing so hard. One of the few times we actually got along. But yeah, I love it <3

    Today is also really, really nice outside :( It's the first time it's been sunny and warm all week, since it was raining/overcast for the past 5-6 days. Figures I have a History project I need to finish instead of going out and.. I dunno, just going outside XD

    ... I just noticed that almost all my PC blog entries are made when I'm putting off school :(


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    • Seen Apr 2, 2024
    Blu-ray? :x Awesome.

    You're lucky. xD

    You're also lucky that your weather is nice.. we've had a snow storm here, since sometime last night. o__O; Yeah, a snow storm in spring.

    Kansas is so great.

    Jack O'Neill

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    • Seen Jul 15, 2015
    If you have a PS3, make sure to get Disgaea 3, Killzone 2, both Resistance games, and Valkyria Chronicles if you know what's good for you.