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Top 10 List #12: Companies From Hell

Elite Overlord LeSabre™

On that 'Non stop road'
There are some companies you love doing business with. Then there are the ones you wish would die a horrible, fiery death. For me, these corporations fall squarely into the latter category.

1. Coinmach: These people "manage" laundry rooms in apartments, dorms, and other such places. And I use the term loosely since these idiots have obvious issues with maintaining their circa 1972 equipment, and really, really don't like to refund money even though their machines stopped halfway through washing your clothes, or didn't dry them at all. You have to force their hand to get anywhere with these scumbags.

2. Holiday Inn/IHG Hotels: Strike 1: Holiday Inn tries to bill us twice for a room that was prepaid as part of a wedding, after initially telling us that the room block was filled (which it turned out was a lie.) Strike 2: Holiday Inn Express gives us a smoking room, despite my allergies. Strike 3: Holiday Inn Express' dullard housekeepers leave the door to our room open all damn day while we're gone to an event. Luckily nothing was stolen from the room, but that's still what we call a security breach. Note that all three of these trips were booked by somebody else, and I didn't have a say in which motel was chosen. In any event, that's three strikes, and HOLIDAY'S OUT!!!

3. eHarmony.com: I don't know how effective their matchmaking services are. I do know that they are frighteningly skilled at sending out spam emails. And because of the latter, I have no intention of using their services for the former.

4. ChristianMingle.com: Same offense as eHarmony, but I thought Christians were above using shady tactics like spam. Guess I was wrong.

5. Wells Fargo: Gee, guys, thanks for taking over Wachovia Bank and then instituting a fee on what used to be a free checking account. As a token of my appreciation, I severed ties with you and found an alternate bank as soon as your fees went into effect.

6. "Reward Redemptions": I don't know if that's their actual company name, but these sleazebags like to call my phone during random times and claim I've won some sort of "prize." And from what I've read, it's a scam operation where they'll ask for your credit card number in order to "process" your reward. Thanks, but identity theft doesn't seem like a nice reward. Neither do calls at 9:30 at night.

7. Cloudflare: Funny how these idiots rear their ugly heads whenever PC goes down, isn't it?

8. Sprint/Virgin Mobile: The 2013 "Let's make unneeded changes to our towers/network and cut service to MILLIONS of customers in the process" incident. For MONTHS I was without internet access in the apartment and had to make daily library trips. Ended up dropping those nimrods as soon as I could.

9. Time Warner Cable: Frequent outages and rate increases, and I'm at their mercy, since, like Coinmach, our apartment management has an exclusive contract with them. Well, at least their internet doesn't have usage caps... yet... And yes, they will try to up-sell you to cable, even though the only things worth watching on cable are Toonami and American Greed. And those alone don't justify $70+ a month.

10. Oster/Jarden Consumer Solutions: I've owned three toaster ovens made by them. None lasted over a year. One barely lasted a month. I guess it took awhile, but the lesson NOT to buy from them finally set in. My current one is Black & Decker; hopefully they'll fare better in the reliability department.