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Top 10 List #7: Cosplay Photoshoots I'd Like To Do

Elite Overlord LeSabre™

On that 'Non stop road'
  • Some background: Starting in 2014, I began attempting to do more than just basic "hall shots" of cosplayers during conventions. I've been trying to do more professional-type photoshoots where I find an uncrowded spot away from the action and have my subject do various poses. It can be hard for me to find volunteers, but I've gotten a good number of them done. But of course, there is a bucket list, and here it is:

    1. Leaf (Pokemon) : I've already done one shoot with a Leaf cosplayer, but it was in a hotel foyer. I'd like to do one in an outdoor setting, preferably with tall grass around.

    2. Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon) : Again, I've done a brief shoot, but I'd like one done in a more interesting setting outdoors.

    3. K-On! "Don't Say 'Lazy' " Group: I'd like to get all four together. At cons past, the most I've seen was a Yui and a Mio together (at one con, there was a Tsumugi but she was on a different day than the Yui/Mio duo).

    4. K-On! School Uniform Group: Different from above because (a) Azu-Nyan is part of it, and (b) cat ears for Azu-Nyan.

    5. Persian (Pokemon) : To be clear, I want to do a shoot where the Persian cosplayer is battling alongside a trainer cosplayer. And I did see a Persian fursuit cosplayer at a con last year, but I wasn't wearing my Leaf cosplay :/

    6. Love Live! group: This could be the hardest since it would require nine people. At Ichibancon this past weekend, I was able to do a few photos with a Honoka and Kotori before rain forced the shoot short (it was cloudy and threatening rain all weekend; I was lucky to get any shoots done outdoors at all lol)

    7. Cure White (Pretty Cure) : Since the series was never licensed for US release except for Crunchyroll, this could be a hard one too. I don't think I've seen a single Precure cosplayer in person in my years of attending conventions.

    8. Natalia (Tales of the Abyss) : Specifically, I'd like one of her wearing her formal dress (as she does in the beginning of the game before joining the party). That outfit is so beautiful.

    9. Sakura's Pink Cat outfit (Cardcaptor Sakura) : OMG THE PINKNESS AND CUTENESS AND SHE'S A KITTY!

    10. Miror B. (Pokemon) : I would eternally respect anyone who can pull a Miror B. off - afro, dance moves, and all.

    A notable omission from this list is Serena from Pokemon, because I've already done two great photoshoots with Serena cosplayers in the past year so I can cross her off the bucket list.

    What do you think of the list? Do you have a cosplay bucket list of your own? Let me know in the comments!