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True story of The Suitor and the Woman.


Don't underestimate the enemy/opponent.
There were once a lot of suitors for the woman on the red chair, later on there were only 4 left,

the Woman did not trust most of the guys, reason why there were only 4 left.

2 guys went away cause the Woman was not someone who they wanted in the future.

Now that the Woman had only 2 guys left , they decided to go inside a big mansion each one got 1 room far from the other and inside the room there was a television.

Each time one of the guy went to the Woman (or when the Woman went to one of them) the TV went on and the guy in the room saw what the other guy and the Woman did.

Sometimes they were inside a kitchen to cook together some meal, sometimes one of they guys went with the Woman to the Pool,

Slowly the Woman came to a decision to who the Woman would have to choose to be with her in the future.

While she had to tell the other guy that he is not chosen, and ofcourse one of the guys would get angry with her.

After the Woman came to a Decision she went first to the Guy who she had to say ''I liked you a lot, but my heart beats a little higher for the other ''

The guy was angry( Furo ) and after some time she left the room and then she had to prepare for her choice of love.

The Guy ''Jim'' got a letter and then had to decide on what to do...

He wanted to talk with the Father of the Woman and then the father had told him that Furo was more of a good choice for the Woman and that he had to say NO to the Woman and JIM came to realize something that he...


While the Woman was with family members inside a big castle to wait for JIM...

After 15 minutes someone came with a letter.

The Woman after reading the letter became a little angry and then after time passed she decided to go to the room where she thought JIM would wait for him, cause inside the letter there was written

''Come to my room ''

When she went inside she came to realize the unexpected !

Her father was inside the room and told her that JIM told him that he was not yet ready for him...

The Woman was in shock and cried the whole time, she was hurt , she told her father that she fell almost in love with JIM but now she slowly came to realize that JIM might been faking his interest for her the whole time since day 1 to become more popular...

The end ?

The people in this story have other names. Want to know more ? You can find out by watching the episodes of the show where things like this happen..

(Though they are not in english language)
Below a small example on what the show is about: