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Red hack: Unova Red - Completed ROM Hack


I have Harm OCD...
Where can find Alamamola/Stunfisk in the Game?

Try using the Super Rod for either Route 19, Route 20, Cinnabar Island, or the Seafoam Islands.

Your can get the both in either location (33% chance each, according to the encounter rate)

One more thing, if you are trying to 100% the Pokedex in this hack, I must warn you that Bouffalant has a 1% encounter rate IN THE SAFARI ZONE (Center/Hub area and "upper" area). If condoned, try using the Fight Safari Pokemon in Cinnabar Island's east coast trick for that.

Don't understand why Bouffalant can only be encountered there and not somewhere else like Route 23 (The badge check area) as a nod to it being a late game Pokemon in BW and B2W2 🤔.
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